🧪 Early Information on Round 5 of Season 3 Hero Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v58]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the Round 5 of costumes for Season 3 (Valhalla) heroes.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

:performing_arts: Costumes!!!

There are a total of 2 new Costumes being tested in v58

5 :star: — Legendary Costumes

  • Alfrike - Hatter of Svartalfheim
  • Bera - Conjurer of the Disir

NOTE: All numbers are presented INCLUDING the costume bonus.

5 :star: — Legendary Costumes

  • Alfrike
  • Bera
Alfrike — Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Normal Alfrike

Costume Alfrike — Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legendary/5*
Power: 833

Attack: 639
Defense: 951
HP: 1563

Class: Paladin
Element: :new_moon_with_face: Dark (Purple)
Realm: Svartalfheim

Mana Speed: Very Slow
Aether Power: Ailment Immunity

Special Skill: Cavalier Hat of Dark Realm

  • Deals 240% damage to hit targets.
  • Casts 5 Dark Cubes to random enemies.
  • Dark Cube reduces max health from the target by 184. This effect is stronger against targets with boosted health. Max health can’t get lower than 30% of the original max health. Any boosted health is reduced by an additional 184.
  • The target automatically casts Mindless Attack on a random ally when mana is full during 3 turns.

Bera — Click for Beta Information (Extremely Likely to Change)

Normal Bera

Costume Bera — Beta Info & Stats (extremely likely to change)

Rarity: Legenary/5*
Power: 829

Attack: 780
Defense: 759
HP: 1563

Class: Cleric
Element: :new_moon_with_face: Dark (Purple)
Realm: Vanaheim

Mana Speed: Fast
Aether Power: Bulwark

Special Skill: Dísir of Dreams

  • Summons a Moth Minion for each ally. Moth Minion inherits 25% attack and 25% HP from the caster.
  • Each hit from the Moth Minion gives the target the following status ailments:
    • The target receives 136 Poison damage over 3 turns.
    • The target can’t receive new Minions for 3 turns.

NOTE: All numbers are presented INCLUDING the costume bonus.

:performing_arts: Costume Bonus

Stat Season 1 CB
Season 3 Legenday CB
Challenge Festival CB
Summer Event Hero CB
Season 2 Hero CB
Season 3 Epic CB
Season 3 Rare CB
Halloween Event Hero CB
Santa’s Challange Event Hero CB
Attack 5% 3% 2%
Defence 5% 3% 2%
HP 10% 6% 4%
Mana 5% 1% 1%

NOTE: All numbers are presented above are INCLUDING the costume bonus and limit breaking.

:hugs: Family Bonus

The costumes have the same family as the original hero.
The normal and the costume version of a hero is counted as two unique heroes.

:arrow_up: Beta Updates

23 May 2023

New costumes arrived to Beta

:calendar: Release Date

Staff does not indicates when these costumes will arrive.

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should it be here? 20 characters

Nope, removed. I forgot to remove it, when I have copied this from normal Alfrike.


what are their Aether Skills?

Another wonderfully inspired pair of costumes. I am in awe of their ability to commit to this balance update by leaving the originals near untouched.


These costumes are so sad, why make them if they are nearly the same as base hero.


Thx for notificing that they are missing.
I have added them.

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and thats a big buff

While I completely agree with your statement overall, I feel heroes dont need their skills updated as much, if they were already efficent and strong before. Added costume bonus will make them relevant again. Bera and Alfrike with costumed bonues and minor adjustments are very relevant.

In case of weaker heroes and/ or bland specials, new skillset is very welcomed. :slight_smile:


You are right, but I still would like to see something different.

For example Bera blocking buffs instead of minions.

Or Alfrike that hit selected target +3 random enemies with her cubes.


Why oh Why are all the newer costumes so uninspired and boring (and exactly the same)


Piling on here, but…

I had to look at the originals to even figure out how the costumes differed…


Too much time dedicated to the new events is what I like to keep repeating because the new heroes at least have something new and interesting going on. Meanwhile, secondary costumes for S1 heroes and all these costumes for the Map/Story heroes (and maybe even a few other events, like Seasonal and Challenge) just get a copy-paste and adjusted stats and they move on.

Practically going in the direction that they just “look” different but don’t “feel” different.

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After last HotM costumes and S4 costumes a batch of another lazy ones. Meh.


Wow. This is the worst pay for a buff yet. Sheez, how original :man_facepalming:

Hello Almost-Average Alfrike! She will be 10.7tiles with 20% mana troops + Costume 5% + Paladin mana node.

With her AA Passive, she will be even more formidable during Rush.

And will have more utility during normal matches.

So much for Zynga’s official stand on reducing reliance on opening boards.


My thoughts exactly :sweat_smile:


I was expecting Bera to be more like Kvasir & his costume. Alfrike is going to charge quicker , be even more devastating !!! & we gotta pay for the privilege !!! It’s hilarious !! The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing as the saying goes !!!