🧪 Early Information on Round 7 of Season 5 Heroes - Hetepheres [Part of The Beta Beat v55]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the initial release of the Round 6 of Season 5 Heroes: Hetepheres

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

:tophat: Season 5 Heroes

There are a total of one (1) new heroes added to Beta for testing; these have been indicated to be for Season 5.

*The name of the new hero is: Hetepheres

5 :star: – Legendary Hero

Hetepheres - Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Gender: Female
Power: 844

Attack: 743
Defense: 861
HP: 1563

Class: Cleric
Element: :snowflake: Ice (Blue)

Mana Speed: Average
Family: Sun

Passive: Effects on Special Skill
60% chance to perform the following actions when this character casts their Special Skill

  • Boosts health of all allies by 10%. Boosted health can exceed max HP.
  • Cleanses the latest cleansable status ailment for all allies.

Special Skill: Bewildering Riddle

  • Recovers 60% health for all allies.
  • All allies get +84% defense against Nature, and a further 2% increase every time they are hit during 4 turns.
  • All enemies get -40% accuracy for 4 turns. Chance to miss also applies to offensive Special Skills.

:mantelpiece_clock: Beta Updates

  • January 18, 2023 – added for first look testing.

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Just another avg speed good blue healer… we already have so many good ones and this one is nothing special to me…


Recovery and Boost often step on each other. Hope the recovery is calculated first. Good to have a healer in the Sun Family… Khufu just got a buff!

seems to be a good healer and goodish tank

^This is the summary. Nothing much more to add here.


I agree about the “oh yay another blue healer” but also let’s not pretend this isn’t the biggest heal blue has ever seen - 60% is massive. The more annoying part is that SG feels fit to introduce a s5 healer two months in a row.


The blind is a new touch and makes it especially interesting for defense. If blue tanks are meant to stay, I´d say she can fight for a spot in the top 3.

The def against green is usually one of the more pointless skills, but as tank it at least makes green attackers aim for other targets.

The blind really helps and the big heal should be annoying.

The usual good passives for S5.

No overheal means she is not OP, so altogether I think it´s a strong hero, not a must have, but another good option for blue tanks.

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Nowadays, I feel any healer that isn’t fast or very fast, cleanses or block alignments and/or add mana are just bad.

The odds of getting a hero is the same (as long you wait for featured). Why pull this vs Toxicandra or ariel or other faster healers?

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Honestly I prefer Esme (in terms of healing only). 650 overheal (that can’t be prevented by fiends on top) is really high in my book. However what Hetepheres offers is AoE blind which will be super annoying. Because not only your enemy heals a lot, but you can’t really hit them afterwards. Ideal blue tank.


Recovery is first, then the passive overheal. Same as Cleopatra…and also like Cleo, Sun family!

Actually, wouldn’t the Sun family blind overwrite the regular blind from this special??

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another blue tank coming.

Ariel is not faster. Toxi however is maybe the best healer on offense, she doesn´t help much if you need a blue tank though.

Yes, yes it would! so someone could be getting -35% accuracy instead of -40%! though, I suppose the compensation there is there’s still chance at a single target blind if Hetepheres hasn’t charged yet.

It is massive, but Raffaele (up to 50%+812) or Passepartout (25%+ up to 1200) still can give more - they can heal a hero from 1 HP to full health in one activation.

Ariel adds mana, which is still better. Not everyome have all fast or vfast healers. But at average speed, it has to add mana and dispel.

Which again Ariel does not do (nor do I see why she would have to). Yes dispel is a nice ability, but not more so than a big variety of other options for extra abilities. In this case blind I find a much better extra on def tank than dispel. If you were thinking about cleanse, same is true of course.

Don´t get me wrong Ariel is a great hero, I recommend her above all others from the fated summons for example, she just isn´t what you think she is. Above all, she most certainly is not a great tank. Which was the original point of this healer here.

If you have her costume the overheal puts her into the major league for offense healers for sure. As a tank? Not sure actually, I have never seen her there and I don´t have her myself, so I really can´t say. She might be as good as this one here? Not sure what her stats and class look like either, so maybe.

I meant cleanse, not dispel.

Why you keep mentioning tank? Healers are not designed for tank. Because the opponent can just dump tiles at them until mana full. Overheal is slightly better but still terrible. A tank needs to do much more than just heal.

Blind sounds great but what if I keep dumping tiles to it until my cleanse is ready? Cleanse first and kill 3 of your team.

I don’t want to get too much into the details but this new healer is no good comparing to what we have today.

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I keep mentioning tank because that seems the best use of this hero. Also because right now blue is the color of the top tanks, but has otherwise a lack of many good tank options. So this hero here I believe fills an open position so to speak.

You are joking, right? Tank is the best position for a healer, in my eyes the only position for a healer on a defense team. It is either tank or no healer at all. I personally prefer no healer option, but it is far from me to say healer tanks are bad. In fact they are very popular tanks (OK that doesn´t have to mean anything after all there are many things that are popular and I still find stupid, but back to the topic), do you remember the time about half a year ago? The ONLY tank at the time was a healer lol. And no I don´t think it was stupid to put him on tank, he really was the best at the time. And he was replaced by minion makers, which is the next best thing to a healer. We´ll see what ´s next…

I can fully agree with that.

true of course, but which tank out there has no weaknesses? Much better tanks than this one are beaten on a daily basis. Nothing new or fancy there.

Well I am curious to hear how many better options you have for blue tanks. I am a lucky one to actually have a better one, but for how many out there would this one be the best option I wonder?
And I mean that especially because what we have today are extremely few good options.

I can’t speak for every blue hero but I use Alexandrine as a blue tank and she is a healer. Does quite well in that position especially when teamed with other HOTM from 2021 so her special goes on everyone.

Even if this hero heals 100%, still not worthy as tank. Because offensive team can kill opponents with full HP! This is why healers are so terrible at tank! And the opponent doesn’t need to use green, so his elemental def buff is also useless. Blind is useful but just bring a cleanser. Then you can dump all tiles to this guy without worry.

The goal of the game is to kill the opponents to win, not a healing contest. On defense, how to do the most dps with the fastest speed? Or get your flanks to fire faster and deadlier? Those are common skills as tank. This hero is just a healer and does none of those things.

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