Needing a good 5* defense team

I need some help with my defense team. I was around 2450 cups, and overnight, I went down to 2330.

I just pulled Mother North, Santa and Krampus a few days ago. Tonight I got Vela and read the works well with Telleria.

I’ve been working fast to level up Mother And Santa. But with so many other good ones, I’m not sure what the best choice is for a strong defense team.

I am hoping you guys can help me.

Here are my current teams.

Thank you in advance for the advice and help.

Let me know if I need to post all of my heroes and I can. There are just too many of them now for me to even figure out which is best together and who I should level up first.

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Sorry I won’t be of much help but a “better” defense team is…hard to put down. I mean I’ve seen lots of Telluria tank, GM and Vela flank with w/e purple/yellow sniper you want (some mix in a healer or another supporter on the sniping positions but its up to you. My Raid defense team is all over the place. Much like you its gotten me in the upper 2.4k range and down to less then 2.1k range. Granted I’m trying a different team then I’ve seen and I think if I had them emblemed with maxed out troops I’d be doing a lot better.

I still think Telluria in the middle is great. Maybe add Finely and Seshat as flanks with Vivica and Marjana in sniping position. You could also have Vivica replace Seshat as a flank…just swap their positions. Seshat is great in w/e position you put her in (get your mind out of the gutter >.> o.o <.<).

Hope this helped a bit. Congrats on a lot of your heroes. Several I don’t have…so jealous right now ;P.

Thank you for the help. I’m still learning the positions too. I know the tank is the middle and one that is hard to kill. Then on both sides of that I don’t know what that position is called but I read that is where the healers are to go. Then the corners, again I don’t know what that is called is where the attackers go.

I don’t understand how one knows who should go where except for the healers. But I don’t always want to take up both of those spots with healers.

I thought the new ones I got, Santa, Mother, Krampus, and Vela would be better than any of the other ones that I have. But I Don’t know. Haha

Too much for my old brain to wrap around. Haha.

I’m just brainstorming here, but what if you put Seshat/Krampus/Telluria/Vela/Joon? Green tank with double blue flanks. Have fun stacking reds against that.

People used to flank Telly with the Black Knight, but I notice the Knight is in tank position more now. Maybe it’s because Telluria is, um… Nerfed to mortality, and Black Knight owners find the Knight is the better tank now? Right now, Black Knight and Krampus look about the same to me until I get a better picture in the future.

That might be a good idea too. Joon always dies on me quickly, like the first one. Maybe I’m not putting him in the right spot? I’ve had him in the center and then the corner. I thought it was better to have two of the same color, so they link and give more power?

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Same color on defense is mostly a liability. They do not get any of the advantages that color stacking provides on offense.

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Looking at your current hero strength - For defence I would be tempted to take the emblems of Seshat and load them onto Finley to use in left wing. Then put Joon in right wing.
Telluria as Tank and for flanks Marjana and Freya
Good luck

So Santa and Mother North are not good in defense? I have Vela too that I read was good to pair with Telluria .

I got crashed by BK as a tank wit AOE hitters now 4 out of 5 times. The most brutal one was against Finley, Frigg, BK, Vela, Killhare. After BK, Frigg and Vela it was over and the board was not even bad. I think with Krampus it would work similar. The thing is to not only level heroes because of the def. The def keeps you maybe in diamond but it’s funnier to raid into diamond with wins believe me. So I would make the choices based on offense not defense. Krampus is obvious because he’s great in both. Lady Loki and Francine are both great on offense. But it’s up to you. I prefer having fun raiding. :smiley_cat:

In my honest opinion for blue - Finley is far superior to Vela.
Santa is an ok Tank in the mid range
And yes Mother North is good for defence … you have so many choices for a rainbow defence team

no! seshat is a plus hero… don’t dare

mother north should be on the side. wing

Agree Seshat is a plus hero. But Finley is a plus plus lol

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So if I understand what everyone is saying, I put Santa as the tank, mother north and Finley in the corners and Seshat and Telluria on either side of Santa? Correct. It’s just so hard to decide and know what is best. I can level up Krampus pretty quickly if he would be a better fit.

Boy are you spoiled! Lol!

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