🧪 Early Information on Legendary Troops [Part of The Beta Beat v63]

That’s what I wanted to hear, thanks! :slight_smile:


Do you know any other emblems in this game? :melting_face:

I would hold off using ETTs for now till Zynga make up their mind.

Just in case…


Yes, but idk wich it’ll be. Some of existing, or some new.
Do we know that?

Great minds think alike @BlackZed :sunglasses:

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Not sure if 100% confirmed, but should be the already known class emblems (remember that you’ll need 300 of those to transform 4* troop to 5*).

Each troop has a main class and a secondary class. The troop will provide extra stats to its hero if the hero has one of these two classes.
The emblems required are are those related to the main class, so yes, these are the regular class emblems.

so its class emblems :cry:

Emblems are easy to find, just use alchemy lab, and you will have more than you can use. Here is mine;

And these are mine:

I have like 3 5*, 6 4* and 2 3* emblem projects to finish, but stil lack of emblems:(


Now I like to hear that especially about odds for troops should at least be 5 to 10 percent

MV is giving me lots of decent sized piles of emblems recently, I wonder if this is related :thinking:

Feels familiar to getting lots of keys prior to CC.


Should we use ETTs in magic portal or hold until lengedary troop portal sorted out?

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So far in beta ETTs cannot be used to summon legendary troops. But nobody knows if this will change.


These new troops are unnecessary. I’m not going to waste my time leveling more troops. There’s already way too much being released. The game was fun while it lasted, but SG is running it into the ground.


I’d really like a b&w answer from sg ref ett please.

The constant ‘waiting to know’ in events, towers, se, fs is a real pain

I split the baby… Used half… Kept half.

So you recommend keeping mana troops instead of converting? It looks promising with the cost being down - but I don’t want to overlook anything by focusing on the lower cost.

I used 2 from my stash for fun. Holding on to the rest just in case.

I think some confusion stems from the use of “Main” and “Secondary”. Like there’s an implication that the “Main Class” gets extra benefits that the “Secondary Class” does not.

But as I understand it: the benefits are the exact same for both Classes of a given Troop.

The only difference is that to obtain that troop you need to use Emblems of the Main Class.