Emblems for Boril? Or wait?

OK, so you’ve got a few good options there. I’d think about putting Triton in the mix, at least. He hits hard, and his healing buff can boost the effects from lesser healers like Boldtusk and Kiril. I also like Gormek a lot and used him on defense for a long time. With his beefiness, you can usually count on him to fire and give you that six turns of def down. Only problem is having to switch out Boldtusk, who I also like on defense a lot, especially with the revive skill. I don’t have Jack O’Hare, but a self-imposed defense debuff seems less than ideal, even with a hard-hitting AOE attack. In your case, you could switch out Melendor for Caedmon, though, for some extra oomph. You wouldn’t lose the dispel, and you have enough healers already.

I might think about something like Caedmon - Rigard - Li Xiu - Boldtusk - Triton. Fast snipers on the wings, hearty healers on the flanks, and a tank with an AOE mana cut seems like it should work pretty well in theory. In practice, I can’t make any promises, but if you try it out, let me know how it goes.

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Thank you for your advice. It seem to help some. went beloww 50% to above.
The reason i think is most of the teams that beat the team, is that there is always 2 or 3 5*s maxed+.
I thinking to set a new def team as soon as posible consisting of as a core Bt/Gormek as tank Gad and Kashrek as flank, Proteus and Triton as wings.
What do you think?
I only started recently leveling, Frida, Drake and Marjana (they are in the 3 something). I recently received Domitia (token), Magni (TC 20).
And just now, Sartana popped out of TC 20 .
It seem having overwhelmingly bad boards is compensated with decent luck with TC 20 :grin:.
Thank you for your help.

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I only have Gormek and BT of that group, so my advice might not be worth much. I kind of prefer Gormek at flank, but I understand the color synergy you’re looking for with Gad/Kashrek. I don’t see Proteus on defense much because he is fragile. I also don’t fear him as much with Poseidon to negate his mana block and a sturdy Rigard to cleanse it. If your opponent doesn’t take him out early or can’t counter him, though, he can make it tough for them to score the win.

Sounds like help is on the way. I find Magni very annoying to raid against, and Drake is another must-counter. I expect you’ll be much happier with your raid rank if you can max some or all of these.

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Boril is my first 20 emblemed hero…still holding sway for my current War Defence team as Tank till I get a better blue option. happy much

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