🏯 Cap's Ninja Tower Infographics & Guides

:hotsprings: Rules

:hotsprings: Deadly Chamber

:hotsprings: Blessings

:hotsprings: Ninjas SS

:hotsprings: Levels

:hotsprings: Rewards and Scoring

Be very cautious about all the rewards , we made a lot of comments about it , but don’t know if they have been modified or not

NB: rewards modified per levels, chart corrected (16.10.2020)
skills modified (18.10.2020)
level 41 modified (20.022021)
thank you so much @Rfm @Kaenguru (and my teammates to let me grumble all my soul :sweat_smile: :joy:)


question is this beta info?
or is it official information?

can you share, record videos and debate publicly showing this?
or if I do I could receive a penalty from E&P

The Ninja Tower Event will start tomorrow, so these info are a bit of a jump start.

As some pictures are from Beta, I am not hundred percent sure if it’s ok… :grimacing:

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Ninja tower begins tomorrow . It was announced a few hours ago .
All the screenshots taken are from beta, and i got permission to use them for making charts.
i didn’t yet publish 2 charts as i waiting for a response about changes or not of the rewards.

i can’t share anything else , only advices


Really appreciate all the work you put into these, as well as other people that provide valuable info.
It truly helps us all.


Do you have more info about the troops. What is their impact?

So I missed this till now. What is the best strategy from bèta?
Start with your (semi) best heroes to complete quickly but risk to get a curse?
This would be like the challenge event.
Just start with first the 3s than 4stars and in the end your 5s?
More as taverns quests.

more like tavern quest

i didn’t have time to test the troops but i think @Aquaginera_7DD is one of the best to respond at this question


@Kerpen strategy will partly depend on if you are willing to buy refills or not. As flags use per day is restricted if you fail a level you will not be able to complete the tower without buying a refill.

Some testers made it to level 15-20 with 3* heroes and then around level 30-35 with 4* others found it much harder and had to use 5* much sooner.

Bench depth is very important so you can afford to loose a few heroes on the way up. This event is designed to be hard, I personally will not take risks on completion of a level and will use 4* from the off.


Thank you @cap to fully understand the event nothing better that infographics. :heart:


If i lose a stage can i continue with 75 diamond like usual???

it was not possible in beta

Thanks for your work @cap.
Infortunately, you are not of Portuguese nationality :stuck_out_tongue:

wow looks tough. ouch.

Summing the coins in the 5th picture , it equals 98 and that means that if you pass the whole event, you will not be able to summon once…
Am I correct??
3x15 =45
2x18 =36
Total =98

I count 98 from all stages too but there will be reward at end of event too based on rank which will get you 100 or more from event but not sure the summon portal will stay.

As I wrote a lot of comments were done in beta about rewards, we don’t know for the moment if any changes will occur tomorrow …
I asked again after the announcement but i don’t have a response.

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Many thanks Cap !!! Much appreciated.

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