Emblems for Boril? Or wait?

So I’m facing a dilemma with my cleric emblems. I took Rigard all the way to +20, because he’s Rigard and he’s awesome. But now, I’m not sure what to do with my cleric emblems. My choices are:

  1. Give my cleric emblems to Boril.

Boril has been tanking for me in raids and war, and he holds up OK. I currently have him teamed with Melendor +18, Domitia 4^76, Boldtusk +14, and Poseidon +2. I could emblem him to make him a sturdier tank, but going with a defense path undermines riposte; I fear it will just turn him into a benign meat shield. On the other hand, his attack is a joke, so going with an attack path on emblems doesn’t seem right either. And I am currently maxing (as in, have brought to final ascension) Thorne and Onatel, either of whom could probably make a good tank (except I don’t love having two yellows on defense). So maybe Boril’s days at tank are numbered, and if so, it’s even more critical that I don’t nerf his riposte.

  1. Wait and give emblems to Vivica.

My only other 4- or 5-star cleric is Vivica. I like healers, so I’m quite excited about Vivica. She is currently at 3^40, but after giving my darts to Onatel, Vivica will probably be sitting there for a while. Once I finish Onatel, I’ll take Vivica to 3^70, but then I have to have another 6 darts, which will take forever. So I’d have quite a pile of cleric emblems gathering dust if I wait for Vivica.

  1. Wait for something better.

This is kind of the default stance. I’m F2P, so looking at the clerics I could reasonably expect to draw at some point, the list is pretty short: Elkanen, and maybe Hansel. I would love Elk, as green is the only color where I don’t have a legendary. I am currently running 2 TC 20s constantly, and I have been pretty pleased with the rate of 5-stars dropping, but who knows when or if Elk will actually drop.

I would like to do some pulls to try and get Hansel, and with the new challenge coins, maybe I have a shot at him. But the first priority for challenge coins will be to try and get Falcon and/or Jackal, so again, the emblems could be sitting for a while.

Probably not worth mentioning, but I am saving EHTs for Christmas. The chances of pulling Ma North are ridiculously low, but if I did, this whole discussion becomes moot! :slight_smile:

Anyone have thoughts?

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I think this sentiment is shared across the forum too much, but a lot of players forget that if your hero dies, they can’t cast. Boril can live more if you give him as much Defense and HP as possible, which therefore means, more counter-attack casting, and more damage dealt while he continues to live.

Also, he casts riposte to his allies too. If the concern is in maximizing his counter-attack damage, then put squishier heroes beside him that will counter for more damage when hit :slight_smile:

Personally I took mine towards the defensive path where applicable. I know @Ian487 went with a mix of balance to get over 1400 HP though; still with respectable 830+ defense, which is pretty appealing to me (hope you don’t mind me tagging you here).

But this is all assuming you choose to go with Boril for those emblems. He’s a 4* hero, and after all, he will have his limits even with emblems. Whether you see value in him as a tank right now and for how long, that’s what should influence your choice.


Reset emblems exist for a reason. I think it’s worth it for awhile. And Vivica is not a better tank than Onatel.
Boril’s defense is sick even at 4/70. I would charge up his Defense as high as you can with Health second.

If you emblem him up to the mana boost, add a mana troop in there, suddenly you have a faster, nastier tank than even some 5*


Give them to boril before he gets nerfed! :wink:


I have a feeling that, at least in the medium term, I will replace him at tank, either with Thorne (who I also have embleming questions about) or Onatel (as part of some kind of purple-yellow combo defense). But Boril will continue to be part of my war teams (out of necessity) and my cleric trial teams for a while to come.

For sure. Early on, I got several, but I’m down to 2. One is for Danza, who is about to lose his rogue emblems to Domitia. The other will either be for Sonya (to Thorne) or Gormek (to Azlar). But your point is taken. I thought I’d have another one by now.

Word. I was shocked how high it went. As good as a maxed Thorne, who’s pretty beefy in his own right.

Worth considering. My blue mana troop is at level 13.

I assume you are referring to this :laughing: Boril is way too overpowered


I find Boril to be a solid tank and somebody worth investing your emblems in, especially versus keeping them on the bench for a while. He may shine even more in AW where opponents may face him several times. Go def + health, keep him alive so he can keep firing off his special, 5 turns is a long time.


Not at all…
20 x dwarfs


I love seeing threads like this one. For me Boril and Cyprian are ones of the easiest tanks. Especially Boril. Because green 4*'s have Caedmon and Mel. So this tournament I won all attacks so easily. Boril encountered 3 times, Cyprian 4 times.

P.S. I agree is a tough and difficult tank for most players, including platinum arena; no argue there. So giving him emblems in this particular situation is a good idea. If you get a better cleric one day, you can always use a reset emblem.

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yeah past a certain point, riposte at tank isnt as useful but still incredible useful in offensive teams - especially for events where in atlantis hard boss mode, two riposte will flip 4k+ damage back


That may be Boril’s new niche for me. Thorne seems to be doing OK in his first couple of days of tanking, so it looks like Boril will be dropping back to third or fourth war team and cleric trials.

Give them to Boril. Then reset your emblems and give them to Viv or Elk

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Boril is probably a bit better as a tank than Thorne or if not close enough. Ontatel is a better tank than Boril.

The good thing about Onatel is that she works well as a flank too so you can combine those two. Riposte works best in tank position because that only leaves the wings exposed to “painless” tiles for the attacker.

Boril has two things you want in a tank 1) Tough to kill (heft) 2) Annoying special

Riposte isn’t the single best special but it does direct the attacker to certain heroes and away from AoE.

There need not be a rush to replace him as tank since you should be secure in Diamond with the cast of heroes you mentioned. Raising defense does lower the damage riposte does but all big AoE and most hit three will die on it. Most snipers won’t if at full health but they will be severely wounded.

Riposte is always fun against AoE when attacking. Splat.


I’ve gone back and forth on this. Riposte is “must-dispel”, but if you run 2-3 dispellers (as I typically do), there’s a decent chance that the special really has little to no effect. Thorne’s damage, while maybe not as much as I’d like it to be, is not as easily counter-able. You will get hit; the only question is, “Does it hurt enough to matter?” And I don’t know how to answer that question, since I don’t face him all that often yet. Many say, “no”, but how much of that is based on a pre-version-20 perception? I don’t know. I switched Thorne to tank 2 days ago, just to kick the tires on the idea, even though he is still just 4^50-something with defense lower than Boril’s. So far, I don’t see a huge difference in performance, and I think I might be getting raided a bit less. Small sample size, though.

FWIW, though, I did go ahead and give Boril the emblems. As others said, I can surely reset if Ma North comes calling! :smile:

Yes, as I continue to level Onatel, I’m looking at ways to work her back into my defense team, and I appreciate her positioning versatility. Lots of options to consider.

Yes. Boril will continue to mess up certain opponent’s war defense teams for me for a while to come, regardless of whether he continues on my defense team.

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It is really a bit of a wash as long as you stay in Diamond (that is my approach anyhow).

Boril buys you time to land a proper TANK and not force square pegs into round holes.

That said, Onatel is a very solid tank, decent stats and reasonably significant special. One of my alliance mates runs her and holds cups very well. I am not usually concerned about her in raids because I still have two turns to generate mana or kill her via tiles before her special REALLY bites meaning that the board has to be fairly poor for her to survive until round four.
I have had more problems with her when she is next to a tough tank, if she casts from that position she will probably live to round four and by then I may well be toast (especially if she targeted my healer).


this is what an emblemed Boril looks like. He is a staple in my blue mono stack and I stay in diamond with him anchoring the middle on my defense team. On offense, it is so nice to watch Lianna, Alaisie or Sartana just go “poof!” when they hit.


That is some 5* level tankiness there. :slight_smile:

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My approach, too, but even with Poseidon +2 and Domitia +7 to go with some well-emblemed four-stars, I was having trouble getting to and holding diamond. Seemed to hit a wall around 2350 cups or so. Took the advice here and brought Boril to +3, switching him back in at tank in place of Thorne (4^65 or so by now), and I’ve been holding in diamond for a couple of days without dropping out. Even gaining cups on defense, at times. I can’t imagine that three nodes made that much difference, but I haven’t changed much else - maybe a node or two for Melendor on the wing? Anyway, it looks like going emblems for Boril was the right call for now. Thanks, all.

Thank you all for the great advices. And Noble Weasel for creating the post and sorry to piggyback on it.
My question is who would be better?
I have both Cypian and Boril at 3/60, and can max both now.
I’m not a raid fan but i try to set up a challenging defense. Got to work for my cups, raiders!!:grin:
Thank you.
Have fun.
Kirril is my current tank, Riggard, Bt, Li, mel are the rest. All maxed+

I am just now maxing Cyprian, as he came to my roster late, but I think Boril is the better choice for raid defense. Cyprian has really high HP and relatively low defense. That’s great for turning back a lot of damage via riposte, but not as great for overall survival. So Cyprian is great for map levels where you need one boss to die. Boril’s defense is insane. You just keep throwing tiles into him, and it seems like he never dies. Not as good for returning damage, but great for soaking up damage and giving the rest of your team time to charge. Riposte on top of that makes it dangerous to fire AOE specials or high damage sniper specials at him or your flanks, making them even more survivable.

Wow, that’s a lot of passive skills! Maybe those are your best five, and if so, you work with what you’ve got, but you need some damage dealers in there. Kiril and BT are kind of redundant. At least Rigard and Melendor have cleanse and dispel to differentiate them. But that leaves only Li with a damage-dealing special, and her damage is kind of a joke. Your strategy seems to be just to outlast the opponent with healers, but that rarely works. It just makes your defense annoying. Have you got any damage dealers to add to the mix? Even someone like Sonya or Kelile?

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Thank you,
This def so far is not the greatest, i realize that, but most of the teams that beat it are either fully emblemed, + high troops 4*'s or 5’s. Making revenge a challenge.
Here my 4* roster

Thanks for the guidance
I don’t like Wu!