Does hero order really matter in a raid?

I see people mentioning the order they place their hero’s in during raiding. Does this even matter since you don’t have to worry about tiles? Yes, you can take into consideration going against someone that does damage/effects the target and nearby allies but don’t see any other point.


You want to consider how the AI plays the defense team. Specials cast left-to-right.

So, by that logic, you want your buffs on the left, snipers on the right. (for example)
Some heroes only have one position specifically for that purpose. (e.g. Alberich, his only life is on the left wing. This way he charges up, and fires off his buffs and revives team members. If a hero is revived with full mana… they get to fire!)

Beyond that, if you have a team of all snipers (e.g. 5 Liannas, which… no. don’t do that) no it wouldn’t matter. but your tank will soak up the most tiles, so make it a good one. Surround with flanks and wings that will support the tank and synergy of the team. I prefer to put slower heroes in flanks than on wings, to give them a chance to cast.


The only thing that matters when you are on offence is the order that YOU fire your heroes in NOT the order they are setting on your team. Because that ONLY matters on defense.


For offense, positioning only matters for 2 reasons:

  • specials that affect nearby allies (i.e. don’t put Cyprian on wing for your offensive raiding team)
  • specials that hit certain colors for stronger damage: e.g. Gravemaker hits green hard. If you must bring green, then spread out your green heroes to minimize the likely-hood of him killing them in one blow.

Beyond that, it’s preference. I personally like to put my buffer on the right, as I’m right-handed and it’s easier for me to tap there first before firing other skills (again, this is just preference).

EDIT: Since I made this post and it’s quite old, I have found a 3rd reason. It is more niche than the above ones, but still valid to keep in mind. Positioning also matters when it comes to your hero resistances.

One e.g is when fighting Jabberwock who casts undispellable poison to the edges of the formation. In this case, consider putting someone like your monk and/or Clarissa on the wing of your offensive teams.

As another e.g., when I fight Hel or Onatel, I put Neith in the middle so that these two only ever sabotage two of my heroes (since they hit target and nearby, and Neith resists their effects, even if they hit 3 only 2 of my heroes will ever be affected).


Position matters most for Defense because 1. AI casts specials left to right, so you want to make sure your specials go off in the best order to maximize synergy i.e. ally buffs, enemy debuffs, Snipe etc. 2. It’s best when you can also set up the colors to protect one another from their weak element, i.e a blue tank with green/red flank, and 3. Synergy of the team i.e if Guin is tank putting heroes that need to survive the longest next to her so that she can heal them directly once her special goes off. But for that last one it shouldn’t be before positioning for casting specials properly or color protection…example my Defense team is currently Hansel, Kage, Guin, Grimm, Marjana…in terms of the heroes that need her healing the most it would be Grimm and Hansel as they are the least powerful of this bunch, but Kage Flanking is more important overall protecting my tank and hitting enemies quick, plus with Hansel at wing behind Kage it will be hard to get to him anyway. Grimm however will stay next to Guin because Marjana can hold her on at wing and Grimm being kinda squishy needs to be protected better.

It’s mostly preference on offense, but it matters for maximizing your heroes synergy…so if you had Magni in your offensive team you want to flank him because his special buffs him plus allies, in an instance where you had Proteus and Hansel you may not want to put them next to each other in case an AOE person hits your team they don’t kill both mana heroes at once, same with colors if you are doing a 3/2 stack maybe you could do A/B/A/B/A so that all of the same color isn’t hurt by one persons hit. Lastly it’s also good if you’re learning synergy to position them in the order that you need to fire so that you don’t forget, just hit from left to right and kill the enemy lol

Kinda long but hope that helps :slight_smile:


Some good tips here but on offense I still always put my weaker/low defense heroes on the wings. That way they are 20% less likely to be hit by a hero that attacks 3.


On offence it don’t matter my jackal gets hit first no matter where I put him!


Besides the obvious good advice on here as to where to place your heroes on offense, it also comes down to personal preference.

I always place Wu on my left wing so I remember to fire him last- I know most (?) place him on the right for the same reason but I like to have him close by.

I always place my healer in 2nd position so I can automatically feed him/her mana pots. My mana pots also have to be in 2nd spot. Many a time I’ve tried to feed antidotes to my healer!

Wilbur always goes on the right wing - I have no idea why, that’s just where I always put him :grin:

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One way it matters is splitting heroes in case of nearby hero attacks. If your taking greens against an opponent with Gravemaker for example, you don’t want multiple green heroes together to minimize the possibility of the extra damage he does to nature heroes affecting more than one.

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If the defender has heroes that hit exactly 3 targets with their specials then the tank and heroes on the flanks are more likely to be hit and the ones on the wings are the least likely to be hit. (Consider this for yourself.)

When gathering my offense team that is why I put my healer(s) always on wings.

Actually it does matter with heroes that Buff nearby allies

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When raiding /attacking:

When facing a team that has specials that damage three heroes in a row eg Drake or Grimm, your middle hero has the highest probability of receiving damage and the heroes on far left or right wing the least probability

Accordingly put your critical or essential heroes on the far left or right (for me, healers) and your tankiest heroes in the middle

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Awesome advice above @SAgamekiller - soak it all up and you’ll go far! Yes order does matter.

Nothing to add, it’s all been said :star_struck:.


Thank you for asking this. I have read this entire thread, but now I am even more confused. So where might order of heroes for dummies be found?

This is a good summary that might help. It’s more defence team oriented.

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There are a lot of nuances to it, depending on how much thought you’re willing to put into an attack.

If you’re raiding with Frida and the opponent has Kingston, you want Frida in the middle because you want her to get hit by the attack debuff. Likewise Kunchen vs. Athena.

If you’re raiding with Ranvir against Jabberwock, you want him on the wing because he’s immune to poison.

If you’re going against Richard you might want to space your snipers out so they don’t all get hit at once by the debuff.

The reward for this type of planning is marginal, but if you’re willing to take the extra few seconds on a raid you will get somewhat better results.


Im another that puts critical units in the wings on offense (weaker heroes and healers).

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I also put weak heroes on the wing. But just to play devil’s advocate- There’s actually some incentive to put your weakest hero in the middle right? If your glass cannon dies on the wing, the probability of a hit-3 enemy targeting 3 heroes goes from 60% to 50%. If it dies in the center, the probability goes from 60% to 0%.


A valid point that I never considered :thinking:.

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Much has changed since jabberwocky walked into the frame…

I like Obakan in the middle because if he dies, he dies :man_shrugging:t2: But against jabberwocky…

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