🔱 Ursena – 5* Dark/Purple from Season 2

It takes level 23 mana troops (+13% mana generation) for an average hero (requires 10 tiles to charge) to charge with 9 tiles (or 3x3 matches). With that +4% mana generation it would take mana troops that give +9% mana (level 11 troops), so it is worth IMO to give her the emblems. It is much easier to obtain 250 sorcerer emblems than enough feeder troops for leveling those mana troops from 11 to 23 to “speed her up”.
That +4% mana generation does note have such huge impact when average hero is used on defense, but I guess you use her for attack too, and it is huge difference between 10 and 9 tiles to charge her when attacking.


It’s embarrassing that I don’t know whether costume Vivica can dispel Ursena’s reflection or not. I never go with holy teams when Ursena is on the defense, that’s why I don’t know the answer. Can anyone give me an answer? Thanks in advance.

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yes it can dissipate

She can’t. Ursel reflects every part of the special from holy so she also reflects the dispel from vivi c.

Works so with every other color reflector.
Melendor can’t dispel Theobald, or sonja mitsuko.


Thanks for your info.

I just maxed Ursena, and am slowly embleming her up. I have enough emblems to take her to +19, and intend to take her to +20 because I have literally no other Sorcerers.

Any thoughts on her place in the current meta?

  1. defense - I currently tank with Richard-C +19 (whom I just limit broke). Bera +9 usually flanks him. I tank Richard because I have more emblems on him - I have tons of other Monks so competition is fierce. I don’t think Ursena will replace Bera though… thoughts? the rest of the defense is Francine +7 / Elena +18 / Joon-C +18

  2. offense - when I mono, I go Proteus +19, Seshat +15, Bera +9, and a combination of Sartana-C +9, Domitia (with or without costume) +7, C-Sabina +20, C-Rigard +19 depending on which skills I need more. I imagine Ursena coming in for her Yellow reflect though


Congrats! Hope you can also pull her costume after it will be launched :slight_smile:

For raids I usually think people should experiment as much as possible both on defense and offense. Personally, since you already have Elena who is slow, I think Bera is a better flank.

For offense I think Ursena should replace Domitia since you already have Seshat.

Congrats for your heroes, not too shabby for f2p :slight_smile:

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thank you very much @The_Seeker :slight_smile: yes, I would be really happy to pull her costume… she is very dear to me for being my only HA10 success story so far.

and appreciate your advice very much.

I’ve definitely gotten lucky as an FTP, I recognize I’m luckier than the average :slight_smile: wishing you some good hero luck too!


Does anyone have an image of a LB Ursena? Preferably without costume bonus. Thanks in advance.

Check here

Do you guys use Ursena on offense (we never run purple tanks)? I have to decide between her or 2nd DrMoreau.

My concerns are:

  1. With 23 mana troops, she still requires 9 tiles to shoot before the enemy’s yellow hero shoots;
  2. Teams usually run only 1 yellow hero on def, and i will have to choose those teams which yellow is a damage dealer, not support, for a reflect;
  3. Her 130%/260% damage with average speed is not super impressive. Moreau hits three for 270% and is fast, + blinds.

But with 260% + x1.4 extra damage against yellows + reflect - she should be able to kill any yellow damage dealer, correct?


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I pair Urs with Kilhare and costume Rigard in wars and with 9 tiles the match is usually over.

I think Urs and Dr would make a good combo bc if you equip Urs with your level 23 mana troop she’ll be functionally fast. Most of the time they’ll charge at the same time. Fire Urs first then Dr. If the yellow attacker is in the corner or flank that’s perfect bc you don’t want to blind the yellow hero. You should be able to cripple 4 heroes. After I fire Urs I send all my tiles at the yellow hero to get the benefit of the yellow reflect.

She’s going to hit yellows really hard especially if they have over 50% health. Obviously she’s not as great against yellow healers bc the riposte doesn’t come into play. Also with this combo it’s not going to be quite as good against yellow tanks which is strange to think about bc typically you want to go strong against the tank. Nonetheless I like variety and have only maxed two copies of two 5 star heroes in my time playing. Gravemaker three years ago when he was the best red in the game and Mother North. I don’t think Dr is worthy of two copies.

Yes, she’s still a very good hero and she’s still relevant years after her initial release. GL


If you emblemed her +20, she only need mana troop lvl 11.


I do not have Dr.Moreu, I can not compare with him.
But, I like damage-all purple, specially we have cRigard, cTibs, Panther/Sergei.
cRigard, cTibs only need mana troop lvl 5 or lvl 1 if emblemed.
I think 9 tiles are fast enough for me.

My purple teams:
cRigard/cSabina - Panther - cTibs - Ursena/Killhare - Onyx
If there are no holy damage dealer I swap Killhare.
If there are cKadilen/Krampus/BK/Ludwig/Hanitra/etc, I use cSabina over cRigard, because Onyx is too slow.


Thanks guys! I’ll ascend her then.

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She’s worth it just for the reflect IMO even if you have to find teams with a yellow damage dealer.

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Don’t have her, but since she’ll be available in Soul Exchange, I might trade for her. Or for Killhare. Debate ongoing…

Possibly. Possibly not.

Which path did you choose?

Prioritised attack as am using her on offense


The OP now contains family bonus balance updates in May.