4* Fighter and Cleric advice needed

I’ve used my class emblems on my 4* roster, but am unsure what to do for Fighter and Cleric.
(No mats to level my few 5s and 5s need too many emblems anyway.)

Barbarian Grimm Blue
Paladin Sonya Blue
Ranger Buddy Green
Druid Caedmon Green
Wizard Proteus Purple
Sorcerer Sabina Purple
Rogue Scarlett Red
Monk Wu Kong Yellow

Currently my only 4* fighter option is Colen at 3/60. My plan is to wait until Boldtusk drops from one of my 3 TC20s. BT is a great healer and Red which fits well with my goal of having two heroes of each color getting emblems.

My current 4* clerics options are Boril and Agwe both at 3/60. They both seem a bit weak. I would prefer a yellow hero for my cleric emblems. I might get lucky pulling Vivica, but that may be a long wait. Rigard or Hansel would be good choices, but I don’t have them yet either, and they are not yellow.

Is having 2 classes from each color all that important? And, out of the 4*s who do you like for your cleric?

Thanks for any advice!

Both for fighter and cleric, I would wait for the heroes you mentioned.


Boril got mine lvl4 so far

Boril doesn’t suit my normal play style, BUT whenever I use him I’m always impressed by him, and beefing up his already good survivability sounds like fun :smile: . Waiting for BT gets my vote, but then again… you have no idea how long the wait will be :frowning:

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Boldtusk is a great 4* hero, but his real usefulness resides not in his healing ability, which is not as great as that of other 4* heroes, but in his damage boost which is really devastating if used right. Still, waiting for him to show up seems a bit off… I’m sure you know he might show tomorrow or sometime next year, or never… Colen is also a great hero, which happens to die quite often with a full load of mana. A revival chance for him could result in him setting the opposing force on fire for six turns. Also, if Boldtusk will come along one day, there is nothing stoping you from reseting his emblems back, with only little costs…

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When Boril is maxed, his defense is better than most 5* heroes. He can be used as tank or flank successfully. His offensive numbets aren’t overwhelming but he’ll hold his own and the riposte works extremely well against strikers. He is worthy if you get tired of waiting.
I agree with Ian about Colen totally. The revive chance for him is very nice. BT is probably better, but how long do you wait.
I don’t think color variety should be a major concern, that really depends on you personal comfort levels and style of play.


Good stuff! I plan on maxing Colen regardless. So, yeah, if I get him maxed and still haven’t pulled BT then I’ll probably make Colen my Fighter. I hadn’t given Boril much consideration, but the comments are an eye opener. I don’t have any maxed riposte heroes, so perhaps he is a viable choice.


I don’t have Boril, but his purple alter ego, Cyprian has been working for me for a long long time now, and with amazing results. So I think Boril might do the same for you.

Boril has been my tank since I pulled him as my first 4* in the game.
I’ve just put my emblems on him since he will remain my tank for a while, now he’ll be harder to kill, soon to be much, much harder to kill. :shield: :slightly_smiling_face:

Agree with @Srob, for classes color variety is less important, being able to field a strong team in the special quests is key.
The class groupings essentially force color stacking for class events, trying to avoid it would hurt you. Pick the best options available to you regardless of color.

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The two trials that involve Fighters are against Fire and Dark enemies, as such it would be ideal if your Fighter is Ice or Holy.

4* & 5* Ice & Holy Fighters:

  • Hu Tao
  • Delilah
  • Magni

… Valen, Gato, and Arman are 3* in those elements, too.

It’s less straight-forward for Clerics. Nature, Ice, and Holy enemies… so… Nature, Fire, and Dark heroes are ideal:

4* and 5* Nature, Dark, and Fire Clerics:

  • Gafar
  • Hansel
  • Rigard
  • Elkanen
  • Kunchen
  • Mother North

For 3* clerics, Hawkmoon and Mnesseus would also fit the bill.

…that said… I’m only thinking for ease of completing the Trials here, which is kinda a weird self-fulfilling prophecy thing. I think it’d be better to just muck through the Trial and use the emblems on your best relevant heroes, really… but hey, it’s another perspective. :slight_smile:


Colen becomes much better on defense with revive tbh, his speed suddenly isn’t that much of an issue when he revives and sets all on fire. Much deadlier than before where he was just kinda sad and would die before doing anything useful. But then again, this is a chance based skill and early on it may not make much of a difference when the chances of activation suck.

I personally don’t think Borril is worth it, even with manashield. Generally I don’t care when his skill goes off, because I have dispellers who can shut it off anyways, and plenty of healers to recover back the countered damage. Though at least the defense buffs he gets are fairly worthwhile… but it’s not enough for me to put any emblems on him, specially when I’ve got Rigard. I like Borril better when I use him on my attacking team, as I can use counter more effectively against the AI (whether it’s raids, map levels, or titans). And even then… I just don’t see that much value in mana shield for him. Aside from raids, there just aren’t that many enemies affect mana negatively, and even if there were, his skill isn’t a necessity for me to have as much as Rigard’s purification for e.g.

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With your fighter and cleric options, I’d be inclined to wait – for a bit. Adding 3-4 nodes isn’t very impactful, and that’s probably as many emblems as you have in these classes.

When you have, say, 200 emblems, I’d go ahead an pull the trigger on using emblems on the best available hero. Unlike ascension mats, emblems can be reset (either at the cost of a reset emblem or a few gems + 5% of reset emblems). There’s no reason to be super-stingy in using emblems, therefore, provided you’ve got a quality hero to put them on.


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