First post - leveling advise needed

Hi everyone,
I’ve been lurking the forum for sometime and appreciate any usefulf data and advice people share here.

As many others do, I’d love to get some advice about prioritizing my heros leveling.
I am generally F2P, although I did get the holidays VIP pass deal which was pretty good as it really helped me bulding up towards TC 20 (not there yet, working on SH 19 now).

I currently have 2 compasses only (+3 gloves) so prioritizing my ascensions seems important.
I have 4 Damascus Blades, so that’s not my weak point for 5* final ascension, but only have 1 Tome of Tactics.

Here’s where I am at (4*+5* heroes only).

Kashherk maxed 4.7
Mother North 2.22
Evelyn 2.60
Caedmon 1.1
6 Strudy Shields which limit green work.
3 Mysterious Tonics

Zimkitha 3.70
Azlar 1.31
Gormek 3.60
I only have 1 Hidden Blade and 3 Mystic Rings so for now can’t really do anything other than slowly leveling Azlar to 2.60

Triton 3.60
I have 7 Warm Capes so theoretically he is ready to ascend.
Nothing else here, so working on some more 3* for war and blue stacking.

Cyprian maxed 4.70
Nothing else here, so working on Balthazar for war and purple stacking.

Hu Tao 3.60
Li Xiu 3.51
I have 12 Orbs of Magic so mats are not an issue here and I can theoretically ascend either of these.

My first priority is Mother North. I am working on her now and I am pretty sure she is the first to get a compass. She is great and I don’t have any all-team healers. I guess once I get the missing tonics she will be my first maxed 5*.

Not sure who to ascend along with her. Triton? Li Xiu? save until I have the mats for Evelyn or Gormek? Maybe even Caedmon?

My Defence team is currently:
Zimkitha - Triton - Kash - Cyprian - Evelyn.
Since I don’t have any full-team healers, I use Zimkitha and Evelyn on the wings as they can heal themselves. Also, with Triton’s heal boost and Evelyn’s green heal, Kash is a very strong tank.
Having said that, any advice here is also welcome.


You’ve got some really great heroes. What’s most important to you: Titan hitting, raid attack, raid defence or event performance? Can you already complete all quests, including the rare ones? Can you farm all levels, including season 2 on hard mode? (If not, do you care?) How important to you are wars?


@Brobb has some important questions. Different heroes are better for different purposes.

As essentially F2P, you will want to make the most of what you have. Of your current heroes, the following are definitely worth the materials for final ascension:

Mom, Evie, Caed, Zim-kitty, Triton, Gormy

These guys are probably worth it, but you may get better options:

Azlar, Li Xiu

Hu is fine at 3/60. I wouldn’t give him orbs unless you are drowning in them, and maybe not even then.


Judging by your mentioned roster and mats, I would max asap Caedmon and Triton… They could help you advance. 5* ascension mats come slow, so you will probably get the shields and capes back before you get 6 tonics or tabards.

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Thanks @Brobb and @NPNKY.

In order to keep the game interesting, the most importatnt thing to me is not to hit a brick wall and get bored and fraustrated.
I want to get further in the story (S2 hard too), kill stronger titans and move to the next raid tier, but don’t have to rush there. Therefore, I think that Ascension Materials are probably the most importatnt thing to find since they hold you back and as a F2P I understand that the best way to keep these coming is Titans and Chests.
So first of all I try to fill up chests and maximize my chances there.

Story and quests:
I just finished Season 1 yesterday.
I am now working on the last round of provinces opened for S2, normal mode (S2 14-8).
I have not played the hard mode yet.
I am now doing all the quests, rare ones too.
Note that since I prioritize filling chests first (Hello 8-7 with your monsters and recruits) I don’t have the energy to make quick progress in the story line and I am doing this just whenever I can.

Raid Defence:
I feel pretty decent here for now.

Raid Offence:
This is something I’m looking for improvement in.

I have a couple of problems here.
One being that I am not versatile enough, which makes it hard to color stack.
The other being I lack hitters. I feel too many of my heroes are not suitable for titans like all the ones which multiple hit- Zimmy, Evelyn, Azlar, Hu, Li Xiu and my strong tanky heroes Kash and Cyprian. MN is not a good addition for Titans either.
So I definitly need to strengthen up for titans.
(point for Caedmon…)

I rather focus on other aspects and then use whatever I have here.

Since I only have 2 compasses, out of MN, Triton and Caedmon, you would recommend Triton and Caedmon before MN?
Because I feel like I really need a healer.

If you dont have the maths to level her yet, make sure you level up some 4* hero’s first.
They are the key to getting better maths for ascending the 5* hero’s.


@HarryDeB is right. Get your 4* up first.

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So it seems like your order of priority might be:

  1. Titans
  2. Raid attack
  3. Story and quests
  4. Raid defence
  5. Having the most handsome heroes
  6. Wars

(Being able to complete 4* levels of all events is very important (because it’s a way of collecting more ascension materials), but you haven’t mentioned events so I assume you can already complete them. If you can’t, they should perhaps be your top priority.)

The first matter worth considering is whether you should focus all your levelling efforts on one hero at a time, or ascend multiple heroes simultaneously. Doing one at a time is more satisfying and results in more tangible short term benefits. Doing multiple simultaneously (so that feeders usually go to the hero of their own colour) is 20% more efficient. That’s a lot, so if you’re the patient type, in it for the long haul, try to level multiple heroes simultaneously and take advantage of the colour boost.

What you can do now is mostly dictated by the materials you have. It seems like you might have some big choices in the medium term, but for now your decisions are mostly made for you:

Yellow: Ascend either Hu Tao or Li Xiu. Hu Tao is not great, but can be a bit underrated, and is probably better than Li Xiu if your priorities are Titans and raid attack. (Li Xiu thrives at low-mid level raid defence.) Toss a coin if you’re unsure.

Purple: wait until a new hero comes along.

Blue: Ascend Triton. Triton is a good hero and will really help your performance on red titans, as well as improving your raid attack.

Red: Keep levelling Azlar to 3.70. If you get blades, take Gormek to 4.70 - your performance against Titans of all colours and on raid attack will improve. You will have a tricky decision between Zim and Aszlar when you finally collect enough rings. Zim is very versatile and a great partner for Gormek, so that might tip the balance.

Green: Here is the one tricky decision for now. Mother North is a great hero: I wish I had her. But getting Caedmon to 4.70 would be quicker than dragging MN to 3.70, and might make a bigger difference to your performance against blue Titans and in raid attack. If I were you I might prioritise Caedmon and put Mother North in the cupboard for a while. I would sweat about that choice, however.

Disclaimer: everything I have written is subjective and smart people can disagree.


I want to qualify my last answer (perhaps I’m taking this too seriously). Whether you prioritise ascending MN or Caedmon first will depend on how important raid attack is for you, compared to Titans.

For Titans (and events and farming) you can always compensate for not having a healer by the use of items. So Caedmon should get the nod ahead of Mother, I think.

But on raid attack, not having a healer can be quite crippling, and there’s no real way to cover that absence. So I could understand a decision to make Mother North the top priority, even if it doesn’t help your efforts against Titans so much.


Thanks @Brobb. I really appreciate the time you put to answer in such detail.
I almost always do multiple leveling, per color, to enjoy the xp boost.
I think I am going to keep leveling MN to 2.60 but not to ascend her further for now. Hopefully, this will be a decent healer option for the short to middle term. Will probably replace my Evelyn.

I’ll ascend Triton as a first step and when MN hits 2.60 I’ll start working on Caedmon, as suggested by most users in this post.

Once I get a third compass I will either flip a coin for a 4* yellow or go with MN if Caedmon is already maxed by then.

Happy gaming everyone.


Strange… it usually is the other way around… Usually the defense can’t hold the cups the offense gains. If looking for an offense boost, I don’t know if you tried this or not, but here’s a tip. Try Cyprian as center of the offensive team, especially when you raid against AOE heavy hitters. Used right, Cyprian is sudden death for maxed and full health Isarnia, Azlar, Justice, Quintus or Horghall.

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I get what you say about offense vs defense and I guess you are generally right.
However, since I don’t think my offense is solid enough to get me to the next cup tier yet, then for now my defence is easily enough to maintain the current tier.

Are you glad that you maxed out Kashhrek? I opted to level Caedmon before Kashhrek and am curious of your perspective since you chose to do the opposite. :slight_smile:

Those two have no common ground… Kash’s only role is tank, he isn’t nearly as useful in any other position, so defense only, while Caed is a very versatile hero, can fit into almost any team, attack, defense, raids, war, titans, quests, events, you name it…

I agree with @Ian487. I maxed Kash before I got Caedmon.


My brain aint functioning as it should be. So follow whatever @Brobb said.

My advice to you with certain color limitations based on your roster, focus on your green (raid and titans).

Evelyn - Caedmon - Kash

Evelyn’s color debuff can be used as a substitute for defense debuff when you stack green. This strategy can be used momentarily for raids (look for blue intensive team) and all titans (except red).
If you add Gormek into the mix, the damage is quite high. Add MN to it when you progress further.

Next team would be red.

Zim - Gormek - Azlar

Still good for red stacking even without a sniper. Azlar and Zim’s tile damage still helps with the damage inflicted.

Cyprian which you maxed is good for events and quests.

Your other colors are best to wait for better heroes. Just keep upping them slowly. Having some heroes is better than having no heroes.

Just my 2 cents. :wink:

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Kashrek forever!

One of the most annoying tanks in diamond right now. If not, the most annoying one.
Many diamond players do not expect to ever lose to Kashrek tanks and when they do, it pisses them off to no end. :stuck_out_tongue:

For new players, never regret maxing a Kashrek! You will be using him for a long long time before you get better tanks. Even then, Kashrek is still viable in diamond.

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Thanks. Green is certainly my current strongest color (at least potentially). The problem is, it takes time to level up so many heroes of the same color.
Meanwhile my MN is almost at 2.60 and then I will start working on Caedmon.
I got an epic hero token today from Mystic Vision which yielded Little John too. Was really disappointed to get another 4* green rather than other colors. It will take months before (if?) I get to him

Red still feels a bit weak to stack without a good hitter. Although I was able to do decent damage to green titan using 3* red as well.

And true, my Blue, Yellow and Purple are just not sufficient at this point.

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