🦅 Ilmarinen – 5* Fire / Red from Legends of Kalevala

Illmarinen is on my bottom list of reds. Unless they’ll change mana to average, he will became food for Soul Exchange. I see him useful only in Rush Wars, but this game is more than that

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Im already seeing Ilmarinen being used and getting into the top 10 in the Slayers Event. I think some may want to reconsider him


See above discussion: he may be an important niche hero for someone who already has the right roster, but does that help most players—or the small number of players who are even able already to chase a top score?


I think this is a difficult concept for some to understand.

Certain 5 star heroes become useful only for the biggest whales, and also those FTP players with absolutely no other choices. I can understand someone without any red 5 star heroes saying ilmarinen is great. And I can also understand someone gunning for top 100 with a whale budget/resources also saying ilmarinen is good for that.

Pointing out ilmarinen in some rosters of top event scorers tells me those players have the money to buy mystic rings to spend on a niche hero that provides some marginal value over replacement. It doesn’t inspire me to “reconsider his sh** value” for the rest of the game.

On a semi-unrelated note: if he’s great for very fast rush mode is the reason someone is using to argue against a hero sucking, congrats - that’s very convincing


Does anyone here have a maxed limit broken version?? I’d like to see the stats…

From: Database of 5* LB heroes

So it’s not mine and don’t know the emblem path (seems to be full def/hp)


Ilmarinen can hit into the 1030s for full defense.

On attack, 921 attack and 980s for defense.


Thank you! Good to see! Yes I’m thinking of def path…

I have for some time now had a rings/red Trainers/red aethers surplus… That’s why I leveled the guy, plus his def down is huge…

Also thinking about current tourney tank and his mana down skill…

I’m curious, If you’re using Ilmarinen for events, is it better to emblem him for attack path to increase tile damage?

If youre going for challenge events, I’ve seen alot of players go attack route. Mostly for maximum tile damage


I don’t think so. He’s begging for def/health. You also want keep him alive so he can get to his awesome passive skill…

Btw I really like him now. Taking him on some raids with Xnol help (all hail the squid!) plus Lewena and Zenobia it’s super fun!

Might have to break him, but I’m procrastinating…


Yes shure, true, if you only want to use him for events. I think he’s better than that…

So I did it…:joy: Defense path…


i think you missed a defense node. a friend of mine has Ilmarinen at 1035 defense, but you build him the way you want to

Oh, crap, so I did!!! :roll_eyes::angry:I was obviously tired and drunk on the weekend!! Thanks for pointing that out! :rofl::rofl:I doubt I’ll re-emblem but I’ll think about it lol. Wish I could go 5 nodes back… :joy:

You’re absolutely right, and I’m super annoyed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: maybe I’ll reset after all, I just don’t have a fortune in Iron…

no worries man. It’s all good.

I’m happy! It’s that crazy luck of mine…


Wow. Ilmarinen and Saoirse? not bad at all


And marjanna in the middle…lol
Tbh I really wanted Saoirse and when I pulled ilmarinen then marjanna…i had to do the 10…

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That’s a crazy pull!! Congrats! I got my Ilmarinen right at the start from a coin, plus Kullervo from third gem but nothing since then :joy: Congrats again!!

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