Can I get advice on a Defense Team?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve managed to collect a number of 5* heroes and now that I’m getting to the point where I’ve upgraded a handful and getting low on resources, I was wondering if you guys could help me put together a good defensive team, a generic raid team that I can always go to raids with, and maybe tell me who I should upgrade next out of the heroes I have? Any help would be appreciated.


In my honest opinion, I would definitely focus on Vela and Telluria for your next 5 star projects and put them into your number 1 team.
Telluria tank with Vela flank
Good look


Thank you! So you would put the lineup as "Zimkitha, Seshat, Telluria, Vela, Onatel?

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Zim Vala Tully she Leo or Kingston


I am not a lover of doubling up on colour for a defence team so try:
Zimkitha, Onatel, Telluria, Vela, Seshat
And see how it works
You could even bring up Joon to replace Onatel eventually
Good luck


So if I could get Joon maxed put him in for Leo and Kingston?

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Yeah I like to try and keep them rainbow teams. Should I not try to replace Zim with any of my other red heroes then?


Rainbow always best ontel be a waste out there on the wing.
So Joon once completed if you like. Be good to have a sniper there!


So a lot of info coming, so hopefully some of its of use :sweat_smile:

First Off

Your offensive raid team should never be the exact same team every time - you should be building your offensive raid teams based on the specific team you’re facing. For example, if the team you’re about to battle has a lot of buffs, you’ll want a dispeller. If one of those heroes lowers defense, you’ll either want a cleanser, or a hero that raises defense. & If you stack colors, you’ll want to trade out the weak color for a strong color [based on the defensive tank and flanks].

So I can suggest a few good go-to heroes, but not a ‘one-size fits all’ offensive team for those aforementioned reasons alone. Certain heroes work better only under certain conditions, where others can shine in most situations.

Offensive Suggestions (+ Synergies)


Red: Wilbur-Zimkitha-Boldtusk-Scarlett/Red Hood/JF [when maxed]-Wu Kong
Blue: Kiril-Ariel-Grimm-Triton/Vela [when maxed]-Wu Kong
Green: Melendor-Evelyn-Buddy-Kingston-Wu Kong
Yellow: Wilbur-Jackal-Leo-Onatel/Joon [when maxed]-Wu Kong
Purple: Kunchen-Seshat-Gafar-Proteus-Wu Kong

Most Versatile: (ie best go-to’s when unsure)

Red: Zimkitha, Wilbur and Boldtusk
Blue: Ariel, Vela, Kiril, Grimm, Triton and Sonya
Green: Kingston, Evelyn, Telluria, Buddy, Melendor, Caedmon and Lianna
Yellow: Onatel, Jackal, Joon and Vivica
Purple: Seshat, Kunchen, Rigard, Proteus, Gafar and Sabina

Best Synergies:

BT + Wilbur + Offensive heroes
Evelyn + Kingston (+ Lianna)
Jackal + Joon
Ariel + Triton + Proteus
Jean + Vela (+Telluria as tank for defense)

Stacked Suggestions:

Depending on your preferred play-style, you may use rainbow, 3-2, mono, etc for offense. I prefer 3-2 or 3-1-1 personally, but that’s just me. If you do stack, be sure to use support heroes as the off-colors, and rely on synergy, or pure fire-power, for the strong color. Usually, you’d stack colors vs whichever hero seems the most problematic [on defense] ie usually the tank and most fearsome flank.

Evelyn + Kingston & Jackal + Joon will be great combos no matter what color you’re facing, as elemental defense down is powerful. Same goes for attack up, and defense down, so utilize those SS.

Defense Suggestion

Stick to rainbow, as it’s the safest bet, while keeping dispels, cleanses, attack ups and defense downs on the left - as the AL moves from left to right

Based on Current Maxed Heroes:


Eventual Suggestion:


Leveling Suggestions

Red: Lancelot and Colen are worth eventually maxing
Blue: I’d suggest making Vela your next 80 project as soon as you get the scopes; wasn’t a fan of her [at first], but now, I love her. Would also take the time to max Mireweave when you get a chance.
Green: Obviously Telluria should see 80 next, then I’d focus on Lianna after. Wouldn’t really worry too much about your other greens [for now].
Yellow: Both Joon and Vivica should eventually see 80, but to start, I’d max Joon first and wait on Viv seeing as you’ve already got Kunchen and Ariel. Plus, Jackal + Joon is one of the best duos in the game. Also, I’d eventually get Chao maxed for more yellow 4* options in WRC
Purple: Sabina and Tiburtus are the two I’d max out of those; healers are always important, along with dispel, and Tibs having defense down is handy too.


If you are looking for a defense team Now, and with what is ready…then:

Zim. Ariel. Kunchen. Ontel. Kingston


so much to read on this thread :thinking:

test out multiple lineups and see where your trophies level up highest

start by testing: Kingston, zimka, kunchen, onatel, seshat

I suspect that that is your strongest possible lineup


Listen to @RandaPandah. She knows what she is talking about


This is the team I would put together too, and no, keep Zimkitha even though she is a druid like Vela.


I second this @RandaPandah has been around for a little bit :wink:, her posts helped me immensely when I first started.
Also Thank You RP, even though you probably never knew how much you helped me it’s us appreciated. Glad to see you around once again!!


Wow thanks RP! This is super helpful! I need to screenshot this and keep it on my phone haha


I understand the that rainbow is good so attacking opponents can’t stack against the duplicated color but what about Purple tank with 2 yellow flank? or yellow tank with 2 purple flank?

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It can work, but it depends on the tank and flank synergy to work well. Many players will stack strong against a double color even if it’s weak against the tank, hoping for weight of numbers. You need to have a tank that punishes that strategy, and flanks who will charge quickly enough to fire at least once.

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i wander to have yor team

Once again thank you for your help, throwing one more question at you, I just pulled Tarlak and curious how he’d play in?

With Tarlak, I’d for sure level him to at least 70, making him your immediate next green project - even possibly before Telluria, depending on your priorities:

If you prioritize defense more than titans, finish Telluria first. If you prioritize titans more (which I would, personally, seeing as that’s where the mats are) I’d be getting Tarlak up and running. He will eventually replace Wu Kong on nearly every single one of your titan teams (except purple), as it’s so much better working with a tile buffer that doesn’t miss, and he makes a solid offensive support hero in raids and war.

Though, depending on what * titans you’re fighting, I may still max Telluria before Tarlak. Telluria really needs to hit 80 to be of the most use - based on her primary role as a defensive tank/sturdy support hero [with minions and an attack]. Tarlak, however, being 100% support, really only needs to hit 80 to increase his survivability - which is only of import if you’re battling 10*+. Otherwise, he can still be of plenty use at 70. & That way, you can save your mats for someone who might need em more :slightly_smiling_face:

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