🏯 [Feb 2021] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ, Discussion & Summons!

Coming Soon: The Ninja Tower Event

:spiral_calendar: Schedule

Start Time End Time Duration Frequency
2021-02-17T07:00:00Z 2021-02-22T07:00:00Z 5 Days Every 2nd Month

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Post Level 10

Post Level 20

Post Level 30

Post Level 40

Post Level 50 (Completion)

:japanese_castle: Ninja Tower Overview!!

Click for overview of the event & summary of the aspects to the Eventp; note this section should answer most questions asked.


  • The Ninja Tower Event a brand new event which is accessed via the “Quests” page with 50 unique stages.
  • Each stage features 1,2 or 3 monster waves followed by a boss stage.
  • You CANNOT repeat or replay or rerun a completed stage.
  • Gameplay features a new tile called an “Oni Curse” (more on that below).
  • Completing 3 stages gives you a choice of one of three “Oni Blessings” which apply to all heroes in your roster for that specific event.
  • Heroes can be used on as many stages as you like, as long as they don’t get “cursed out”. Read on that in the “oni curses” section below.
  • The higher you go up the tower, the more difficult it becomes.
    • Gameplay becomes harder
    • Oni-Curses appear more frequently
    • Different Mob & Boss configurations
    • Appearance of “Deadly Chamber” effects (more below)

:zap: Flags/ Energy!!

  • Ninja Tower uses its own Flag Energy Currency. Separate from World Energy etc…
  • You have a limit of 10 flags
  • Flags are regenerated once per day & completely refills your flags
  • There is also a new “flask” which has been added called the “Tower Energy Flask”.

:japanese_goblin: Oni Curses

  • Oni Curses are a new tile that randomly appears on the Board.
  • On appearance, the Oni Curse is allocated to one of your 5 heroes
  • You then have 3 turns to remove the curse. If you fail, that hero recieves 1x curse.
  • Heroes who are cursed 2 times throughout the event are no longer usable in the event (still able to be used elsewhere).
  • If you FLEE with an Oni Curse (either with the countdown still on it or timed out) on a hero, it sticks (i.e. that hero is cursed).

:angel: Oni Blessings

  • Rewarded on completing every third stage
  • Blessings are fixed & are the same for everyone (i.e. player A gets x,y&z blessing at stage 3. So does player B, Player C etc…)
  • Blessings apply to ALL heroes in your roster for that specific event.
    • They do NOT apply outside the Ninja Event

:skull_and_crossbones: Deadly Chamber Effects.

  • There are three Deadly Chamber Effects in the Ninja Tower:
    • Toxic Vapour - All heroes take ‘x’ damage every ‘y’ turns
    • Fragile Floor - The number of battle items you take are reduced by ‘x’. Cannot be less than 1
    • Erratic Time - All Status Effect Durations are reduced by ‘x’ turns.
  • Table below has more details of the deadly chamber effects & how they increase in severity though the Tower Event.

Stage Range Toxic Vapor Fragile Floor Erratic Time
1 - 5 - - -
6 - 10 50 damage per 3 turns - -
11 - 15 " 1x less of each item -
16 - 20 " " Effects 1 turn shorter
21 - 25 75 damage per 3 turns " "
26 - 30 " 2x less of each item "
31 - 35 " " Effects 2 turns shorter
35 - 40 100 damage per 3 turns " "
41 - 50 " " Effects 3 turns shorter

Note: " means as above

:world_map: Infographics & Guides

NOTE!!! All infographics are based on previous NT Events & may change. They will be updated as time permits.
Credit: @cap
Source: 🏯 Cap's Ninja Tower Infographics & Guides

Click for Boss Special Skill Info

Click for graphic on Deadly Chambers & Oni Blessings

Oni Blessings

Deadly Chamber Effects

@Zartanis Infographic:
Source: Building, Crafting, Event, Talent Grid Guides, etc

Click for Zartanis' Infographics (Part 1 & Part 2)

@Brenna85’s Infographics (Polish):

Click for Brenna85's Polish guides/ infographics

:moneybag: Loot & Rewards

Individual Stage Loot

On completing each stage, you are awarded with a Emblem & Ninja Coin reward in addition to the usual stuff. See above graphics for a breakdown of this loot.

Event Placement Loot

Click for Event End Rewards Summary

:rotating_light: Progression Reward – Tower Chest

A “Tower Chest” is awarded every 10 levels completed. It also creates a “Completion” reward of sorts where the 5th and Final Tower Chest will only be available on completing all 50 levels.

Click for Summary of Coin. Emblems & an Example Set of "Tower Chest" Loot

Loot Summary

Each Tower Chest features a mixture of Fixed Loot (Emblems & Coins) and Random Loot (Crafting/ Ascension Materials & Battle Items).

Tower Chest Stage Unlocked Tower Coins Emblems
1 10 10x 10x
2 20 10x 10x
3 30 10x 10x
4 40 10x 20x
5 50 25x 30x
Total - 65x 80x

Guvs Example Loot from December 2020

Tower Chest 1

Tower Chest 2

Tower Chest 3

Tower Chest 4

Tower Chest 5

:spiral_notepad: Guide to Excelling in the Ninja Tower Event

Credit to @madmarv for this writeup; Source

Click for guide by @madmarv

:money_with_wings: Tower Coin

A new coin currancy added to the game. Used exclusively to summon in the Ninja Portal.

Thus far the Ninja Coins can only be gained from the Ninja Event as either progress rewards, stage rewards or final placement rewards. Oh and offers too…

Click for Image & Tool Tip

In Game Tool-Tip:

Used for a free summon at the Ninja Summon. You need 100 coins for one summon.
This Item can be received as a reward from the Ninja Tower

:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Teams & Results for Ninja Tower Level!

Post your teams in a comment down below, and how you did!

  • Which team did use for each Stage?
  • What Battle Items did you use, if any?
  • Which Stages did you defeat?
  • Would you do anything different next time?
  • Anything else interesting to share?

Ninja Heroes

To Discuss the Power or Effectivness of the Ninja Tower Heroes please use this thread:
🏯 Ninja Hero Thoughts & Discussion Thread

Beta Information on the Ninja Heroes: 🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Heroes (Epic & Legendary) [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

:woman_superhero: Ninja Tower Summons & Offers :money_mouth_face:

The below section summarises the Odds & Offers for the two portals associated with the Ninja Tower Event.

Click for Portal Odds & Summon Costs

:game_die: Ninja HERO Portal

Classic Heroes

  • Rare Classic Hero: 71%
  • Epic Classic Hero: 20.8%
  • Legendary Classic Hero: 1.5%

Ninja Heroes

  • Epic Ninja Hero: 5.7%
  • Legendary Ninja Hero: 1.0%

Bonus Draw

  • Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

:money_mouth_face: Summoning Costs

The costs of summoning are listed below
Single Summon:

  • 100x "Tower Coins
  • 300x Gems

10x Summon:

  • 2600 Gems

There is currently no “30x” summon option

:money_with_wings: Avoiding Overspending & Heartache :broken_heart:
Or: How many summons are needed to get a Ninja Hero?
Below Maths is current as of October 2020 portal.
Any Ninja Hero (4 or 5*) 6.70% 50.02% 87.51% 99.90% 100.00% 100.00%
Any 5* Ninja 1.00% 9.56% 26.03% 63.40% 99.34% 100.00%
A Specific 5* Ninja 0.20% 1.98% 5.83% 18.14% 63.25% 95.04%
Any 4* Ninja 5.70% 44.39% 82.81% 99.72% 100.00% 100.00%
Any Specific 4* Ninja 1.90% 17.46% 43.76% 85.31% 99.99% 100.00%
Any Ninja Troop 5.00% 40.13% 78.54% 99.41% 100.00% 100.00%
A Specific Ninja Troop 1.00% 9.56% 26.03% 63.40% 99.34% 100.00%

Please note that NO occurrence is ever actually 100%; the 100% entries in the table below indicate cumulative probabilities sufficiently close to 100% that they are expressed as such for simplicity. All other numbers are rounded to the nearest 0.1%.
This table shows the cumulative probability of different Summon events, based on a total number of Summons (1x, 10x, 30x, 100x, 500x, 1500x, 2500x, 5000x & 10000x). Based on 10,000 gems costing 99.99 USD, I have also added an approximate $ cost too. (Each 30x Summons costs 8,000 gems or ~$79.99 USD).

Ninja Troop Portal

Click for Odds & Summon Costs


  • Rare Classic Troop = 85%
  • Epic Classic Troop = 10%
  • Epic Ninja Troop = 5%

:money_with_wings: Summon Costs

You CAN use your Epic Troop Tokens (ETT’s) in the Ninja Portal. Gem Summon Costs remain the same:

  • 1x = 200 Gems
  • 10x = 1600 gems

:moneybag: Offers

Click for Offers Screenshots

prices in AUD & include tax

:question: Questions?

If you have question that have not been answered above about the Ninja Tower Event Quest, please post them down below.

:link: Related Threads

Historical Ninja Tower Threads:

Beta & Announcements


Just find the whole curse thing ridiculous unless to have endless supply of scrolls of alteration or tornadoes its a cash grab watch the daily ninja offers


Did they forgot the ninja troops?
Did 20 of them without a ninja one.
Will wait a bit with the others. You never know this is a bug :slight_smile:


I used 41 tokens and got 4 ninja troops so they are out there, you were just unlucky.


Single summon with coin and…


4 ETT - 4 3-star troops. At least I got a purple attack troop. My third.

Did a 10x pull on the hero portal and got Micah and Sapphire.

Not impressed with Micah to be honest, he’s solid but I can’t seem to find a place for him in my team. Within a month my yellow stack went from terrible to superstar thanks to costumes for Joon and Vivica, Thor and Uraeus. Already have to switch between Inari, Malosi and Uraeus depending on circumstances - not to mention my poor Guardian Owl on the backseat. Micah lacks damage to replace a damage dealer, and C Vivica with Inari already cover me for supports.

For troops, I had 49 tokens hoarded and after terrible RNG last NT, this time I had great harvest. 38 classic 3 stars, 6 classic 4 stars and 5 ninjas (3 red, 1 green, 1 yellow… already had a purple one so now only miss blue to finish my collection).

Overall, not a bad start of event here. Although I would switch that Micah to Cobalt or Garnet for full content.


No trainers in portal ? Did some pulls and a i got were 3*…
Then looked up the odds. 5 and 1 percent. Horrible :expressionless:


Used up half of my 40 ETTs. No ninja troops but got my 3rd Fire and Ice Mana Troops so not bad, especially since my main raid team is 3 Red

The coins from the previous tower turned into Karil though, so that part was bad :smiley:


used my saved-up coins from the last ninja towers and got…

Also got a Green ninja troop :slight_smile:

very happy with this result. now I’ve probably used up my summoning luck for a few months…


44 ETTs collected since last Ninja Tower. Used all today, got six 4* troops, one of them was yellow Ninja (i didn’t have it yet). Slightly lower than odds results this time, both in 4* troops overall and Ninja troop summon. I’m fine with it as i’m not really focused on new troops yet and already got all of the regular ones in numbers. Good amount of feeders :slight_smile:


My 10-pull yielded me these heroes as expected.


Did a 10-pull here for the first time, got Sapphire, my first Ninja hero.

39 ETTs, but only two 4-star troops (one Blue ninja, one Purple crit troop). Not the best RNG today. Meh…


Is a 10 pull worth it in ninja’s?
Or should I wait for another event, f.e. S3 or S4?

Wait 20 characters!!

1 Like

10 hero pull, Shale was the highlight.
39 troop pull, 5 4*, 1 a ninja, 1 red mana, other crit troops.
Not the worst pulls I’ve ever done so will take it


tim 8
I am shocked :astonished:
I would prefer Cobalt or Garnet, but cant really complain on this one.

Edit: Scratch that, `cause I hit the jackpot for 100 coins in the very next pull :smiley:
tim 9


37 Epic Troop Tokens, no Ninjas. After 33 at last Ninja tower, that’s 70 summons for no Ninja troops

Have as much luck here as I do at Costume portal. Still no 5* costumes


I’d say wait since there are only 10 non S1 heroes here and no 3* ninjas. If you don’t have a deep roster, I’d say Valhalla. There are quite a number of 3* and 4* there who are way better than S1 equivalent level heroes


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