Help on who to ascend please

I’m going to change my defence team soon as, Anzogh to be replaced and possibly Rigard both for equal colours, Wu is only in temporary as Leo has taken over him power wise, who would you recommend swapping Anzogh and Rigard for? Also I may throw Magni in for Isarnia. Maybe Sartana for an all out attack team. I’m just not sure, can see from my pics who needs ascending to who doesn’t. Thanks in advance for any advice

I would focus on finishing up some of your four stars. Wilbur is a key player in many aspects of the game. It’s worth finishing him off and using him.

That’s the only advice I have to give. I’m still considered a new player myself. I have a somewhat similar roster of many 5 stars that are not maxed.


I would swap out Bold Tusk for Anzogh and Boril for Magni. Then prioritize leveling the heroes in the slots for the first two teams.

After that, you really should go back and finish leveling all 4-stars that you have on the 3rd level, before leveling anymore 5s. Or, only level one 5-star at a time if you have a monocolor feeding strategy and have at least 2/3 of what is needed to ascend to the final level.

Good luck. You have lots of great heroes to choose from.


My dilemma is far simpler, I have materials for just two 4*s Kashhrek or Caedmon and Rigard or Cyprian. I can’t decide. (forget Little John and Skittles). Help please one of you wonderful people?

Are you looking for defense or offense help in the heroes?

Kashhrek is only good as a defensive tank in lower-mid periods of the game. Caedmon is a superb 4* sniper you can use for much longer. Rigard will have better long-term use than Cyprian, although the riposte is excellent for raiding in certain situations. It is easy to counter on defense though.

In general, I advise concentrating on offense more than defense, so I would go Caedmon and Rigard. They are more generally useful for a longer period of time.

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If I know by then what I know now, I wouldn’t have maxed Kashhrek, you will out grow him quickly and at the long run, your shields will seem wasted.
Rigard is a good choice and Caedmon; although right now at Diamond arena, I still find myself using Cyprian more in a dark stack for raids.

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Thanks both of you for your suggestions. I was leaning in that direction but I keep second guessing my decisions. Rigard and Caedmon it is then.

Not so significant/different with past thread.

Red: no update
Blue: Well, now you should finish Thorne #1 to 3.70 and Thorne #2 to 3.70, and now you already get Kiril (congrat, as said in the past, switch now to level Kiril and ascend ASAP and max, no need emblem, because Wizard has many competitor, or just give +1). Then next Grimm, Sonya.
Green: no update
Yellow: no update
Purple: no update, just add Sabina (new) to the list.

A sample Kiril and (bonus Bauchan) in action, TP 3,1k VS 3,8k


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