Want to make significant Titan damage

My current Titan damage varies from 5k to 22k. I think that I might do better score with my hero roster.


My way of dealing with titans is color stacking. Multiple yellows against purple titan, multiple reds against green etc. This works even if the heroes you’re chosing are not attackers or snipers, color stacking works wonders on crystals (what is the official name for the board pieces btw? :smiley: I just call them crystals).
Every hero of a certain color increases the damage of crystals of that color. You have plenty of green heroes. Putting them agains a blue titan can work better than a rainbow team. This depends of course of strenght and level of your heroes- for example a fully or near-full leveled 3* hero would be more powerful than a baby 4*.

My color stacking strategy is usually 3/2 or 3/1/1. This way even if the board is mean to me and I don’t have a lot of crystals of my “stacking” color, I can still get some crystal damage from other color. This is why I always bring Domitia bc I have her almost full leveled up and her attack is pretty neat.

You have Wu Kong which is really gooooooood. His special stacks with other +attack specials. Put him together with Brienne and if you’re ready to go.

Heroes who lower the enemy’s mana are good to go too.

But all of that doesn’t mean that much when you have a stinky board :joy: Sometimes I get Combo 11 or 12 without much effort just to have a really really bad board on the next try.


Thank you for the answer.
I think I should level Brienne and WK now.
G. Falcon is very powerful too. Then I should wait for a 5* to find ascension items.
(btw I call them board tiles) :rofl:

Start by leveling Wu Kong, Grimm and Tiburtus and Kiril (I don’t see boldtusk or gormek). Falcon is good also, but the others are good for all colours and Falcon you will use on green titans only.

My team is always Wu Kong, one of Boldtusk/Kiril and one of Gormek/Tiburtus (sadly Grimm is the only normal 4* I am still missing). After the backbone I fill my team up with the strong colour/heroes with good tile damage and if they happen to be fast snipers that is good too.

Edit: I didn’t put in brienne, but she is good too, it kind of depends on titan level if she is a good choice (you could always fire her at the start and let the titan one shot her, but I usualky don’t bring her. I do have her maxed for beginner events though)


May I ask how much damage you make with those teams per color?

You may ask, but to be honest, I don’t keep track. Mostly I am between 20k-40k I think. This is without using battle items (except for arrows when I can’t stun) and just doubling up on the strong colour. With a bad board I will drop under 20k and with a good board I will score above 40k. And on 8 and 9* titans.
My highest titan hit is about 75k on a 7 or 8* green (don’t remember if we back then still had 7s).
Depending on the colour I will triple up on the strong colour and on green sometimes do 4 reds. The average score goes up then, but with a bad board the score will be lower of course.
Sometimes when I use a flask and we really need good hits, I will use tornadoes and mana to up my score (too expensive to do that on every hit) and my average goes up on those titans of course.
I don’t have any of the guardians or Athena, those help to get a higher score. The heroes that I do use are all maxed and mostly 4* (a few 5*).
Today we have an 8* purple, my team is Wu Kong, Chao, Kiril, Gormek and Lianna and my scores have been bad for me (I am tired and slow today), all my hits have been 20k-25k so far. But I trained Joon last week, so in a couple of weeks my scores on purple will probably improve :slight_smile:


I’d echo Konijntje post pretty much word for word.

To get max dmg on titan you want to make sure you have:

185% Multiplier: Wu Kong
-34% Defence Debuffer: Tiburtus, Gormek, Grimm
+% Attack: Kiril (30%), BoldTusk (48%), Lancelot (limited 48%)

And then 2-3 of the strong element colour. When one of your above 3 are covered by the strong element, you can go 3 - 1- 1, when it is not I go 2 -1 -1 -1

Then you have Bonus element debuffers like Jackal, Panther, Falkon, King Arthur that take things to another level when the diamonds align.

Like Konijntje I do not have Grimm yet, so my standard team includes BoldTusk, Wu Kong, and Tiburtus.


Thanks a lot for your helpful answers.
I have tiburtus and WK. I’ll work on Grimm.


I’m interested to know when is the best moment to use Tornadoes ? Last second? or during the battle ? Or the beginning?

I have a question in case anybody know… Is it true your damage will be lower than the one you dealt in case of your team is defeated by titan ??

During the battle, gives all your heroes 40 % mana and if you’re lucky you’ll have a nice cascade of matches. Sometimes it doesn’t, it is a shuffle, so you don’t know how the tiles will drop.

I really don’t think so. Why would you think this?

I haven’t noticed it, but then again I don’t often get a defeated team by titan so haven’t paid any attention to this.

Edit: Sorry not going to try it out :slightly_smiling_face:

@jsshane i first play the tiles when there no more combi’s left i use a tornado and hope for full specials and a nice cascade.

What strategy?In its this game no.Loss from the heroes cannot be counted developers deceive with the stone!With what strategy does deal the discussion?

No, the damage you dealt will not decrease: this would mean for the titan to regain health back.

Think the are called tiles

Not sure what you asking, but is it about the loot tier. If it is loot, you get less as the A+ becomes an A, and then tiers are divided by two. Thus, lowered tiers which are half whay your score might have received if alliance had won.

Double color stack against the weakness of the titan and use Wu Kong. I deal 20-40k and I don’t have an exceptional team. I’ll also use Boril or Boldtusk to stack on top of Wu’s damage boost.

Thanks all for the answers. I have tested myself the damages didn’t decrease :slight_smile:

I will try to use the tornado when the board are crap then. Thanks guys

Use wukong, use kiril or Boldstuck, use tiburtus, some color stacking, some luck and here you go more than 30k damage. My record is 61k dmg btw with this combo.

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