Boril is way too overpowered

Boril’s riposte mana speed fills up too fast and he needs to be rethought he is wildly overpowered that it needs a nerf! Nerf him! Please!

Never had big trouble with him.
Bring passive (Mele, Sabsy) and active (Sonya, Caed) dispellers against him and he’ll become a pure meatball…


We are going to have a topic like this for everyone now? Bori has two regular green 4 * Caedmon and Melondor that can dispell his riposte.


I place my bet, Cyprian would be the next :slight_smile:


My Cyp is +11, so I’d agree :smiley: :rofl:

My Boril is 1/1, so I can’t really say, he’s OP :frowning:


You are having trouble with Boril?

I don’t even need to bring Caedmon or Sonya to face him. Just a normal rainbow team or at least 2 Green and the rest rainbow always do the work.

Boril’s mana is an average speed unless you face one with a complimentary troop card that BOOST’S his mana speed. He is a very, very good mid-range tank, unless you em him, which then elevates him to a better tank. I like him just the way he is, especially for up and coming players who really need a good tank for wars :slight_smile:


I remember those days.

Don’t measure the whole game by your current progress. As you learn skills and get more heroes, things will look different.


Yup, I still remember hating Kashrek tanks. Now I never see him. Though I’m sure, especially with emblems, he’s still causing people a lot of headaches!


I remember when I feared Little John and Boril. OMG that was a nightmare. Now I never hardly see them and if I do I swat them away lightly. Keep playing and you will soo have many tools to deal with Boril. I got Melendor as my first 4* so he became invaluable since I only recently got Sonya and Caedmon after about a year of playing. And Rigard took longer than that. Keep playing and soon you will have bigger problems like Guin, Ursena, Kage, and the list goes on…


I agree with this. Boril is not as much of an issue for me because I am green heavy. Cyp is still sometimes a challenge due to my Holy warriors not being the greatest. It’s all about your personal progress in the game.

I bring Lianna and caedmon and I almost kill him only with tiles… If he fires I use Caed to dispell.

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The point is that the computer will have a player that will always beat you…a player that very few competitors will have…stay positive…you will lose.

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nerf him! nerf him? nerf him…

or just bring melandor. caedmon. sonya. sabina. There are many counters to counterattackers. It’s just how the game is played.

Boril is a beast, for sure… but no. don’t nerf him. If people cannot beat him they don’t have to face him. It’s not a requirement of the game.
in fairness I have mine at 4T and barely use him because he’s not even in the top 10 of the best 4* available.

@Wyly uhh… I dunno 4* are easy to come by if you play long enough. Boril is a good hero but his utility goes down the longer you play because counterattackers are dispellable.

And no… “the computer” only uses Boril in the trials. If you face Boril in raids… that’s another player, dawggo…

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Alright you guys need to slow down here… I’m supposed to be the resident ridiculous poster. Now I can’t even tell which posts are troll posts anymore.


In raids…really…majority of raid teams are computer based…you dont get 5star heroes with 20+ troops and only have 4000 and only 2400 trophys…thats for strategic placement. Dawggo

You are seriously mistaken. :slight_smile:
So mistaken that I feel that you completely forgot to pay attention to the game. :slight_smile:

Raids are Playe-versus-Player. not computer-generated. Human-leveled, computer-controlled.

Those names you see there? People.
You can even run into people on here.

but don’t take my word for it…
I mean… you clearly know better.

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I have the feeling this guy is just trolling, seriously now. As someone as already posted above, this guy opens threads to complain about classic heroes… Last one was few days ago, about Lianna if I remember correctly? And before about Kasshrek? C’mon now…


Totally legitimate complaints.

I’d like to add another one. Belith. Seriously? A 3* hero that heals and dispels at the same ■■■■ time? Way too OP. Nerf! Nerf! Nerf!



I guess I really shouldn’t let them see my +20 Layla.

oh the uproar


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