🧪 The Beta Beat (V63) – Legendary Troops, Clash of Knight heroes, Super Elemental heroes, Journey hero, Owl Tower -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Is it possible the perfect summon affect 30x pulls?

New Opera heroes topic:

Mystic Summon:


In beta it doesn’t look like it. Hope we hear otherwise!


Seasonal summons does not have an option to x30 pull.
So no.

Information about the Perfect Summon a.k.a Perfect 10 Bonus is added here:

Season of Love event changes will be updated in the topic later.


Oh yeah, its just for seasonal summons.

Legendary Troops related changes.

Troop Sacrafice XP cost change:

Tavern of Legends Portal Changes

Costume Passives


Balance update the Captain Nemo costume:

3 new Season 4 costumes:

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Big patch. Hope they have plans for a smooth roll out.

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One small thing related to troops:

Changes in Hero Academy related to Troop training / retraining


So if Owl Tower is part of v63 and is on the Calendar before Christmas (Dec 20-25), am I correct in my understanding that v63 must be pushed out before Dec 20?

V63 will be released on December 11th, and the update will be forced on December 18th.


Is it possible we’ll get the legendary troop portal during the Owl Tower?

It can happen at any point in time at the sole discretion of SGG. Long story short, we have no clue when it’s going to be held so far.


Will this update contain

  1. Troop feed resource reduction?
  2. Troop train HA resource reduction?
  3. Legendary troops?

Only Staff an asnwer this, but they will not tell me before it is public to everyone.
So we will see what they announce next Monday.


Is it me or does the game seem to get even more heroes than the previous year? Feel like theres too many heroes to get

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The number is not fully up to date, and there are still heroes to be released this year, but the hero and costume count already exceeded last year’s counts.

I think next year we will definitly reach 300 new heroes or costumes for almost sure

Other topic:

  • No new Beta today. I suppose it we will get it tomorrow with brand new heroes / costumes…

Glad i stopped playing. I just see whats new every now and then but i just couldn’t keep up anymore. Now new players have to pay thousands just to get up to speed on the game, and have to spend even more to stay current.

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@PlayForFun I’m not sure if this should happen but 4* trainer troops are already avaible in game. I got one from MV.

I thought they were going to be released with legendary troops.


@Radar1 they are already in the game since 2021 November:

The Legendary Trainer Troops will arrive with V63.

@Photon this great number of new heroes was at least good for me to beat Petri in number of Topics Created.