Need your advice on Defense Team!

Hi there,

I collected a small range of 5-Stars already. However I am not convinced which would be the most effective composition for Raid Defense Team and War Defense Team.

Here are my Heroes:






I am happy for any suggestion on how to combine them in an effective Defense Team.

Thanks a lot in advance,


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I will go

Marjana Magni Ursena Poseidon Kingston

For defense, that’d be the most likely re roll for me


Any particular war defense setup required in your alliance? E.g. purple tanks?

If it doesn’t matter, I’d go with either of those two setups:

Joon ( c ) - Kingston - Ursena - Magni - Marjana


Joon ( c ) - Ursena - Tellu - Magni - Marjana

It, however, also depends on who has your emblems. :slight_smile:


On reflection, I like the second one @Aquaginera_7DD

Colour combos are slightly better and costumed Joon is probably superior to Poseidon (except for possible emblems as you say). Of course Telluria tanks are all the fashion too!


I’m thinking, judging from all heroes listed, Misandra, J-F, Telluria, Ursena, Poseidon could be pretty good defense team. Personally, I’m not big fan of too many snipers on defense, 2 are just enough IMHO.


We currently don’t have a tank color restriction, however we might consider either purple or green. So both your advices are useful for me, thanks!

For the emblems I gathered enough resets to change the emblems accordingly :slight_smile:

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On the other side Poseidon and Ursena are the same family which gives a +5% Defense buff for both. Not sure if this is worth it?

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Telluria is great at tank and okay at flank.
Ursena is great at tank and very good at flank.

I’d go:
Poseidon - Ursena - Telluria - Isarnia (non-c) - Marj

Fast snipers on wings, powerful AoE on flanks (Isarnia with costume bonus is working great on my Telly’s flank).
Oh, and no emblem conflicts :slight_smile:


Your replies were already super helpful! Thanks so far. I have 3 more questions:

  1. Is it worth to not take Costumed Joon instead of Poseidon because Poseidon and Ursena create a family bonus of +5% Defense?

  2. Noone suggested Kunchen as a Party member. He was a sure choice in the past both as tank as well as support. Why?

  3. Would you choose your Raid Defense team to be the same as your Allywar Defense Team? Or would you change something between those two teams?

Thanks Mahamoti

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Misandra jean telluria ursena costume joon is probly how I’d go


So far I think Ursena and Telluria are safe.

For yellow Poseidon and Joon © are tied. Is the family bonus worth it to go for Poseidon?

In the red Position Marjana is favorable, Jean-Francois (der frische Franzose) is also considered.

Why noone loves Kunchen anymore? :slight_smile:

IMO, not only bonus defense, the mana protector is also worth as I’m always stack yellow use Poseidon, he also is in my raid and war defense.

PS: I do not have Joon.

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