Team Positioning

Does it matter?

Sometimes when I am doing raids, I struggle when a healer is placed in the middle since the tiles often leave me with no choice but to hit the healer. This results on the healer quickly filling mana and repairing any damage I might have done.

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You answered your question, it does.


I find healers as tank an easier target because it gives you time to mana up your heros - throw all tiles at the healer and then you can wreck havoc and unleash all your specials at one go. An efficient victory.


When you’re the one attacking, then it doesn’t really matter - apart from making sure that your minion summoners / healers that only impact the adjacent allies… actually have allies on either side of them.

In defence though, it is more important to be mindful of who you’re placing where (see image), for a multitude of reasons. as you mentioned, you might want to have a healer as your tank, or you might want to keep some of your other heroes back. You can also use a custom formation (once unlocked) to alter who your tanks are.

The other key reason for being aware of placement, is because the AI will automatically cast specials from left to right, so you want to make sure you have good synergy there too!


Here’s some other useful guides that might help too!

Here’s some other topics that might help, and if in doubt, check the other linked posts beneath them. It might take a bit of searching to find the answers you need, but a little research goes a long way! I also believe that @OldCynic has a really useful blog post about jargon busting and defence positioning :slight_smile:

Good luck, and keep the fight up! :wolf:


Thank you for tagging me. There’s a lot of material out there. For my part, I have a Jargon Buster which I’ve updated a few times.

And I also have a guide for building a defence team, with more related stuff on the way.

As to your question, yes positioning matters as others have said. For me, it’s one of the great aspects of this game. Also, how heroes interact with each other (synergy) is important, too. Good luck!


I tend to put my sturdiest heroes in the middle, and the ones I want to survive closer to wings because of hit 3 enemy specials

Sometimes having a healer as a tank is a bad thing. Once your healer is out, that’s it.

It’s depends on the team, set up of your team, line up of your heroes.