Database of 5* LB heroes

Hello all,

With purple omega finished I thought to share my database of LB heroes. Heroes vary depending how players emblemed them.

I tried to find all maxed emblemed limit broken heroes. Still missing some of them so if you have share image and I will post it along side all.

Doing this for future reference to all who would limit break some hero.

Ninja Tower heroes

Pirate Event heroes

Avalon Event heroes

Guardians of Teloc Event heroes

Fables of Grimm Forrest Event heroes

Villains Event heroes

Wonderland Event heroes

Season 1 heroes

Season 2 heroes

Season 3 heroes

Season 4 heroes

Season 5 heroes

Easter Event heroes

HOTM heroes

Morlovia Event heroes

Sands Event heroes

Starfall Circus Event heroes

Tavern of Legends Hero

Slayers of Fell Shadow Event heroes

Magic Tower heroes

Clash of Knights Event heroes

Costumes for heroes

Christmas Event heroes

Gargoyles Event heroes

W3K Event heroes

Styx Event heroes

Kalevala Event heroes

Bard Event heroes

That’s it, if you have some I miss please share. Best regards, City Empire of Ur


I don’t have any from missing ones but this is great and definetly useful. Thank you for your effort.


Hope we can collect them all in one database. When limit breaking hero I am very much interested in hero card this is way I collected LB cards.

What I know, missing limit broken: Kageburado costume, costumed Ursena, costumed Poseidon, Sargrasso, Red Hood, Morgan Le Fey, G.Chamelion,G.Panther, Salomon Loki, Victor without costume, Boss Wolf, Balbar, Mok-Arr.


I’ll be able to post Kageburado, no costume, by tomorrow.

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Thanks, that would be great.

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I have on line an album how can I send it to you?

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Find me on line ID: cityempireofur

Done! I hope it is helpful


Thanks a lot it helps. :slight_smile:


Amazing list you have compiled here. Nice job


Thanks few more and all off them are in the list.

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Found it, thank you.

Here goes, anyway. Could you also post yours? Embelm parhs might differ.

Here is one I found.

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Found one more.

Not sure I saw Hel in your HOTM

Here’s mine, swords and shield path

Oh, yeah missed here…thanks

Close and merge mods with show me your lb heroes

No most definitely do not merge. This is complete database of almost all lb 5* in the game.


Nope don’t worry I won’t… @Bukefal this is very good stuff… Will there be 3* and 4* separate threads too…

@nicos The other LB topic is different, this is more decicated to 5* hero’s… the other is a free for all with explanation on why they LB those hero’s…