How to build a defense team?

Hi everyone!

This is just a topic to debate about what is for you the best way to build a good defense team. What is for you the good synergy to look for? How many snipers? How many supports and what kind of support? How many aoe? Which are for you the best heroes in tank, flank or wing position, and why? How important is the mana speed related to the position? Double colours or rainbow defense? Maybe one coloured defense? There’s no good answer to these questions, but i think it’s interesting to see the way each one imagine what a good defense is, as i see many different types of defenses in my raids. Have fun!

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unless you have every hero in the game, you make do with what you got.

for your center unit, going against the meta grain works out well, I find. right now almost everybody has a green or purple tank, which implies, almost everybody has a great red or yellow attack lineup.

Also helps for your center unit to punish bad boards, for example, Isarnia will def down and overwhelmingly damage any raiding offense that can’t knock her out at the onset. Raphael will simply heal and let the raiding team continue its onslaught.

Fast and very fast heroes are better for your wings, a slow hero on the wing will often do nothing in a raid on defense.

Flanks are for rock paper scissors. If your center is blue, expect attackers to stack green, green is weak against red, so a red flank to a blue center makes life a little more difficult for green stack raiders.

Troops are more important than specific heroes. A level 30 4* troop Horghall can outperform a level 1 2* troop Heimdall. Troops are the greatest equalizer in the game.

Always remember, every team loses as much as it wins, thats the game for you.

If you dont want to be cookie cutter and boring, avoid using telluria.


Hi Corey!

Personnaly, i am now looking for an offensive defense. Before I couldn’t imagine a defense without a healer, but now i want a fast and hurting defense! And you participated in that (with others) by answering one of my previous topics about defense! I will keep using telluria a little while, as it’s from far my best tank, and only already emblemed one, and also i have a lack of mats for green heroes as i just maxed Kingston, but i want to try something different as soon as possible. Was planning c.kad but i just had francine, and i really want to try her: fast, hits quite strong several opponents and good support with a dispel on every tour. My vision of a defense today is hit, buff, nerf and dispel as fast and strong as possible. Have a preference for rainbow defense, but i’d like to test a trio francine tank with c.magni and frida on flanks. I think the central lineup red green blue is principally available for the gtv defense, as their synergy is perfect for that. Without them (my case, no gm, no vela), i prefer something like red, blue, green and then yellow and purple, any order. Francine could also be good with too reds by her side, as she hits blue harder. Could be a good flank for a red tank too. I like having 3 multiple aims hitters and 2 snipers.
Also, i agree with you on the fact that troops are the most important thing. Just regret to have understood that too late, and wasted ressources not evoluating them until now. I’m blocked with level 11 mana troops for a while, but i’m trying to improve that…

Wars not withstanding, I keep my raid def team intentionally worse than what it could be to get attacked a bunch and lose about 50% of the time for quick chest filling off revenges without blowing through a ton of food. I found my sweet spot to be around 2400 to 2500 cups, with 4x 4*'s and 1x 5*.

The best team I have used for as few of losses was centered around Wilbur and aoes. If the def down wasn’t cleansed, the fight was over as soon as 2 aoes fired. That was awhile ago though and currently using fast snipers much more these days. Regardless of your heros, you want a team that works together very well.

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IncredibleHulk for me one of the targets building defense team was avoiding same class heroes to not divide the emblems. Element of heroes was secondary thing but i have a rainbow team. Many top players use double blue (Vela, Finley) but they are standing far away (mostly position 1 and 4). Making a sandwich from two reds with green inside is not a good idea imho. Teams like that are easy to take down only with tiles. On wars first what i look for on the field are teams like that.
I prefer healer in defence, if it’s also cleanser in one thats even better (Ariel, Kunchen). Two snipers on wings are also not so bad idea. Something has to strike right? Defence can’t have only buffers and debuffers. On one account i have Kunchen, GV, Tell, Onatel and Alicia and on second Ariel, Clarissa, Sif, Mitsu and Kingston. Both teams keep me on level above 2.5k trophys, sometimes they earn some and jump over 2.6k

I forgot to talk about that point emcecha, you’re completely right about emblems! I’m trying 1 hero per class too, and that’s my biggest problem at the moment to build my defense, too many heroes competing the same emblems: telluria, clarissa, frida are paladins, sif, marjana and francine are rogues, jf, sartana and my kiril are magicians, tyr, magni, poseidon and Kingston are fighters… to have a full fast mana team (except telluria), i would have 4 snipers beside telluria. I plan levelling mitsuko to solve the magician problem (out from kiril for sartana, and no jf), but i still hope to get ursena. I love that hero and want her as a flank in my rainbow defense! Emblems pushed me to imaginate the defense with c.magni, francine and frida. Drake and sartana on wings. And just like you, i’m not fan of what we can see more and more often: green tank with 2 red flanks. I think the purpose is to attract blue attack against a good green tank, but no problem for a red attack, which is the most logical against a green tank…

And, by the way, I still have a doubt about my blue hero: ariel or c.magni. with telluria tank, that makes 2 healers, and i don’t want more than 1. With francine, that makes 2 dispels. Not such a problem, as i like the mana buff, but i like c.magni defense debuffing also. Plus 1 less hitter in both cases… another thing: i want a green tank as my team plays green tank. When i have more mats, maybe i will try another colour in raids

Oldman: i understand the your point about a weaker defense than what you could have, but it’s stronger than me: i want to win! I like when i see someone trying 3 times my defense and losing 2 or 3 times. Doesn’t happen enough, unfortunately! And i have stopped chosing weak defenses to attack, because i want to test my mono teams in attack. I just avoid teams i’m sure i won’t beat, kind of 4700 with fully emblemed heroes. Max 4500 for me. My troops are too weak and not enough emblems. My attacking teams stand at 3900/4000 for the best ones, so a 4500 defense is hard enough for a good test! ( i stand between 2400 and 2600 trophies)

It depend on what we got, and avoid emblem conflict, that is base factor.
Here is some of resource of position defense guide by @D_DI :


Very good, and i’m glad to see that i have quite the same feeling about the heroes. I completely agree the 5 points in introduction. One thing: i’m french and some heroes don’t have the same name in french and in english… who is rumplestiltskin!!!

:information_source: Rumpelstiltskin – 5* Ice/Blue from Fables of Grimforest

I just found it, i’m really too lazy… . In french, he’s called Tracassin

Once again, very usefull table. Should be featured in the toolbox!

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This is my current defense, it isn’t amazing or anything, more of a poor man’s D. No healers though! I wanted to build around the king (C Azlar) who has his paladin def buff, so I flanked him with Magni for a second def buff and Kadilen for a third def buff. Threw in Drake for blind on the left wing. I have not done the math but when fully buffed, the king must have insanely high defense.

My thought is that raid my team puts you on a timer and once your time is up, you get wiped out. I suspect red stacks are more effective than blue stacks against my team, especially if you have Grazul to avoid Azlar’s dot. But that just makes it take that much longer to get through the king…

As for healers on defense, healers that debuff like Kunchen or Telluria are a value add on defense for sure. I think Telluria specifically has been nerfed so much that she is actually a terrible tank these days, but that’s another discussion.

Imo Telluria’s heal has been nerfed so far she can no longer be called a primary healer. The minions and mana slow are her primary purpose with a heal bonus. Running Ariel as your healer with Telluria makes sense and enables inclusion of bigger damage dealers in defense as she speeds up slower heroes.

For fun, i have tried to build the best defense possible, according to the d-di’s table for position, not regarding the colours or the evolution of my heroes, but only the classes, for a rainbow defense. Wanted to chose only heroes at “best” or “yes” positions, and finally they are all at “best”. I had no choice for the left wing: best or yes, i had only c.magni. Here is the result:
C.Magni, Grazul, Telluria, Drake, Sartana.
The left side (wing and flank) finally decided the heroes i could use, as i don’t have many choices in those positions. Will think about it, but i don’t like the colours order, with red and yellow flanks for a green tank…

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I completely agree lily. And i’m not using telluria for the heal, but, as you said, for the mana debuff and minions (i consider them as attack and defense buff). But as i said, i don’t intend to include a healer in my defense, and telluria’s heal is a bonus. What makes me perfering c.magni is the defense debuff. And with a fast mana defense (except telluria, but 1 average hero is acceptable with those defense and hp stats), i don’t really need ariel’s mana buff

Grazul shines on left flank, you could potentially move C-Magni to right and swap with Drake…if you want colour synergies in tank/ flank positions. But that looks good to me

In fact, even before telluria’s nerf, i didn’t consider her as a healer, and at this moment, and until i have that damned last scope i need to max c.magni (or any blue i have actually, but i think it will be him), i still have c.kiril in my defense (or kiril with only the costume buff, it dépends of my mood!). I have to make my mind quickly, as i will get the scope in a few days with the pov…

I think that you have put together a very weak defense. it does nothing to punish people for stacking reds against you. and you have 2 heroes doing pretty much no damage…

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