Database of 4* LB heroes

Hello all,

With 5* LB hero database almost finished I thought to share my database of 4* LB heroes. Heroes vary depending how players emblemed them.

I tried to find all maxed emblemed limit broken heroes. Still missing some of them so if you have share image of alliance where you found them and I will post it along side all.

Doing this for future reference to all who would limit break some hero.

Ninja Tower heroes

Pirate Event heroes

Avalon Event heroes

Guardians of Teloc Event heroes

Fables of Grimm Forrest Event heroes

Villains Event heroes


Wonderland Event heroes
Season 1 heroes

Season 2 heroes

Season 3 heroes


Season 4 heroes

Season 5 heroes


Easter Event heroes

Morlovia Event heroes

Sands Event heroes

Skyfall Circus Event heroes

Slayers of Fell Shadow Event heroes

Magic Tower heroes

Clash of Knights Event heroes

Costumes for heroes



Christmas Event heroes

W3K Event heroes

Gargoyles Event heroes

That’s it, if you have some I miss please share. Best regards, City Empire of Ur


I can help you with my Mist:

The last node gives healing, which I don’t want to give it to her.

Also here is my Griffin:

My Sonya costume:

I will check my Tournament opponents for more.

Will you do similar for 3 stars too ?


I did update more of them, still missing bunch but will find them.

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Yes, I see there are lot more now.
I will try look for some missing onesvon Saturday.

My little Buddy!


Huuuh that’s going to be bit more challenging. Challenge accepted! :ninja:t6::ninja:t4::ninja:t3:


But as we are in a 4 star Tournament…
So it is a good opportunity to look for these.

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But wait dear dudes. Again @Bukefal wants to have the chance to take screens on his own for format purpose. So Alliance name and so on is required.

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Yup that will be main source of them.

In order to not share people roosters only post alliance I will find player. Thanks @Remus_von_der_Venus

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This will be so challenging to find but as we found some impossible 5* LB we will find this guys and gals.

I noticed this was for 4* later lol
Only one I have that I don’t see is Fura:

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This is 4* only, 5* database is already done

Hm I see only Buddy is there.

I can help with my lovely Carol:


You’re image of G Falcon isn’t limit broken. Here’s mine if it helps


Here are a few of mine.

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Some others aren’t quite there yet.


The Golden Pig is a must, but why Carol???

Thanks all, I already put does heroes in database. Missing maybe 10-15 more heroes.

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