Hero Positioning Questions


Hello there,

To clarify, this is about raid/alliance war defense teams and:

  • Wing = the 2 outer edges of your team
  • Flank = the 2 positions on each side of your tank (middle) position

I’ve been reading a lot on this forum about hero positioning. I understand that everything depends on your hero bench. I also take in count the AI firing your specials from left to right and the positioning of colors (strong color stacking V tank --> place opposite color next to your tank). These three together already give me more clarity on where to position my heroes.

Often I read people saying ‘‘Rigard on your wing won’t be efficient, because his heal will go off when half of your team is dead.’’ and so on for multiple other heroes. It makes me feel like the wing spots are completely useless, but I understand they are of course not.

It does raise some questions I like to hear your answers on. I understand that it might be difficult to answer, considering it often depends on the heroes you have. But I’m happy with your opinions:

  1. In raids we focus on killing the opposing tank first by dropping tiles more often towards the centre three heroes. Doing so makes these three heroes usually fire their special attacks faster than the heroes on the wings. Would you consider this ‘‘fact’’ as more important considering the positioning of your heroes compared to the left-to-right AI special attack principle in general? I understand that this principle still counts for the three heroes in your centre.

For example: My current defense team in order is: Grimm, Caedmon, Rigard, Colen, Chao. Would you switch Grimm with Caedmon to ‘‘ensure’’ that Grimm fires his special before my other hitters?

  1. Do you favor using fast hitters or healers on your flanks/wings in general?

  2. Would you rather use a rainbow defense team or use two heroes of the same color, which opposes your tank’s color, on the flanks? Example: Blue, Red, Green, Red, Yellow.

  3. You are forced to use slow hitters in your defense team (such as my Colen) because you don’t have any other stronger hero, where would your feeling tell you to position them in general?


Special’s speed and posiioning are both important aspect of our defense:
a flanking Grimm (that is shielding Caedmon) could fire before him, increasing his damage if he hits the weakened targets. Id indeed swap their positions as Grimm have low DEF and HP value to stay in the corner (wing) at his medium special speed: It would be easily killed by opponent’s snipers.

I favor fast hitters, they will clear the leftovers of Gravemaker’s special.

When I’ll bring another green to 4.80 I’ll change my formation
from : Sabina - Joon - Gravemaker - Lianna - Sonya
to: Sonya - Gregorion - Gravemaker - Lianna - Joon

(no healer) so, yes :slight_smile:
Still waiting for the underrated Kiril tank to make his appearance.

Next to the tank to hope they’ll charge before they’ll get killed.
If you put him on wings then it’ll be likely always dead before firing his special!


Thank you!

What would your defense team be with him?


Joon - * - Kiril - Gravemaker - Lianna
*Caedmon or Gregorion


Maybe you don’t. You said: Grimm, Caedmon, Rigard, Colen, Chao. :thinking:

Let me first share some general advice I’ve gathered…

First level of thinking - who goes to leftmost until the position is filled and you move to the next:

  • those who remove enemy buffs (caed, sabina, melendor)
  • those who lower defence on the opponent (grimm, tib)
  • those who put attack buff on yours (kiril, sir lancelot)

You can finish with other debuffs on the opponent - lower their attack, blind and so on

You definitely want to have healer somewhere, you want to put cleansers (remove debuffs on me)

Second level would be taking into the account how fast each skill gets and pick heroes to be the best synergy. Or adjust for that with putting fast ones towards the wings, and slow ones towards the tank position. (eg you want that grimm fires before some fast hitter)

Then you need to coordinate tank and flanks maybe, with ‘don’t put the same colour together, and if possible, put strong colors nearby’

Then you need to keep in mind some hero stuff, eg ‘put boril between two with lower def so when they get more damage, they reflect more damage’, or ‘those with low def want to go the wings’, search for ‘glass’ term)

And of course, don’t forget that skills don’t matter if the hero isn’t strong, so, adjust for that as well.

If all your heroes are of the same level, I would definitely put Caed then Grimm.

And now brainstorm :smiley: aka - combining the rules with the heroes you do have :wink:

So Colen for a tank because he’s slow and hitting it will make it faster, then Rigard and Chao. Then when he’s killed, DOT won’t work :confused:
However, Rigard and Chao are more tanky, Chao as a tank will go off fast. Or be dead fast.
If Rigard is tank, then when he’s dead, he can’t heal anymore.
I think I’d go with Chao as a tank, so yeah, he’s fast and he’ll kill someone if the board is not great and if person don’t stack against the tank (btw small amount of people do stack).

So, my final - Caed, Grimm, Chao, Rigard, Colen.
Rigard on the wing really can be the last one, so, no problem to kill, that’s why he needs to be somewhat closer. I’ve met Colen on the wing and that wasn’t fun. So yeah, I usually take him down first. However, I’d take him down first in any case, no matter where he is, just on the wings I usually can only use specials, because aiming with tiles there is tricky, and I can just help him go off faster.

I hope people will correct me, or add stuff :smiley:

Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

Thank you as well. I hope more people will reply as both of you did thus far. Not only it provides me with different insights, but I am sure other players will benefit from this also. :+1:

My current defense team heroes are all maxed. Only Chao differs a bit and is on 4/28.

I am using the setup @RedPython suggested. I don’t lose many cups and sometimes wake up with a cup-increasement in the morning. Beautiful.