Cleric Emblems - to whom should I give them and how many?

So I’m currently sitting on a little less than 300 cleric emblems and am wondering how best to use them. Currently, the following heroes can use them:

Vivica (currently at 0 talent levels)
Boril (currenly at 0)
Mnesseus (currently at 11)
Hawkmoon (also currently at 11)

Additionally Ariel will be able to use them soon, probably within the next week or two.

The only ones I’m seriously considering giving them two are Vivica and Ariel when she’s ready. My inclination is to give them to Ariel but I’m wondering if it would be worth giving at least one level’s worth to Vivica just to give her a chance, albeit a small one, to benefit from manashield.

Basically, players try to emblem up the heroes who generally are in the defense team. So I am sure since Ariel is a great 5* healer, she would be the best candidate for both your defense team and the cleric emblems. But say, if your alliance runs yellow colour tanks and if Vivica is your only yellow 5 star, then she might be worth it. :slight_smile:


Imo, Ariel, then if not, then give them to Mnesseus. I have mine at all 20 nodes and here is what he looks like going the attack path:

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