Hero placement on attack team

My girlfriend is using this team to attack with I told her I would check and see if she had them in the right order I’m really not sure how that works

For missions and quests is OK. Each hero has a special skill. Should read carefully :slight_smile:

I’m no expert, however I would place them in the following order.
Guardian Jackal, Tarlak, Cyprian, Triton, Sumitomo

Fast mana heroes at the corners. Cyprian’s special will cover Tarlak and Triton.

That’s true only for your defense Raid team. Doesn’t matter in offense team.

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For offense, position only matters for buffs that effect “caster and nearby heros” and for damage from the same. For example, if you have a hero with low defense (like I use Grimm a lot in my stacks), don’t put them in the middle. They are much more likely to get hit by a “Target and nearby heros” special than if they are at the end.

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