🧪 Early Information on Trainer Troop XP Boost and Feeder Troop Food requirement reduction for Epic Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the Trainer Troop XP Boost and Feeder Troop Food requirement reduction for Epic Troops

All Information from Beta is Subject to Change!

Don’t get attached

Details from beta, especially brand-new beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual hero release.

It’s incredibly common that heroes are changed during beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of skills to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to stats to be made.

Feeder Troop Food requirement reduction for Epic Troops

The food cost per sacrificed troop when leveling up an Epic Troop now increases by only 2000 per level, instead of the old figure of 5500.

Level Old food / troop New food / troop Decrease
1 11000 11000 0%
2 16500 13000 -21,21%
3 22000 15000 -31,82%
4 27500 17000 -38,18%
5 33000 19000 -42,42%
6 38500 21000 -45,45%
7 44000 23000 -47,73%
8 49500 25000 -49,49%
9 55000 27000 -50,91%
10 60500 29000 -52,07%
11 66000 31000 -53,03%
12 71500 33000 -53,85%
13 77000 35000 -54,55%
14 82500 37000 -55,15%
15 88000 39000 -55,68%
16 93500 41000 -56,15%
17 99000 43000 -56,57%
18 104500 45000 -56,94%
19 110000 47000 -57,27%
20 115500 49000 -57,58%
21 121000 51000 -57,85%
22 126500 53000 -58,1%
23 132000 55000 -58,33%
24 137500 57000 -58,55%
25 143000 59000 -58,74%
26 148500 61000 -58,92%
27 154000 63000 -59,09%
28 159500 65000 -59,25%
29 165000 67000 -59,39%

Trainer Troop XP Boost

All troops will now give more XP when sacrificed
5* Trainer Troops are also available now.

Troop type Old XP / troop New XP / troop Increase
1* Troop 40 110
1* Trainer Troop 100 275 +175%
2* Troop 90 205
2* Trainer Troop 270 610
3* Troop 200 445
3* Trainer Troop 700 1560
4* Troop 400 800
4* Trainer Troop 1600 3200 +100%
5* Troop - 1600
5* Trainer Troop - 7200 -

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Are we sure that this is a change they plan on taking live and not just changed in beta for the troop testing?


We just get this “memo” from Staff in Beta.
They do not mentioning that this is just for Beta testing purpose.

Of course Staff can change their mind any time, and not implement this change.


Either way, I have a big load of feeder troops but I slowly use them due to the food cost so I am willing to put my troop leveling on hold (including 2 and 3* since the given XP is also increased it seems) until we know it’s for testing purpose only OR it actually comes live with v63 :heart_eyes: I will use feeder troops only when necessary for PoV until either of those points.

The word goal is a clear indication that it’s intended I think and not only for testing purpose. So yea, putting my troop leveling on hold until it hits the shelf :heart_eyes:


Yes everyone wait to level troops until we know.


Yup. I think though this change might come online at least one week after v63 is initially released, when the update is forced, to make sure everyone benefit from the change at the same time :smiley: At worst, they will enable the change when they will hold the first Legendary Troop summon :zipper_mouth_face:
We should have more information on the exact timing with the v63’s release notes so everyone be patient.


Seems like a prep for Legendary Troops so conversion or however that works isn’t as painful.

Anyhow I have stash of 3* and 4* trainer troops from PoG which I am saving until I really need them, so I can wait a bit more.

I don’t like this. I have spend the last 4 months leveling my 4 stars troops and now I am out of troops feeders… are they going to compensate this? I don’t think so… so I just give away a lot of food and feededs for nothing… that sucks


Yup, this whole thing sucks - I’m not converting my Magic and Styx troops and I don’t remotely have the feeders to damn well level the basic ones up to what they need to be to convert, the whole thing is a mess, silly, silly people.

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I did some testing on leveling Epic troops in the live game and in beta too.
I have selected troops for leveling stating with 1 * and then later 2* troops one-by-one:

In the live game using all of my 1* star holy feeder troops I could get to level 16 by using 33 milllion food.
In the live game using all of my 1* + 2* star holy feeder troops I could get to level 18 by using 38 milllion food.

In the beta game using part of my 1* star holy feeder troops I could get to level 16 by using 5.7 milllion food.
In the beta game using part of my 1* star holy feeder troops I could get to level 18 by using 7.6 milllion food.
In the beta game using all of my 1* star holy feeder troops I could get to level 28 by using 24 milllion food.
In the live game using all of my 1* + part of my 2* star holy feeder troops I could get to level 30 by using 25 milllion food.


Food isn’t even close to the main issue, feeder availability and the XP they give is.


This is the best part of this update and it’s a double win.

We get more xp from feeders!
It costs less food to level!
Both of these lead to faster leveling.
Xp is basically over 2x what it used to be. Food cost beyond the early levels is halved.
Troop leveling will now be essentially 4x faster at a minimum.

I stopped leveling troops after the first iteration of legendary troops in beta. It’s definitely worth holding off until this goes live.


x2 is not enough, that’s still sluggish as hell, increase XP so it’s x4 faster and maybe it won’t be SO bad.

Where are they expecting everyone to get the feeders from?

There needs to be a drastically improved and reduced-cost way of GETTING the feeders first off, if they did that and then made it say x3 faster to level than current, then maybe.


An extra information about leveling legendary troops.

By using all of my 1* holy troops I could level a legendary troop until level 45 by consuming 30 million food and iron (and of course 200 emblems).
When I have added all of my 2* troops too, then I could reach level 49 by consuming 35 million food and iron (and of course 200 emblems)
4 extra rare troop were needed to get to level 50, where food and iron cost was still 35 million (and I needed 250 emblems)


Not. A. Fan.

I/we’ve spent years leveling up 4* Troops to where they are now. And with v63 Joe Noob gets to have a slew of maxed 4*'s in like half the time? I call shenanigans!

This change de-values the time and effort put in by the long-time hard-core player base.


Delighted with this change for my future troops.

Like many posters above, I feel a bit salty about the huge effort in food and feeders for my existing leveled troops and the sunk cost involved.

This WILL help new players remain engaged because troops are a horror show and it was almost four years before I had my first set at 29 (no intention of taking any to lvl 30). Helping new players stay engaged we ALL benefit, I know I would look for another game if coming to it for the first time today.

This will also be huge for my 3* troops, only have one set maxed and a second string around lvl 30, there will soon be a full three of each color maxed.


Well, I’m glad there’s a whole 1 person happy about this update.

I have been playing for close to 5 years already and don’t really see a big problem with this issue, especially when it has been an issue for ages and is long overdue for a rehaul. This is more of a like grumpy old person grumping in the nursing home to the youths ‘back in my day, we don’t have all these things…’ and if you’re still actively playing this game, does it really matter?
Furthermore it’s a necessity due to legendary troops being a thing now and they didn’t just change this on a whim
I guess it’s just more like expectations. Like if you spend real money and gems on your troops, maybe you would feel the unfairness. I have never gone all out to invest in troops, so I don’t feel this aspect of the pinch


l also recall the interview with the CEO where he admitted an error was the exorbitant cost of leveling troops. I never thought I would see anything done about it but here we are.

IMO - the most important part is keeping new players engaged so the game takes longer to die.


Don’t think you read the thread very carefully, there may be as many as three of us!!


It is not unmitigated joy, there is some salty envy as well when I think about the millions of food (and some $$$$) that was spent on getting troops to 29 / 27 (Cyclops) / 23 in each color.