Cleric emblems: Viv vs Rigard dillema

Executive summary says it all - I have spare cleric emblems and I wonder who should get those.
The first set was given to Rigard no 1 who is at +19 and costumed :slight_smile:
Another set of emblems can be deployed to:

  1. Viv - she will be +7
  2. Rigard - he will be +16
    None of the heroes mentioned above is present in my def team as Heimdall is the ruler in that land :slight_smile:
    So the clerics are purely offensive tools that helps me while raiding and AW.
    PS. My Boril is 1/1 and he is patiently waiting for his turn to level :wink:

Since you already have one Rigard heavily emblemed I would lean towards Vivica.


In my honest opinion, I would go with Vivica. I much prefer variety over duplicates.
Good luck


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