Titans & Stacking:Requesting Advice

I’m up against a dark 5* titan right now. If I had more good yellows, then I would. Should I take out more good heroes to put in non-maxed yellows? How important would y’all say stacking is in this case?

Crud, I was gonna ask if you had a maxed Brianne and Kailani but it appears you don’t. Normally I go 4-1 against most titans. My main profile can easily go mono against holy titans but anyway, in your case I would go double chao, Nieth, Gretel, and Grimm. That way you can stack your damage and have a defense down.

The strategy I have been adopting lately involves using the attack increase on hit from berserker’s fury and the shared damage from spirit link. Cause if everything goes right, you can do an upwards of 3K to 3.5K damage per tile if you hit the weak spot. Mind you my alliance constantly bounces between 4 star, 5 star, and 6 star titans.

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That’s clever! Makes Khiona much more attractive in coming Atlantis summons. If I can get my hands on Khiona and Wilbur, that could be a lot of fun… :smiling_imp:
Would you even recommend forgoing some 4* heroes like Caedmon to work on Brienne? I have a maxed Gunnar I could work with. Oh… And I drew Lianna recently. :slightly_smiling_face: Delay Lianna for Brienne? She’s just a 3*. Shouldn’t take too long in comparison, but would she serve me that well?

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@Kadaxas If you have Caedmon close to 4th tier, I would personally say max him first then work on Brienne. Having a maxed sniper dispeller is very useful to have. Brienne is doubly useful if you have her costume too as she is the only if not one of the few green defense down heroes.

Concerning Lianna, how does your mats look? Do you have enough to ascend her immediately?

Nope. Not maxing Lianna any time soon. I actually just maxed Telluria a week ago. One tonic left. Here’s my list of greens, and–Oh, whaddaya know? A Brienne that I was working on, but just forgot about! :laughing: I have her costume at level 1, too.

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I went ahead & tried with Gunnar & Brienne. Here are my results:

Attacks 1-3 were made before receiving your advice.

Attack 4: “Eh, I got resources.” I began the fight with max mana potions on Gunnar, Brienne, and Grimm. Finished out with 30,000 damage.

Attack 5: No such special treatments. Hard debut. Gunnar & Brienne were hardly ever active at the same time. Wasn’t getting enough of their mana. Both were too flimsy and went down at some point during the fight. I was down by two heroes, both of which left me with little teeth after death.

Attack 6: Rematch. No mana potions. I kept some lessons in mind from the last round–Try to keep one’s mana full until the other is ready, for instance. I was luckier with the titan’s strikes this time. However, I stun the titan often enough that it wasn’t inducing much rage in my squad anyway. Maybe I should avoid the titan’s crit zone unless I have yellow tiles for it? My team wouldn’t last as long that way and I would have to wait for the titan to finish its short attack animation, but if it’s what works…

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It gets a bit tricky when you use this strat with a 3-1-1 team. If you do get Kailani, max her out as soon as you get the chance. Cause I tried with this particular strat on a dark titan and you have to get super lucky with the board and hope the odds go in your favor. I just did a dark titan with Jackal, Brienne, Li Xiu, Chao and Danza. Kinda got about the same results you did but I had a bad board all three hits.

Glad to hear the strat is working out for you. If you have Gunnar’s costume, the mana boost from maxing out his costume helps loads and you can use a lower level mana troop than normal.

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