🧪 Early Information on Round 7 of Season 5 Heroes - Hetepheres [Part of The Beta Beat v55]

It is a good hero 60% heal is not a joke, the nature defense up is a bit meh unless you set a mono blue team but still

I dont understand the people looking at this and not seeing a problem here. The 3 most infuriating status effects for me personally is the mana cut, dodge and blind which seems get another 30% on defense for the last 2 from what I’ve calculated. The lack of overheal doesnt discount the fact that this hero goes off, you’re more than likely gonna lose if she is the tank. This was the same problem we saw with Guin back in the day

Guin’s special cuts mana before your turn. You’ll have to move tiles to gain the mana back. Blind doesn’t prevent the opponent from firing their special. So you just need to get a cleanser and this hero does nothing to you. Dump all the tiles you want on it until your cleanser + attackers are ready to fire. Does this make sense?

I get what your saying but also, you dont get any mana if your tile misses. Blind imo is worse than dodge. If you want to try and dump tiles, I’m betting this is gonna backfire thinking this 1 is just a tile dump. If your tiles dont connect, you cant charge your cleansers also. We’ll see but I’m seeing an issue if this 1 isnt taken out quickly