Troop level .. opinion please

My troops at the moment.
I play in 3 + 2 or 3 + 1 + 1.
What will be the best strategy to continue to level the troops.
My question is whether to continue one of each color up to level 30 or take a second troop of each color up to level 23. (mana troops)
What is the opinion of your experience, thankful.

I just hope English is understood :slight_smile:

Personally I have decide to go to level 30 with my main mana troop, I have then 3 others troop at level 11. In paralel I am ascending 2* and 3* troop with 1* troops. I consider it’s too expensive ascending 4* troop with 1* troop once you reach level 11.

The first troop at level 30 is a better option from my point of view than having two 23 mana as raiding/alliance war is my first consideration. But if you have several slow heroes in you mono team then it could make sense to ascend in priority a second troop at level 23. My concern is red troop, after 3 years and 9 months playing I still have one single red mana troop and I would really be happy to have a second one.

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For me, mana troop isn’t as prized much more anymore compared to the crit troops. They are valued only for the mana tile reduction. Since average heroes fire in 10 tiles, you only need mana troops to level 23 for these heroes to fire almost like a fast hero. Slow and very fast heroes benefit already from the level 23 mana troop. Fast heroes are already quick to charge their mana bar that reducing a tile is not commensurate to the time, effort and resources needed to get a mana troop to level 29 just for them to shave off a tile, unless you spend thousands of gems summoning in the troop portals just to get feeder troops (I don’t buy gems just to summon troop).

Ninja troops are the ones ideal to get to level 30 since they offer the highest attack multiplier on a consistent basis as well as bypassing the enemy defense buff and even riposte.

Crit troops are ideal for supporting the tank and other glass cannon heroes.

Just my 2 cents.


Have a brouse at these

Other troop leveling in them threads aswell.

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my excuses for my ignorance … google english …
If I understand correctly, level ten troops from 1 * to level 4, and then use those troops to feed the troops from 4 *, and thus save on food, simplified is that right?

Thank you for your answers, now it remains to consider the best option.
@AlexMex, @Ultra, @Dudeious.Maximus

Yeah people will feed a troop to a certain level then to feed it to a higher troop. :+1:

Best option is really down to you. If your short of ham all the time? do you have loads of troops to feed away. I’m just feeding some 2* troop to lvl5 at the moment for events and some 3* troops lvl 10.

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