Who should get cleric emblems?


so i just removed emblems from a 18+ rigard in order to increase the power of my Def Team. Im now standing on around 750 cleric emblems. My clerics to chose from are white rabbit, grazul and vivica. My other maxed 5* are lianna and hel and not maxed would be azlar, elena and grimble.
Who should get the emblems? If you need any more information let me know.

Thanks in advance.

What is your defense team?

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That depends on the tank colour my alliance is choosing ( we switch every war). I usually try to put as many maxed 5* in as i can. Hel lianna and white rabbit are regulars though.

For raids i dont care about my def Team, as i dont drop below 1800 cups anymore, which is good enough for me.

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White Rabbit seems to be the obvious choice if he’s a regular on your defense teams :slight_smile: Also a very useful titan attacker hero

That was my first thought too, but what about the aspect of needing a healer in your team ( emblemed at best)? Should i worry about that? Is an unemblemed healer good enough?

And thanks for the fast reponse:)

Sounds expensive!

Off the top of my head, I think viv has the worst defensive stats so emblems might benefit her most… but if you don’t use her often, then it would be a waste.

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If you want a hero to be for both defense and offense, then W. Rabbit will benefit the most from emblems. He’s the only yellow hero that drops defense (barring Vivica’s costume) and he stacks with G. Jackal if you ever get him/have him.

I like Vivica and Grazul, but they can do fine supporting your team without emblems. You could give each one node so they get mana-shield, but just be careful of spreading your emblems too thin across your 5*s – it’s a lot more expensive than the 4* or 3* heroes.


I agree! Grazul is pretty sturdy without. If you were going to emblem a cleric healer ariel or kunchen would benefit most from them. I dont think you have those so white rabbit would be the best choice. He is a beast on defense team…especially if your like a certain someone who has full wonderland family bonus!

Yeah I think Grazul is a hero that’s a pretty good candidate to not get emblems in general. She’s not a hitter, she’s plenty durable already, and she already protects against many of the ailments that manashield would help with.

Yellow heroes don’t get a ton out of manashield on offense either, since the common purple tanks don’t affect mana (aside from the occasional Hel).

I would default to White Rabbit if that’s who you use on defense. But since you don’t really have a fixed defense, I’d almost question the wisdom of taking the emblems from Rigard, who I think does get a lot out of them (attacking Guin tanks, for example).


I’d have to agree – I’d keep them on Rigard. He’s pretty sturdy with emblems and his average speed is a nice benefit. If you get lucky and pull his costume, Rigard with Costumes and Emblems is about as good as most 5 start healers before you add Emblems to them.

For my team without any 5 star healers, I fully emblemed Rigard, Kiril, BT and Melendor, and use one of them in almost every scenario. Keeping them alive for even one extra turn, can be the difference in their being able to heal the team or not.

If you’re set on giving them to a 5 star - I’d probably give them to the rabbit, for the reasons others have mentioned.

White rabbit it is , thanks everyone for your wisdom. :ok_hand:t3:

If it helps – taking 10 classes, then splitting those into a baseline of 2 rainbows that are complimentary helps quite a lot …

Putting emblems on 5* is a lot like getting a small pet as a couple – you start thinking in We and Us, and no matter how interesting LotL is your going home to Tarlak unless Mitsuko leaves too

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Let’s go through this:

  • a full emblemed Rigard is a more than valid healer in a 5s team, plus he’s average. Unless you have high leveled yellow mana troops (so Vivica would becone average), it’s not worth it giving her the emblems.

  • Grazul: I don’t have her but she didn’t strike me as phenomenal, her healing is more annoying than other. I would still prefer an emblemed Rigard over her

  • White Rabbit: defense down is always a very good bonus, plus a decent amount of damage. He has already good defense, I would go atk-life with emblems and make him more aggressive.


Apologies for the bump in advance, but am in a similar situation where White Rabbit and Ariel are two of my strongest heroes and both are generally on my defense team. Curious which way you guys would go with emblems…right now I have WR at 4 and Ariel at 3. Costume Rigard is another hero I use a lot and he’s at 4 also. So, my cleric emblems are all over the place.

Help. Keep going with Viv or give to Lady Woolerton? I also recently maxed Mist on this class and have a maxed Grazul. Any input is appreciated.

I went ladyW… viv hasn’t seen any war action in weeks… slow vs fast heal. Not sure there’s much argument.

Disclaimer: I run gazelle on the same team so my heroes don’t benefit from viv’s Defense buff nor does ladyW get affected by the no-gain of mana

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