A few new-player strategy questions


Hi! I started playing a week or less ago and this forum has been really helpful in explaining mana, “ghosting” tiles, and so forth. I just have a few strategy questions.

I’m at level 8 and just starting to get more two-star heroes from training. Should I just feed these to my primary team or should I be leveling some of them up?

Should I keep my one-star red healer? I don’t have any other healers, but she’s by far the weakest character on the team. The healing is very handy, though!

What determines your letter score for titan battles?

What’s the deal with troops? Can I do anything with low-level ones that I don’t want, because I’ve gotten better ones of the same color (feed them or sell them)?

And finally, I’m F2P, so gems are hard to come by. What’s the best use for them? I don’t want to spend them speeding up builds and such – I usually just start a time-consuming build right before I finish for the day or when I’m going to be off my phone for hours. So should I be spending gems on summoning, or what? And which summon categories are most worth spending on?


Level up your 3* heroes. If you don’t have enough 3* heroes, leveling up 2* heroes for a while is okay. But switch to 3* heroes as soon as you get them.

Titan scoring: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Gems–guess it depends on how much you want to wait before using them. If you want, save them for events–those have some good hard to obtain heroes. Sometimes there are also special offers like 250 gems for one hero token + one troop token. Never use gems for daily summons.


Don’t get used to one and two star heros. It doesn’t take long before you will dump them all. I would encourage you to buy the VIP pack. It is cheap and gives you 900 gems each month and an extra daily summons. Work towards getting a three star team first and foremost. It isn’t that hard to find (or summon). Troops can be better utilized in the future when your stronghold is level 10 and you can build a barracks for them. Then you can level them up.


First, those troops dropping when you want heroes is this game in a nutshell. It is annoying. It is frustrating. It is neverending.

Next, if you want to be a true f2p with no money out of pocket (some playets mention being gifted cards for google play or apple store), be ready to save and grind. Bear in mind, there is the cheap to play option where buying a vip b to lder is acceptable as well as the 200 gems for a buck monthly deal. Your life, your choice.


Troops dropping from the daily summons gate instead of heroes is really annoying early on, but once you get towards the higher end of the game, free troops are a treasure, because you can’t make them yourself as feeders for levelling higher troops in a barracks, only find them randomly from drops or by paying gems to summon them.


One other thing that hasn’t been mentioned is your alliance. If you aren’t already in a good teaching alliance, that’s your next step. If your alliance mates aren’t active, aren’t helping you grow, aren’t offering you advice, or aren’t hitting the titan, you need to find a new alliance. There are a number of good teaching alliances, and many are affiliated with other more powerful alliances.


Thanks – my alliance is active, but not chatty. We are knocking out most of our daily titans, though!


Your alliance does not have to be chatty to teach. Most of the questions you had were the sort they should answer assuming you asked.

This is a great place to learn, but you should join an alliance that helps you for helping them.