Best Team & Hero Position Ideas


Most of us have not had the chance to use all of the different heroes and team combinations, so I just thought that it would be fun to start a thread where people could drop in and share their opinion/experiences on the topic. Here were some of my ideas for questions to think about:

  • Do you have a go to, favorite hero that you use on literally every one of your teams?
  • What are the best tank options at each of the different star levels?
  • What are the best hero options for edge attackers?
  • If money was not an issue, what 5* champion defense team would you put together? And for an attack team? What about the same for a 4* team?
  • List your heroes and let people help you with setting up your defense team.

Anyway, hopefully we can get some good ideas and discussions going on the topic. These are always the questions that I want to ask people. I can’t wait to see what people come up with. :grin:


I thought it might be easier if I just posted a picture any assistance would greatly appreciated. Have been doing ok inraids see to win 50-60% but get my but kicked when I get raided. Monday night was at #9 went to bed woke up and was # 241.
Alliance: purple haze


couldn’t figure out how to load second pic.
This is my present defensive team and the team I use all the time as my other heroes are not strong enough yet.

Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

For offense teams running one or no healers, bold tusk is now pretty easy to take down. I’ve seen a lot of the higher teams using Li Xiu as a the defensive middle, her power caps at 643 and I use her defense middle as well. I’m using a level 59 Joon offensively (power 657) and liking him.

I would shy away from anyone slow in a defensive line up.


Yes thank you I have notice boldtusk not what he use to be and as soon as I can get some ascension items and level the rest of my group I will be making some drastic chances. I had four boldtusk sat one time,
Do you think boril on one corner, Elena in the middle and cypian in the other corner with say Sonja and lianne throw on either side would make a good defense.


Penari I have faced you in a couple or 3 raids and have some success but I think it had more to do with good boards than heroes.


Elena has quite low defense to be put in the middle position.


Wait, Li Xiu is a girl? :open_mouth: Omg she is, that a breast plate armor… I’ve been living a lie :hushed:


:rofl: :laughing: :wink:


Ascending a 3* hero twice, and a 4* hero once require the same mats. So this isn’t the best of arguments. 5* heroes that don’t ascend at all will cap at level 50, and have better moves than most 3* heroes, so a level 50, non-ascended hero, will be more powerful than a maxed out 3*


The problem with putting Boril on the edge is that his perfect riposte special would only end up covering himself and the one hero beside him. You would get a lot more out of him by keeping him on either side of the center position.

Also, I completely agree about Boldtusk. I used to love him, but am now getting smacked around when people raid me. I am definitely interested in this idea of using Li Xiu in center. I will have to switch things up a bit and give it a try.


Yeah but you got to buy them, I’m talking about people who want to play for free should forget about getting 4* n 5* hero’s. Cuz once you buy them then u gotta buy an unending amout of ascension packs for u get what u need.


I get where you are coming from about wanting to play for free, but if you end up with a team of fully ascended 3* where do you go from there? I know the odds are bad, but at least get your training camps up and try for some better heroes. Like Penari said, a 4 & 5 star ascended one or two levels is a much better hero than any 3*, and it gives you goals in the game to reach (as difficult as they may be). I also refuse to spend any money on ascension items, but I have been able to at least partially ascend most of my heroes, slowly. I just think it makes the game more fun to have something to work towards.


I have so far focused on fast and hard hitters, both by choice but also because joon and lianna were my first two 5s. Since you asked what I’d like if money wasn’t an issue I would like to see an all slow hero team. Maybe just because it’s so different from what I’m used to. Azlar, justice, vivica, horghall, isarnia.


I have been going back and forth with the positioning of my defense team, and I was hoping you guys could give me some feedback. My current team is as follows:

Caedmon - Tier 3 - Level 60 - Left
Li Xiu - Tier 3 - Level 60 - Left/Center
Boldtusk - Tier 3 - Level 60 - Center
Boril - Tier 3 - Level 60 - Right/Center
Hel - Tier 3 - Level 16 - Right

I do have a couple other heroes that I am working on leveling, but they are either attack team only heroes or just too low. Out of those 5, I have gone back and forth with moving Li Xiu, Boldtusk, and Boril into the center tank position with various amounts of luck. I am trying to do trial and error, but I cannot seem to lock down a pattern. Any thoughts on one setup working better than the others?


I strongly recommend Li Xiu in the middle, flanked by Boril and Bold Tusk. I know that you will see, as you said, varying amounts of success, but I think this will make a difference.


Ok, great. I will make the switch. I literally just got the last orb I needed to ascend her yesterday in the elemental fire chest. I didn’t mention it because I wanted to see what the opinion would be if they were all ascended equally, but that works out perfect. Thanks for the help!


@Penari I’m just checking back in with an update about the Li Xiu switch. It is working out awesome so far! It seems like the only people killing me in raids are players with higher trophy counts, which just allows me to revenge with my attacking team and clean house. I am now facing more teams that also use Li Xiu in the center, and have realized what a pain she is there. I definitely underestimated her in that position. Thanks again for the great advice!


I am very new to this game and i love it but i do not really understand it too much. I can not click on my defense team to make it. Do i need more then one team to do this? Sorry if my questions are annoying, i do not play games at all but am very interested in this one. Thank you


Once the watchtower is built you’ll be able to play a “PvP content” called Raid.
You’ll be able to set your defensive team by setting the defense option on one of your 3 team slots: you can only have one defensive team.

If you change your team’s defensive heroes on story mode it’ll change even for raid’s defense.