December Costume Event & Various Musings About Costumes

I have a maxed Thorne, and I wanted to like him because most everyone else doesn’t, because I like his art a lot, and because he’s my only legendary blue, but the damage just isn’t enough to make him good, especially at average mana. I’m assuming you went all attack with your emblems, making his hit even more powerful. I really intended to emblem him this way after finishing Sonya, but then I got Gunnar’s costume, and it looks like he’s going to be a fixture on my paladin class teams for the foreseeable future, so he’s getting the paladin emblems now. Tyrum may get them after him, because I also have his costume, and it should be super useful in three-star raid tournaments. So still no love for Thorne. A costume would help, not that I’d have the luck to draw it anyway. I don’t regret maxing him for class trials and blue stacks, but he isn’t yet what I hoped he might be.

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I actually went the defense path, because my alliance uses blue tanks. I wanted to make Thorne as sturdy as possible.

That being said, I like Thorne’s damage because I never bring him to battle alone. I always pair him with Grimm; or team him up with both Grimm and Kiril if I stack three blue heroes. That way, Thorne’s damage is very formidable.

But I agree. Thorne’s damage on his own is still lacking. He needs other heroes to support him.


I know right! My plan is to max misandra but then I’m thinking how awesome magni will be with a costume

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I thought about this for a bit, but then I noticed how beefy an emblemed Boril can be, with way fewer emblems. My small alliance doesn’t color coordinate tanks, but if we were going with blue tanks, I’d think seriously about going Boril instead. You force the opponent to bring dispellers (which get kinda rare in the legendary tier), and even if he’s just a meat shield, holy cow, that’s a lot of meat!

Assuming Grimm survives to fire, which can be a dicey proposition itself. But yes, the Kiril-Grimm-Thorne combo is pretty potent, and makes up 3/5 of my mono blue titan squad (with Sonya and Boril, although I’m hoping Vela will show up soon).


Very well said! I also went defense path on Grimm, to increase his survivability so he can fire.

You also made a good point about Boril being tank. I will consult with my alliance to see if I need to switch. I have a maxed but unemblemed Boril.

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This was the post that changed my mind. Look at that defense stat. Yikes!


Totally agree that heavily emblemed Boril is a better blue tank than Thorne. In my most recent completed tracking period (2,121 raids), Boril was 5-51 against me when he was the tank, while Thorne was only 1-54 at tank. And I have Evelyn, so I think the stats are particularly telling, even if Boril might have been on otherwise stronger teams.

Factor in how much less expensive it is to emblem Boril and I think it’s even more compelling.


@zephyr1, I think we’ve kind of unintentionally hijacked this thread with a very productive discussion about the relative merits of Thorne vs. Boril at tank. Do you think it should be split off into a new topic so folks can find it easier, and this thread can return to its original intent?


I want Azlar to become a kitten. :wink:


As long as he’s a kitten that can do that thing that Captain Marvel’s cat can do!


I just hope Grimm and Gormek get unique skills so they are not just copies of Tibs.

Gormek really needs something unique since Wilbur took his job.


Good idea and let him become a rare hero too with kitty costume, same skill but weaker and baby kitten design :smiley_cat: hmm, changing from rare to epic etc. with skins would be nice, so you have a 3 and 4 star hero in one, would save some roster space :thinking:

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I have Magni +9 and Misandra at 3/70. When I raid with my blue stack, Magni is the first to die. That screams he needs a costume. Even with the +9, his defense barely breaks 600. That’s crazy.

Are other costumes still available in the summons?
Or is it going to be just the new costumes?
As pulling for a costume either gets better or worse.

@Hcmitchellr If you really want to go left field with Gormek, do a damage to everyone, defense down to everyone and mana boost to Gormek’s team.

Yes but when his special goes off his defense is decent

but… who cares that his defence sucks…? He’s a sniper! I’d personally hate a costume which reduced his attack to boost his defence. Defeats the purpose & reduces the potential of him as a Sniper.


If Magni does get a costume, I would expect it to drop the opponents defense be a primary target and it’s neighbors.

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There’s literally only one on-topic post in this thread in response to the original OP, so I just renamed the thread instead. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can be hijacked, since the answer to the question is no and all the rest is ot…


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