How do you guys do titan hits for lower 4 and 5 star titans

Hey guys wondering how you guys do/did titan hits at lower 4/5 star titans? I don’t use potions/mana potions etc. Should I be? Thanks in advance!
Shared a video to my alliance video on YouTube on how I do titan hits. Could you guys tell me if I’m doing anything wrong please so I’m not giving out bad info.
The link to the video is


Antedotes for some titans would be useful - this one spewed poison.


Thanks will try they next time!

Battle items are kind of optional (depends on your alliance? some alliances expect you to use them…)

Most of the time I only use 1x arrows in the beginning (kind of unnecessary, old habit, but it will reduce the titan’s chance to hit you for a few turns)

Mana potions if you want to charge up a particular hero’s special early on

Antidotes yes for removing status ailments (especially on titans that blind you! blind can severely impact your overall score)

Tornadoes can help switch around your board if you get a bad initial tile placement

But ultimately most players agree that most of your damage is going to come from the tiles themselves, not special skills… (disclaimer: you will want to use specials that increase your attack and/or reduce the titan’s defense)

EDIT: oh and don’t forget harpoons if you can make them.

Banners can also boost your attack or defense score if you need it.


Thanks wish I had Grimm but the only defense down I have is valen

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IMO, nothing wrong with your titan hits, very nice heroes choice based on what you have so far.
Just like others said. To make more damage, we can add more usefull support to make tile damage more strong.

  1. Defense down opponent
  2. Defense down (elemental), this will stack with normal defense down
  3. Attack boost or bear banner
  4. Attack boost that stack (Wu Kong, Ranvir, Miki, Tarlak)
  5. The rest strong color with high attack stat

And you can try with your experience your self, like bring Valen for defdown, and bring Brianne/Boldtusk for attack boost, etc.


Tibs and Gormek also have RP (ramming pulverizer), identical skill as Grimm… but no matter. Not every player has every hero they want (I certainly don’t). You can only work with what you have, and try to make the best of it until you fill in the rest. :wink:


My alliance also fight against 4/5/6* titans

In my roster I have a good amount of 4* heroes to fulfill what I consider the most important aspects on fighting titans

1- Bring an enemy defense debuffer hero
2- Bring an allies attack buffer hero
3- Bring Wukong, Ranvir, Tarlak or Miki
4- Fill the last 2 slots with fully leveled heroes strong to the titan element

From what I saw in your roster, you have 2 heroes that could fill the first 2 aspects

1- Valen as the defense debuffer
2- Melia as the “attack buffer”, actually critical hit buffer

I would recomend you to fully level them and use them. Support them with items so they don’t get crushed by titans. Then fill the rest 3 slots with heroes strong to the titan (until you summon Wukong, Ranvir, Miki or Tarlak) Antidotes are really important not only for bliding, but also help you not to lose time when all your heroes lose health due to poison (which takes like a second each time poison affects your heroes),

Tiles damage is way more relevant than specials damage when fighting titans


DUMP Kashhric for offence. ANY purple would have got you more points than Kash.


Yeahhh the only time I ever bring Kash in on a titan is when fighting a blue and trying to stack green (and even then… I wish I had better available options)

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I find running a 3-2 or 3-1-1 (3 in the strong color against the titan) gives me far more consistent boards and damage. Stacking all five of the same color can be a nuke or a dud.

I almost never use battle items beyond small HP or occasional mana pots and arrows or an axe at the start. Wu tends to be the boost you want.


@jordanhamtheman08 A little tid bit I just learned myself today. If you are packing Brienne and a spirit link or spirit link related hero, when the titan does damage on everybody that has been buffed, it increases everybody’s attack buff very fast while being able to survive hits that would have been fatal otherwise. The titan my alliance was doing today was a fire titan so I went 4-1 packing Grimm, Gunnar, Valen, Ulmer, and Brienne. Needless to say I got several good boards and was averaging 1K per tile that hit the weak spot. The only antidotes I will use on titans that do not have a status ailment is super antidotes. Can’t go wrong with 150 hp and cleanse en masse. I will bring the minor ones if a titan does pack a status ailment.


Valen is one of my favorites, embled up he can mix it with the 4*'s
EDIT: I use monochrome attacks now. Colour stack it like there is no tomorrow.

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Timing is important. If you have a lot of “good” tiles on the board then making for example valen + brienne fire before you cascade tiles will make a BIG difference to your score. Mana pots and antidotes have been staples for my titan attacks for a long time now.

Having said that, these days I try to not have to need antidotes so I have a slot for other items. Some titans don’t require them at all, and some titan defuffs can be delt with in other ways ie:
Attack down is overwritten by attack up from heroes or banners. Same with defence down.
Decent mana control can prevent the titan from casting specials at all, but is trickier to manage, and is not my preferred sollution.


Vid is unavailable… Oh, Sept 2019. I understand now why possibly.

There is a ‘soft cap’ on Titans in terms of DAMAGE potential. i.e. its not like a Duke Nukem where you can get all the killer weapons then go run back through early levels and just annihilate ■■■■ for grins a mile long… and massive scores. Programmers have ‘evened’ it out with the caps so a Titan High Score isn’t only available to be set at the lower level titans - it can be any between 1 and 14. Obviously we know which ones hit hard and don’t lol.

So yeah when a team-mate (that I’m not sure who they are yet) starts off strong… I come in stronger. ha ha ha

So I hit’em hard with mats/weapons if I have them.

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