Help requested for leveling heroes

Hey all. I’ve enjoyed this game for a little over 5 months… I could use help with who to level / use for offense / defense. Who to level. TIA

I have 3 fine gloves, 9 trap tools, 7 shields, 8 warm capes, 1 orb and 3 darts, tonics, tabbard.

My lineup. Advice is appreciated, I upgraded Wu / Wilbur on your advice it’s been a very good combo.


As a starter for 10 I would level up some of your 3* heroes to get a decent team for tournaments etc. Not sure why you would want to keep 5 x Belith as good as she is.

I would level … Kiril, Tiburtus, Li Xiu, Boldtusk it will be quicker than your 5*

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Kashhrek would be ok to level and use as a tank for one of your early war teams

My thinking was to finish my red team ( lvl 3) which I’ve done, Now working on green, and work on a team to defeat monthly Legendary for ascension mats, I get to lvl 8/9 depending.

A second Kiril over Boril or Sonya?

I do need to lvl her up, I just very recently pulled 3 of the 5…

In my honest opinion Boril makes a good tank in the early days until you get something better

It all depends how you want to play this game. Some will focus on individual colour heroes others will focus on rainbow teams. I think it’s best to work on a rainbow team to give me more options for war, raids, tournaments etc.