🧪 Early Information on Legendary Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

I have 60 500k bundles. That alone is 30 million in iron. If I go to level up my holy troop using all of my feeders, it will cost 32 million.

Level 50 legendary troops seem more available than currently getting a new Styx/magic troop up to 29.


I saw in one of Play’s posts that the xp for 2* and 3* was reverted… reverted to it’s current live game value or the value it was in beta a few weeks ago?


If I use a level 1 troop I see the following values:

Level 29 epic mana troop: 125xp and 67k in food cost
That 125xp holds for any other star troop I tried

Tried the same thing by trying to feed a two star troop. 275 xp.

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Yeah it’s good mate :+1:

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My first choice going to be Rogue/Paladin purple 5* for Ludwig tank. i ll have less mana on him, but he is going to be more sturdy!

Another note, i can use it on C-Panther too, so thats a huge advantage!

Great change to iron for 5* troops. My stockpile of iron crates will come in most handy now. Heh heh


Otras tropas. Un jugador tarda una barbaridad de subir las tropas y ahora tropas legendaria, héroes nuevos, eventos nuevos, rompe límites 2 nivel, tercer nivel, y así todos los meses. La verdad no dejan de disfrutar cada cosa que sale.

Yes, they are reverted to previous Beta state, which is still an increase comapred to the live game.

For me… It will be Ludwig and costume alfrike. I don’t often use them separately, but I’m 100% ok with one of them being unkillable.

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Beta Update:

  • Troop levels are reduced from 50 to 30, which resulted in lower generic and class specific stat boosts, and only 11% mana generation boost for the troops.
  • Legendary Troop portal bonus chest count is increased from 3 to 5.
  • Needed emblem count for the total troop leveling is the increased from 125 to 150 , which means we will need 25 + 50 + 75 emblems to reach level 10, 20 and 30. (Earlier it was flat 25 at every 10 levels)

So everyone should know this… But 11% reduces very fast and slow troops down by 1 tile. With the emblem 2% mana bonus, that means average heroes can go off in 9 tiles and… With a 4% emblem mana bonus, a fast troop will go off in 7 tiles.

With all due respect… Give me the speed over the slight bump in health and defense. They attack stay isn’t going to do much of the other teams his you with mindless or silence or death.

But… Whatever. I’ll happily level a 20% troop.


To raise a legendary troop you need iron, for epic troops can you also work with iron???

Reduced levels
Reduced mana
Increased emblems ? Shouldn’t emblems stay at
25 per level for a total of 75 emblems ?

Typical of Zynga to scale back benefits but increase resources where possible.


If this latest revision is what comes out… It will be more like 4.25* troops… But even at 11% mana… It should lose a half point… Call these bad boys 3.75* troops.

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With the new level 30 cap I wanted to see what it would cost to level up a level 1 legendary troop up to level 30 (including the iron only cost and increased xp per feeder).

I am able to fully level a legendary troop with solely 1 star troops. Doing so would be 26,100 xp and cost 18M iron. That’s 238 1 star troops by the way.

We now have to think about which troops to use where due to food and iron costs. I’m generally livingin a world where food is scarce and iron is abundant. So my early plan is to use my highest star troops to level up Epic troops and then save those one star feeders for legendary troops where I’m not currently worried about inefficient iron usage.

Somewhat related, my two biggest issues with the current troop design:
1 11% mana bonus. At least make it 13% so we can make up for it with an emblem node.
2 30 day conversion cooldown. This will help push paying players to the portal, so it’s smart by SG. But with how much easier it is to level troops nowadays, I’ll want to be converting troops much more quickly than once every 30 days. Thinking it’s going to be five months before I have a legendary in every color is daunting.


Except the troops going to be used on tank, i would not use legendary troop on defense. There is a huge 9% mana difference with styx/magic troops. And i think have a chance to by-pass on AoE hitters is better to keep them alive against counter attack especially ranger heroes have huge advantage (around 43% chance to by pass)

11% mana generation is a nogo for me. Wouldn’t touch those even with a moderately long 10 foot pole. :wink:

I’ll keep leveling my styx troops and magic troops, if legendary troops are so unattractive. 20% mana generation is just too good to skip for me


When i saw 15% initially, i almost said that is a no from me dawg… 11%… get the ■■■■ outta here.


11% is good enough in many cases. For example, take fast heroes. As long as they can get the 4% from somewhere else (costumes, bards, class bonus, family bonus), the extra mana does nothing until the next breakpoint, which is at 34%. If you’re using a very fast hero, 11% already takes tiles down to 6, and there next breakpoint is at 30%, which requires a costume and either a bard or having a family bonus that gives mana regen.


I see some comments about players not using legendary troops if they only have 11% mana. My guess is SG wants to slow down defenses by only giving 11%. But if so many don’t go for them, and I do, sounds like an advantage for me.

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