🧪 Early Information on Legendary Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

Yes, the benefits are the same for both classes.

Only difference is that the class specific troop required the main class on leveling and converting.


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I do not plan on immediately sacrificing my level 29 mana troops for a few reasons

1 Let’s look at my blue troops. I have level mana at 29, magic at 18, mana at 17, and mana at 17.
That’s only one troop with +15% mana to help a fast hero fire in seven tiles (without other bonuses).
If I sacrifice that troop, I won’t have the 15% mana bonus until I get the troop up to level 50. That won’t happen immediately for me. So part of the math is that I don’t want to suffer temporarily while not having a 15% mana bonus troop. I also don’t want to have to use a subpar troop in other ways too temporarily.

2 I have crit troops I’m not using today. So this is my chance to recoup some value out of something I’ve considered a sunk cost.

3 You only need a level 26 troop for the first conversion. So if I did my level 29 mana troops first, then when I come to second wave, now I need to level troops up to 29 first.

4 Troops are such a long game. I can get 4 legendary troops, and that level 29 mana troop will still provide value as the fifth troop in mono. I probably won’t actually wait that long, but I’ll save my level 29 mana troop will be the second or third troop I convert.

If you have multiple level 29 troops, then converting one has less opportunity cost. It’s all roster depedent as well as what troops, feeders, and food you have.


Conversion should go fast., but you have a 28 days cooldown phase before you can convert a new troop.
The required troop level for conversion goes up too!
First troop can be converted at lvl.26, second troop at level 27. After 4 conversions only lvl. 30 is working.

Happy troop leveling mate

My crit troops are at lvl 8… So yes a sunken cost… But I’m not getting a ton of value from them…


Thanks for this valuable explanation! You taking the time to explain this is truly amazing.

I was planning on converting my level 26 critical troop first since I don’t use it much. I have a rainbow set of critical at 26-29 so I thought maybe I could get away with safely doing it a few times.

Troops are where I’ve always struggled to keep up. Someone told me years ago to level all critical for defense first - so I waited to work on mana and it took me a very long time to finish a mana set. Then ninja came out and so on. I still only have 3 troops per color at least at level 26-28. But I do have my main set finished for defense - so I liked your suggestion of the critical troop. Thank you again for taking the time to explain this, it’s really helpful information!


@deathcake as a side note; you may want to convert your Critical Troops from low level to high level, because each time you convert 4* troop into 5*, the minimum level required for convertion is increased. Starting from lvl26 and next one shpuld be lvl 27 to be able to convert. :slight_smile:

Is there any information when are legendary troops coming out? I’ve collected some trainer troops and I’m just thinking if I should keep them until we have new information?

They can be released on December 11th, 2023 by earliest as the V63 will be released on that date.


Thanks. Anyone like me… You have a ton of resources to really leveled the 5* troops… But you’d also be more than ok if they scrapped them entirely.

Based on the current information, I’ve ironed out my plan for my first 5 legendary troops.

The biggest thing driving my decision for now is going to be available feeder xp based on the updated buff.
Need is a secondary criteria.

Here’s how much potential xp I have in feeders by element (not including the colorless trainers):

Element XP Troops I have (mana unless otherwise stated)
Green 136K 29, 17, 17, 12 (crit), 5
Red 80K 29, 23 (magic), 17, 13 (crit), 11
Purple 74K 29, 23 (magic), 17, 11, 10 (ninja)
Blue 67K 29, 18 (magic), 17, 17, 12 (crit)
Yellow 40K 29, 23 (magic), 20 (crit), 17, 11 (magic)

Based on xp: green is far ahead (because I haven’t leveled a magic troop up to 23 yet)
Based on need: blue and yellow are the biggest needs to support more fast heroes
Based on desire to get rid of crit troops: Holy is the winner here to finally get something back for that level 20 crit troop I rarely use

My plan is to save my level 29 mana troops (and well all mana based troops for now), and convert all of my crit troops. So the first thing I have to do is level my crit troops up. Here is how much xp I have, xp it takes to level the crit/ninja troop up (factoring in increased conversion), and then how much leftover xp I’ll have to acutally level the legendary troop.
I then factored in how much leftover xp I’d have after getting the troop to levels 25 and 50. If I calculated correctly that should cost 19K and 69K respectively.

Element Green Blue Red Purple Yellow
XP I have 136,265 67,080 79,730 73,740 39,630
XP needed for Crit/Ninja to convert 40,500 26,100 46,200 51,300 26,100
Leftover XP 95,765 40,980 33,530 22,440 13,530
Leftover after level 25 77,165 22,380 14,930 3,840 -5,070
Leftover after level 50 27,165 -27,620 -35,070 -46,160 -55,070

Green is a big winner for me. I can take a troop to level 50, and still have leftover xp.
After that, I can pretty much get legendary troops up to level 25 for each element (I figure I’ll have Holy covered by the time these things rollout and I go to do it). But no other element can get up to level 50.
I figure the food cost will slow me down so the once a month conversion doesn’t bother me.

I also don’t expect to use legendary troops until they get to the 10% mana bonus. 5% can help in some situations, but not enough to prioritize it. 10% I can replace current situations and get the added stat bonus.

So green is going first. Holy second. Then blue. Red and purple are in a similar situation in terms of current troops and xp so I can decide that later.

I’m starting to store up food. I’m not feeding troops for now. I’m building up a supply of mana pots so I don’t need to make more in the future. I’m stocking up training camps to horde food. Alchemy lab is almost maxed out.

At the start, food will be the biggest bottleneck. Over time it will return to feeders. Leveling my current “Bad” troops is also a bottleneck.

I think I’m in a good situation. Looks like I can get a level 25 in each color which is solid, but in many cases not better than the level 29 mana troop for fast heroes.


I still see these as a 2025 project. Obtaining them isn’t going to be easy. Leveling them isn’t either.


I have enough xp for nature dark and holy. Ice and fire I’m woefully behind.

But same as you… Going to use my seldom used crit…

I have 215 milling in ham saved… About 45 million in iron and that still won’t be enough… So these are long-term projects… And i guess that is ok.

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I would like to know, how much exp required from lvl1 to lvl25 to upgrade 5* troop.

My best candidates to transform are red and purple. We are using Red/Purple tanks. But here is the dilemma… for the purple troop, i need to ascend my crit troop from lvl22 to lvl26 first, on the other hand, i need to convert lvl26 red mana troop. Also, im also behind for purple when it comes to mana utilization of troops.

If i were to transform purple 5* of paladin/rogue, i can use on defense both on C-Panther and Ludwig(im also considering to lb2 Ludwig, since he will get less mana bit huge HP boost)

For red tank, i only have Aradia as an option :roll_eyes: but again, here i need to convert lvl26 mana troop.

Im leaning to purple side, but i would appreciate any suggestion ^^ first thing firts, i need to know how much exp needed for lvl25 legendary troop to hit 10% mana node.

If my math is correct in the post linked below then it’s 18.6k. That uses the latest xp per troop which is about 3x the current rate (varies by troop level)

In the same post I explain why I’ll be converting crit troops.


Thank you @Ruskin505 !

I guess i can hit lvl25 for purple after making my crit lvl26 first.

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Updates from today’s beta:

1 Epic troops cost less food. Legendary troops now require 0 food and all iron (I guess I will be saving up more iron now).

2 The mana increase has changed
Level 1: 5%
Level 9: 7%
Level 18: 9%
Level 28: 11%
Level 38: 13%
Level 49: 15%

This is a huge improvement! Now you can level the troop to the mana point you want as we have more levels you can stop at. I expect to see a good amoung of level 38s as that can effectively take a fast hero down to 7 tiles as long as they have a 2% mana node.

Summary of what Legendary troops and these changes will bring me:
1 Higher power for easier PvE
2 recouping sunk cost of crit troops I leveled up (and making them now by best troop)
3 “Solving” the over abundence of iron and lack of food issue
4 Better mana breakpoints across all of my troops (and the flexibilty that provides)


This is the most helpful thing I’ve read about the new troops. Thank you @Ruskin505


Yes thanks @Ruskin505

I have a serious amount of iron crates, I wonder if with legendary troops and possibly new buildings and new weapons I might remember what it’s like to be short of iron again.

I wouldn’t mind being short, I quite enjoy the waiting game for levelling up etc

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Beta changes

  • New / Removed passives
  • New Passive mappings for the Troops
  • Convert Cost change
  • Legendary Troop summon portal changes
  • Leveling cost change. (Food cost removed, emblem cost halved.)

I will add Legendary Troop leveling progress later.