Can I get advice on a Defense Team?

Nice posts randa , they are very informative ! .
Regarding the core JF-Telluria-Vela
Do you think you can still run that without Telluria ?
I mean Sniper JF a tank Vela Sniper …

I have pulled Jean francois and Vela but not Telluria , yesterday i discussed about JF with an user who explained me that SG was not going to Buff JF because hes good enough at his current state.

Id like to max him to try the Hero but im afraid of making a mistake .

So , after looking for information i have seen people in ladder running JF even at wing position . Do you believe JF potential depends exclusively of that core empowering ? Does he need exclusively a Green tank to work with vela ?

Thanks in advance !



JF can work as flank paired with any solid tank as long as there’s another DOT hero involved, or else he’s just way too easy to work-around [on defense] -considering he does no initial damage. So as long you pair him with Vela + a [different] solid tank, that should [still] work - especially if the tank is another AoE/ailment/effect producer.

Telluria especially works great as tank, with JF and Vela flanking, mostly due to the RBG colors and them all putting something on every opponent (two different DOTs + mana gen debuff + two AoE attacks). Though, it’s mostly on Vela - shining when paired with Telluria - as she punishes severely any red stacks made against Telly upon firing. JF just gets thrown in there too as he’s got a fast AoE DOT that stacks well with Vela’s - and stacked DOTs are very powerful (especially at same/similar speeds, covering same/similar amount of opponents). The only other green tank that you could pair with these two - that stands any chance of surviving in the tank position [like Telly] - would be Yunan, but he’s even more rare than Telly [to obtain].

So anyway, if you’ve got someone else who can tank for you, JF + Vela flanks should do just fine. I mean, it won’t be as amazing as it would be tanking with Telluria, but it should still be plenty punishing enough [assuming it’s a good tank]. & JF can also man the wings with Vela at flank, but it puts your stacked DOTs at a slight disadvantage, as the likelihood of them firing around the same time goes down. Not the end of the world though, as it means that they both could still fire during battle (ie still puts pressure on the opponent), albeit less so than if both were flanked [firing in tandem].

But aside from that combo, I wouldn’t consider JF an all-star like I would Telluria or Vela. I mean, depending on who you have, he can be pretty good - but I’d have to know all of your other options, your current maxed heroes and how often you do pulls/the likelihood of you pulling anyone new before suggesting whether or not spending 4* mats [on JF] would be the wisest decision. He is no GM, that’s for sure, but he does still have a place


Thanks for your reply ! It was so clear and explicative.
If It help you to figure out my roster i have Vela maxed , im doing Joon right now and then i have a bunch of epic classic 4* maxed besides Scarlett kalile and the riposte ones with the addition of proteus outside TC 20 . (I have costumes for boldtusk , melendor (my best green right now) , Rigard , tiburtus and li xiu

5* i have waiting are JF , Grazul, Grimble , Justice, Richard and Aeron .


If im not chasing a hero i usually do around 20 pulls a month.

Im working on Joon now that i got the mats to finally max him .

My idea would be something like that

Tiburtus - JF (?) - A tank (Costume Melendor ?)- Vela - Joon

Hi Randa,

Last time you gave me the best advice on my heroes and which ones to focus on and how to use everyone properly. With the Telluria update and the new heroes I have, I was wondering if you could help me again with crafting a good defense team and who I should level next for each color!

Please let me know if you have time to look at these!

Thank you!

Heros 3

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Next Leveling Project


Tyr - he’ll be your first 5* fire sniper, and with all of his buffs, he’ll do swimmingly


Fenrir or Misandra… hmm

I’m swinging Misandra, as she gains mana for all of your heroes instead of just one. That, and pure damage is 9/10 more valuable than a finisher. Although, Fenrir is much better suited for fighting minion heroes, so if you find you need that tool for that specific niche in raid/war attacks often, then I think that’d be enough to swing the pendulum in his direction [more]. (Your call)


Tarlak - he’ll be great to bring in vs all titans, but unlike Wu, he’ll also be awesome to use on raid/war attacks. No downside to his SS, and he adds a little supportive qualities with his HOT too. So imo, I think he wins out (although, recently buffed Atomos is pretty great too, but you’ve already got plenty firepower in green as it is, that idk if he’ll add anything more at this time). & Zocc, if you already have Hansel or Peters, isn’t good enough to justify the extra mats to max.


Inari - as her tile damage is crazy high [for yellow] that she’ll be a rockstar vs all purple titans. That, and dodge is pretty awesome and fun (especially when paired with blind and/or taunt).


Zulag or Sartana, another hmmm

I think Sartana is the safe choice, as even though you already have Seshat, fast snipers are always useful. That, and Zulag was designed more for the tank position, but her being 100% passive, I’m not confident she’ll excel at it more than Telluria - even after these most recent changes (as Telly is still a phenomenal tank). Mana slow on all + buffs and minions to all > dispellable buffs to 3

So unless you need more supportive heroes, or really wanna test Zulag on defense, I’d say Sartana personally. Don’t think defense is near important enough to max a hero solely for that specifically, especially when you have other options available anyway, but that’s just me.

Defense Team Suggestions

Honestly, I don’t think the nerfs to Telly/Vela were enough to remove them from lineups; they’re still pretty amazing [together], so I’d keep em where they’re at [for now] and only switch if you see a drastic loss of cups (and even then, I’d prob only switch out Vela; keep Telluria as tank for as long as possible as she still looks to be your best option anyway)

& Tbh, I think your current defense setup is the best you can swing


Could swap Zim for JF, or Seshat for Clarissa, for more DOT [eventually], but idk if that’s all that necessary. (+ They’re further behind on emblems too, and at the end of the day, they’re also less versatile heroes than your originals, so no benefits to bringing em further than the others either)

Tyr might be another option to switch with Zim, but idk, I think AoE’s are a helluva lot more destructive for D than snipers, especially at fast mana in the flank position. So even if it came down to it, think Zim would be better suited.

So yeah, in short, idk if I’d change anything there honestly; looks good to me. Obviously you might lose a little more cups after this most recent nerf just cuz, but still think this defense is enough to hold yourself in diamond, no sweat.

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Thank you RandaPandah! You’re advice is the best and I appreciate all the help!!

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Hi RandaPandah!

I’ve finally received 2 blades to ascend 2 of my 5* heroes but still questioning a few choices.

Here are my new 5* that are ready to be ascended but can only choose 2.

Blue: Cobalt, Fenrir, Misandra, Richard, Isarnia. (I’m leaning towards Cobalt)
Purple: Zulag, Sartana, Quintus. (Leaning towards Sartana/Quintus)
Yellow: Inari, Justice. (Torn between these two)
Green: Tarlak, Kadilen Costume, Atomos, Zocc, Elkanen, Horghall. (Do you think Tarlak still?)
Red: I only have 2 rings so can’t upgrade any of them but I just pulled Gefjon so I’ll upgrade her before Azlar, Elena or Khagan.

Please let me know your thoughts on which 2 I should use my mats on!

Thank you once again for the advice!

I also have Krampus now, should he be maxed before Cobalt?

Which blues you maxed from previous iteration?

My maxed blues are: Vela, Magni, Ariel, and Thorne. I have Cobalt, Fenrir, Misandra, Richard, Isarnia and Krampus ready or being leveled to be ready to ascend next. Do I do Cobalt or Krampus you think?

I think Krampus will suit you better than another hitter,if you have troops. If not - Cobalt is better.

Hey :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry I’m late; spent the past week sick so hadn’t checked my messages

Anyway, OT:


I’d be choosing between Krampus and Cobalt. Fenrir and Misandra are both great heroes worthy of maxing too, as I think I had mentioned previously, but I’d definitely prioritize the aforementioned first. As for which one?

Krampus for supportive qualities; he’ll be great offensively and defensively with that taunt and attack buff. Makes him a great choice vs red titans as well

Cobalt seems to be a powerhouse offensive ninja. I’m not as familiar with them, as I only tested them a bit in beta, but he’s seems to be a pretty popular choice for a lot of people - being a sniper, cone and AoE hitter all in one (with that nice pierce ability attached)

So this decisions gonna be tough. Based on your roster, I’d probably go Krampus for something totally different, as I don’t see taunt in your repertoire, but ultimately you should go with your gut on this. Taunt is a phenomenal skill, but some prefer offensive capabilities over all else, and Cobalt perfectly aligns with that sorta play. So really depends on the sorta player you are.


Sartana, for sure. Even though you’ve got Seshat, fast snipers are always useful. Quintus would really only shine in VF setups, or in a strong mono stack (paired with Kunchen). & Zulag… nah.


I’d do Inari, as even though she’s the slowest dodger of the bunch, dodge is a whole lotta fun (especially if you can pair her with someone like Krampus for taunt, and Justice for blind). Plus, her attack stat is crazy high, so she’ll be a top choice vs all purple titans. & Those minions are adorable :slightly_smiling_face:


Dang, but with C. Kadilen, Inari definitely falls beneath the wayside, and vise versa if you choose Inari to max [of your two holy choices]. Inari’s slower and brings less to the table, but her minions gain mana, and there’s still her attack stat. So really, there is some benefit to maxing both [eventually], but see less incentive to do so right away (but down the road, sure…). C. Kadilen would be my top choice (of the two) for dodging specifically - overall a better supportive hero - where Inari will be better suited offensively (aka titans) for the tile damage. Since holy seems to be more limited [for you], the choice might be made for you [in a way]. Tbh tho, nothing wrong with either.

But really, seeing as how you don’t have Miki, I’d probably go Tarlak anyway. Be a better replacement for titans (than Wu) with extra survivability (from going to 80) + he makes a pretty solid support hero for offensive purposes including challenge events. So yeah, leaning more his way [on this]. & That way, you can put off the decision on who to max for dodge a little longer :sweat_smile:


Yeah definitely Gefjon :heart_eyes: So jelly

In Short

Since you can only upgrade two of these four options available, and assuming you either can’t, or don’t want to, level two heroes in the same element, I’d make ice and nature your next max decisions - given you’ve got several decent choices there.

& These heroes will make the most impact on your game-play now, as a 2nd dark sniper isn’t vital, red you can’t bother with yet, and holy isn’t a confident choice enough to be chosen over the rest.

Hope this helps, and I’m not too late; lemme know what you eventually end up deciding and/or if you have anymore questions too :slightly_smiling_face:


God you give the best breakdowns and advice!! Thank you!

Hopefully I get some more blades or scopes soon so I can do both Krampus and Cobalt because they both seem fun but I thinking i’m going to level up Krampus and ascend him first. And I’ll probably go with Tarlak as well so he can last longer against our titans leaving me to upgrade Inari as well. Just wish mats would come easier and quicker so I wouldn’t have this problem haha


Hi RandaPandah! Me again. Could you help me decide who to ascend next again? :slight_smile:

Purple: Chakkoszrot, Zulag or Quintus or wait for someone better
Blue: Fenrir, Misandra, Richard, or Isarnia or wait for someone better
Green: Zocc, Atomos, Horghall and C Horghall, The Hatter or wait for someone better
Red: Azlar or Khagan or wait for someone better
Yellow: Justice or wait for someone better

Maxed Heroes:
Purple: Seshat, Malicna, Domitia, Kunchen, Clarissa, Sartana
Blue: Krampus, Frosth, Vela, Cobalt, Ariel, Thorne, Magni
Green: Telluria, Tarlak, Kingston, Lianna, Evelyn, Kadilen and c Kadilen
Red: Zimkitha, Gefjon, Tyr, Elena, Jean-Francois, Zenobia, Red Hood
Yellow: Joon, c Joon, Devana, Uraeus, Onatel, Inari, Leonidas, Vivica

Any help and information would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: You always give great advice I use religiously!

Thank you!


Zocc, by all means. Soooo versatile.

Red, I’d hang onto the rings and see whether you get October HOTM Russell, and wait a little more after that to see how useful others are finding him. If you’ve got more than one set and enough blades and tomes not to care, then fill your boots - if either of them has their costume prioritise that one, otherwise I’d go Khagan before Azlar but there are bound to be other opinions.

Let’s take a look, been a minute :smirk:



I can confidently tell you, not Zulag. Aside from her niche use defensively in specific formations, she won’t add much to your roster whatsoever. Less defense is your #1 priority right now, but even then, I wouldn’t recommend it.


The other two have their own benefits for VF (both offensively and defensively). Both Quintus, and Chakko, would pair nicely with your Kunchen; I’d go Quintus more especially with costume, Chakko without. Quintus will hit harder, while Chakko will provide a whole lot more utility; especially if you don’t have C. Sabina, I could see another point going toward Chakko for the immunity to buff skill.

Dependent On…

With how many heroes you now have maxed per color, you can afford to max for more niche settings, like VF, if you’d like - in order to help round out your roster. So depending on your own performance in this area would help determine whether either of these two are worth the mats in the first place. If you don’t spend much, and therefore it’s a good chance these two will be your only options for awhile, you may as well. Especially once you reach 12 tabards (or close)

Although, if you’re happy with your current standings in VF, as well as plan to make pulls in the future and/or barely have 6 tabards, could hold off for awhile and see. Neither of these heroes are stand-outs that demand a rush [on this decision].



Richard and Fenrir are out (imo); Richard, even with costume, is essentially a slower and less covering Vela. & Magni or Cobalt can cover most of what Fenrir does, but better (also not a fan of conditional damage tbh, but that’s me).


So that leaves Isarnia or Misandra. Imo, both of these heroes are worth maxing, but for entirely different reasons.


As I don’t see a defense down hero in your ice maxed 5* heroes has me leaning toward Isarnia; despite being S1, she still has one of the most powerful defense downs in the game. Making her an all-star vs red (and potentially all) titans, as well as a super-star for rush. 6 turns down is brutal. & Leaves room for her to improve too, if ya ever pull her costume (but even without, the defense down will always give her utility)


Then, Misandra, who can be a literal mana pot at fast mana. Maybe less important with heroes like Frosth - for mono - and Ariel - for mana gen - to do something similar, but gaining mana is still gaining mana. She doesn’t always come through, but when she does, it can be game-changing.

However, since Misandra’s role is, and can be, covered [by your existing ice heroes] moreso than Isarnia, I’m leaning toward Isa personally.


Hmmm… this one is tough. I can see a use case for all.

C. Horghall

C. Horghall, again, for VF. Aside from that setting, he probably won’t see much use though, so he’s prob my least favorite.

The Hatter

The Hatter is enticing for the fun alone. Doesn’t pair well with Evelyn, but if you have Almur (and a level 23 mana troop), he can sub in for dispel in a much better way. & For VF?! There’s no better dispeller. + His hit is quite potent. Imo, this one’s the fun one.


Zocc’s mana control is invaluable, just as all mana control is. Some love him to death, and swear by him. Personally, I had a really bad experience with him (fired him at MN, and rather than blocking mana, she gained mana and fired, reviving everyone and I lost :sweat_smile:) and since then, I’ve been less enthused lol. Buuut, if you lack a strong 5* mana controller, he is still very worthwhile despite that small draw-back. & Honestly, you can never have enough mana control, even if you already have Hansel, Peters and/or Tettukh in nature. His 5* stats will help him survive a whole lot longer, anywho.


& Then, Atomos. Now this hero could sub in as a pretty great tank, as well as having his own use cases offensively. AoE is a lil harder to control, being conditional on mana, but still powerful… with your C. Kad also hitting all, could be a strong pairing. The utility is lacking though, so more for straight offensive bite.


I’d probably choose between Zocc and Hatter personally. Despite Atomos’ AoE and revive being enticing, it’s supportive qualities severely lack, and it’s also hard to benefit and/or time correctly. Also, defense (imo) is the least attractive part of the game. However, that’s me… for some tho, he might actually be the right choice [of this group] if damage is above all.


Again, this is gonna depend on how many pulls you do nowadays, and how many mats you have + your standings in VF.

Without costume, it’s difficult to suggest maxing either of these heroes really. I mean, if you have double mats, you may as well for VF alone. But otherwise, what’s the rush? Less the following sounds like something you could use:


Khagan is a great hit 3 hero for completing basically all event-style mechanics. Challenge events, NT, MT, etc, especially as he pairs really well with Wilbur and Falcon/C. Marjana. So if that’s a focus for you, and you do try to place, I’d go Khagan


Azlar has the tile damage, that could up your green titan scores significantly, as well as improve stack damage. He’d also be a solid map player being AoE. However, you do already have Elena for most of this, so unless you think you still have room to improve, I’d be more inclined to suggest Khagan personally

(That, or wait entirely)


So many heroes that excel in VF as options, wow! :sweat_smile:

Soooo, same rules apply as both Fire and Dark (ie, max if ya think they could help ya improve, or wait til there’s no longer risk of regret)


Personally, I think Justice is already a super-star for VF. Her blind is insane, and covers all, which can be a life-saver all on its own - especially as she’s difficult to kill. + She pairs very well with Inari in these settings, too. You may find little use for her outside of VF (maybe map stages), but not really having blind at your disposal (Joon doesn’t really count lol), I could see value in maxing her regardless.

Phew, a lot of words :sweat_smile:

Lemme know if you have any questions!

(Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:)

Wow thank you for all that information! So helpful and I don’t even think of half the information you provide!

I do have one question though…what does VF mean? :sweat_smile:

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Very Fast (as in war/tournament rules). All heroes are the same speed, so if you have very powerful heroes that you don’t often dare to use because they’d be dead before they fired, this is where they come into their own.


Oh god duh…haha thank you!