🧪 Early Information on Trainer Troop XP Boost and Feeder Troop Food requirement reduction for Epic Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

I think worrying about that type of efficiency is worth far less than you think it would be. Just feed away. Worry less about “best”.

I get there are laid back people… I wish i could be one.

In my mind… I see a formula something like this:

(1h +2I)/xp

Iron is less valuable than ham… So it is reflected in the 2 to 1 ratio… Then as the cost of xp rises, it affects the cost ratio… Then factor that in by the amount of xp from 1/2/3/4*.

You do you. Just letting you know the “savings” you create by min/maxing this is not worth the effort.

This may be the best QOL change we’ve ever received

This is good too


Is that real? I 100% missed it if it is. After the leadria pre-nerf i was feeling petty pissed at the game… This would ease that…

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First I’ll note that the change in food cost for Epic troops seems to match what is in OP.

Otherwise, yeah looks like Legendary troops cost iron and not food. Converting costs 20K iron. At level one, each feeder costs 7000 iron.

Based on 4 levels, it looks like the new food/iron requirements are similar to what was in the old beta thread below, except if you sum up the old food and iron costs, you get the new iron cost. Said another way, the new cost is iron

2 and 3 star trainer troops XPs are changed back.

4-5 star troops sacrafice XP is confirmed

Are they testing which creates the least amount of outrage?

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@Ruskin505 i have still relatively weak troops (since I am semi-active)…

My best mana-troop is holy/purple lv.13 , green/blue styx lv. 12

And in last magic portal, I just summoned my first red mana troop, my 1st magic holy & purple troop …

Do you think i should still concentrate on building epic troops first before the new legendary troops?
(I consider some synergy of +20% mana with Ithar and R&N :


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My plan has a lot to do with the fact that I generally have level 29, 23, 17 mana troops in every element.

So considerations for others if you don’t have troops as highly leveled.

1 it may be easier to summon a legendary troop. 3% odds. May not be your preferred class, but no extra leveling of epic troops. This gets you the same 1/1 legendary but you save food and feeders along the way

2 if you only have one strong mana troop it’s a question of how quickly can you level a legendary up to replace that mana value. What I don’t want to do with my roster is to feed my best troop and then not be able to charge a fast hero in 7 tiles.

3 in your case you have lower level troops. Do you only have one leveled troop in each color (that’s how I read it)? So first question is what food and feeders you have. How high can you level that epic troop. If you can’t get them to 26 it won’t matter. After that it gets slightly easier because it’s iron. But you still need feeders.

So do you have enough feeders? If so, is your priority one good troop? Or would you rather have five?
If you don’t have enough feeders then it’s a moot point and something you can figure out later.

You may be better off having one magic at 23 and another mana if any kind at 11. Basically building out your team of mana troops.


Hi @Ruskin505 , yes I have only 1 good troop per color now.
For each color, now i have feeders around 25k-30k xp,
I have extra 25 2* trainer troops and 35 ETTs to gain a bit more feeders
(So perhaps 20k xp more for one color)

( current goal is : I would love to have one good troop per color)

Edit So i should concentrate on a good epic troop per color first, and thank you so much for your kind advice!! :kissing_heart:


Beta Update:
Sacrafice XP for 1/2/3/4/5 troops are reverted back to lowest proposed new values.

:joy::rofl: why am I not surprised?!

Thank you for your time and effort. These legendary troops are giving Zynga a serious headache. :joy::rofl:

Have :coffee::cookie: on me.


Maybe Staff though the extra XPs are not needed due to the reduced Legendary Troop level count.

The most efficient way to level up them is to use 4 Legendary Trainer Troops, which costs 28k iron only.


Gamma update: the whole thing is reverted. No reduction in XP anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I’ve been against 5* Troops… But I’m definitely not bringing a crit troop up to 26 just to have a marginal emblem specific stat boost at slower mana.

Hope they just scrap the whole thing by this point and keep it like that :grin:

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That’s my preference as well… But they are definitely going to implement the most terrible option.

Yeah, every hare brained scheme they conjure up has been implemented whether we like it or not

I can only think of ONE instance where our opinion caused them to drop something and that was the 1*/2* Tournaments.

Everything else has been pushed through either directly or in stages.

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