Help picking heroes for my raid defense team

Hi all.
I am looking for help building my best raid defense team. I just list my heroes. What would be the best raid defense team?
Thanks for your help.

  • Green: Lianne, Zeline, The Hatter, Telluria, Kingston, Evelyn, Lady of the Lake, Guardian Chameleon, Margaret, Elkanen, Kadilen, Horghall
  • Red: GM, Natalya, Marjana, Anzogh, Azlar, JF, Khagan, Elena
  • Yellow: Poseidon, C Vivica, Inari, Joon, Onatel, Neith, Ranvir, Justice, Leonidas
  • Blue: Miki, Ariel, Aegir, Magni, Frida, Master Lepus, Thorne, Richard
  • Purple: Myztero, Ursena, Khiona, Kunchen, Domitia, Freya, Sartana, Hel, Thoth-Amun, Quintus

Are these all maxed?

If not, which are already maxed?
And do you have materials to max them out?

How deep is your maxed 5* roster?
(Generally it’s ill advised to pick purely for defence until benches are deep - at very least the picks have to be appropriate for attacking scenarios too!)

Lianna, Zeline, Hatter, Telluria, Kingston, Evelyn, GM, Natalya, Marjana, Anzogh, Azlar, Poseido, C Vivica, Inari, Joon, Oathel, Miki, Aegir, Magni, Frida, Master Lepus, Ursena, Khiona, Kunchen, Domitia are all maxed.

Freya and Myztero are close to 3*70. I have mats to max at least one for each color.

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Okay so let’s build a defence from what’s maxed first.

Start with tank options… Long story short, it has to be between Telluria and Ursena.

Without Vela to punish reds (she may not be as OP as she was, but she still helps the percentages significantly), I’d lean towards Ursena… This has the district advantage of being able to flank with the superb Zeline.

I’d put Gravemaker on the other flank - normally your want the strong colour there (holy, here) but Ursena punishes holy already so you don’t want to put people off bringing them.

This leaves blue and yellow to make rainbow… Does this work?
Ideally fast mana and hard hitting.
Lepus and Poseidon would fit nicely - Lepus hits like a truck, Poseidon gives you family bonus on Ursena.

Lepus - Zeline - Ursena - GM - Poseidon

Rainbow, no emblem conflicts.


Hero’s to develop… Ariel ASAP regardless of whether she goes on defence.

Thanks. I forgot Ariel in the list of the maxed heroes. She is great.

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