Hero position on Offense

Does hero position when on offense mean anything?

It seems the AI on Defense attacks randomly which would indicate hero position on offense is meaningless. Wondering if I’m wondering if there is any data on this.

Theres a few things. If you can help it you want to not have 2 of same colour beside each other to avoid both getting strong damage from a multi hit.

Heroes on wings get hit less overall from those who hit target and nearby.

Against GM Kingston in middle means only ever 2 getting burned.

0against Jabberwock might want sturdier heroes in wings.

Most of it is situational.


Don’t put heroes on wing, that provide sth to themselves and nearby.

From another thread; my thoughts:

Also an older thread which is (now) closed but may be worth reading:

A lot of great points already made here… just adding that if you run double heals, it’s good to split them up.