Need help with heroes - confused and no idea what to do next

Hey guys.
I used up my gems on Avalon summon. Not too bad results, but I have no idea what to do… Who to level next, what kind of team to setup…
Please , I’d appreciate a good advice. Need to have a plan otherwise leveling will take me forever.
Here is all I have

For titans:
Boldtusk & Kiril

For PvP:

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Ascend Sonia too, you need dispeller

I actually have the materials to ascend 1 more blue. Was wondering between Sonya and Kiril.

Inari is both fun & helpful. I have loved her for titans, war & raiding.

Pound-for-pound one of the most fun heroes in my roster (of ~84 or so)

Looks like you’ve done a lot of start-stop leveling. I’d suggest you start focusing on one set of rainbow heroes at a time. I’m assuming you’re not going to have the mats to max 5* heroes yet, so I’d focus first on a good set of rainbow 4*s

Your team 1 is well on its way, but lacks hitters. Since Wilbur is so close and is awesome, and since Danz is so close to 60, try: Rigard, Little John, Sonya, Wilbur, Danz (to 3/60).

As you finish off those characters, sub in: Merlin, Evelyn (to 3/60), Kiril, Lancelot, Inari (to 3/60)

I don’t like Boril personally, so I’d leave him where he is. You can use him at that level and he’ll be fine, but you need to get more offense. Titans are where you’re going to get the best chance for ascention mats, so work on your offense to be able to do more damage. Focus your future pulls on yellow and green to get some decent 4*s in those colors (Caed, Wu, Chao, LiXiu, or Jackal, Hansel, Gretel).

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Ok I figured out this as my strongest attack team

Merlin - Lil John - Wilbur - Evelyn - Boldtusk

Merlin - great for bosses
Evelyn - need to use her nature abilities with another hero, Lil John is my strongest green
Wilbur - amazing debuff and defense buffs
Boldtusk - healer and attack buff

Not sure if I should swap Merlin for Sonya to have debuffer. Perfect scenario would be pulling Caedmon or smth meh

Any thoughts?

Sure, that looks like a great team! They will do well in farming and raiding against Blue and Green tanks. The point being that you’ll want to tailor your attack teams (if we’re talking raids or wars) to counter the strong heroes or tanks of the enemy team, so there’s really no one “strongest attack team”.

Do you know about color stacking strong colors against an enemy’s tank, or strong colors against a titan? If so, then you know what I’m talking about, and feel free to skip this next part.

If not, then you’ll eventually want to be able to bring 2, 3 or more heroes of the strong color against an enemy’s tank. If they have a Kashrek (green) tank, you’d want to bring multiple reds, for example. Read the following for a description of this tactic (and the first 2 parts, for that matter - great info!):

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