At a loss with war

I am not good at war, but I know I can get better for my Alliance, they are a nice bunch so I feel I should make an effort. One of the members said that if I attack some who has for example 3200 power and I attack with say 3300, I will get less points for the war effort, even if I win. So I am trying to attack teams that match the power I have, but I end up losing all my battles, probably because I always struggle figuring out who to attack and what heroes to use. I truly despise wars, also probably because I don’t seem to get how to use my heroes. I take the easy way out and attack who I know I can kill, but that is not fair on my Alliance either. I know there have been tons of posts and videos on it but can’t find them.

Your team strength has nothing to do with the points you earn. An alliance divides proportionally 1500 points based on each defensive teams strength.

My suggestion would be to either attack full teams you think you can beat, or clean up partial teams that are left after others hit.

My alliances have always left partial teams for the members of the alliance that aren’t s strong yet.


Right, if I match a teams power to mine I lose every battle. I do try and leave the lower teams to the others. I have got good heroes and I know if I can get a grip on how to use my heroes I can kick â– â– â– . I just need to find a way to understand it so it makes sense to me.

What is your team make up when you hit? Do you use a rainbow team or attack strong in one color? Do you change your team design based on the defensive boost the opponent receives?

Maybe this thread could help you:

Obviously there’s a part of luck and randomness in each battle, but you have to face enemy teams that you can counter with the heroes you have.

The power of an enemy team is just a number. Even if it has 3200, if you go with a 4000 team just formed by healers (I know it’s an extreme example, but I think it’s very representative), you won’t be able to defeat the enemy although you have more power (unless you get big cascades).


If a team that I attack has a rainbow team I match that. If they have the same colour I match that with colours that are strong against them.

I try to have a healer, a debuff and a fast attacker and a defence. I need to read up on what hero does what and when to use them. I struggle to get my head around it though.

That’s a good mix. Before I got bored and just went mono for over a year I would stack at least 3 strong against the tank. The other two members of my team were usually Rigard and Proteus, but I spent way to much money to make sure I could swing that for all 6 attacks.

Is there a website or a sheet on what heroes do and when to use them? I did read up on it but by the time the war starts I have forgotten it

There was a line group, but I left it a few months back. If I find something else I’ll post it.

I don’t have line anymore. I use to be in a teaching alliance but found it too much for me. The constant posting of heros and the chats that had nothing to do with the game drove me insane. It is not for me, but I do want to get better because I have good heroes.

Can your Alliance leader, co-leader and elders not help you with your team formation?
If they use LINE or Discord etc they could probably help in your offence team selection if you share your roster.
Perhaps for now while war defence teams are still in standard formation, use a 3-2 colour stack against the tank.
Once you run out of heroes in the strong colour stack against the flank or healer.
But in reality you just need to learn who to take out first and which heroes to use when attacking… and who works best in a team for synergy etc


People don’t speak much at all, except for a hello or a gratz. THere have been a few lines about the war but nothing concrete or set in stone. As you said, I will google and find info on how to use my heroes and how they work best in attacking.

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Send some screen shots of yah rosta here.
Many of people be willing to help with, Putting some teams together. Yeah each war is different and different tanks. But can give you an idea. :+1:

I posted my roster here the other day:

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That’s a terrible idea. Unless your heroes are exceptional on their own, rainbow attacks usually result in dezaster. Rainbow rarely works as a team. Hero synergy is hard to attain due to the differences in mana charging for different colors. Three heroes of the same color and mana speed will be able to tune into what’s generically called “synergy” a lot easier than three heroes of different colors. Think c.Rigard/Proteus/c.Tiburtus. All purple, all average mana. You need 10 purple tiles to get them going. You’ll have attack buff, defense debuff, mana supression and heal for the next three turns. Now take three of different colors. Let’s say c. Melendor/LiXiu/Gormek. You’ll get about the same benefits, more or less, except you’ll need to match 10 tiles in all three colors, wich usually comes a lot harder and definitelly not at the same time… not to mention the major difference in tile damage output.


And that is a lesson I am still learning after 2 years. When I feel I am struggling, I fall back on the plethora of user made guides here and YouTube video tutorials. @NittanyLionRoar (Lionroar at YT?), @Mr.Spock have a great selection of instructionals and Yukimura Sanada (for a shout out as he is hilarious)


Hi Maescia,
I would form 5 mono teams and select an opponent to attack with a weak tank to the color of your monoi team.
E.g. attack yellow tanks with purple moo team, your team could be
Sartana, Sabina, Cyprian, Tiburtus and Gil-Ra.
Attack a blue tank with green mono Team :
Caedmon, Gadeirus,Skittle Skull,Kashhrek an Little John
Attack a green Tank with a red mono team :
Scarlett,Boldtusk,Khagan,Lancelot, Grazul
a red tank with blue:
Sonya,Grimm,Boril,Kiril,Sonya. Substitue second Sonya for Magni if you have hin on chevron 4.
And last attack purple tang with yellow team:
Chao, ,Hu Tao, Justice, Li Xiu (without costume),Joon. Substitute Hu Tao with Drake Fong if have him levelled up.

And now you have to assemble a 6. team to clean up wounded opponents. There you have to have a look at the remaining heroes of the enemy and select appropriate coloers for your attack team.
Pease keep in mind with mono yo will win an average of 3-4 aot of 5. Do not expect 5 kills. You have to practise twaeking boards so use raids and intra alliance frindly attacs for training. You can attack an opponnet with a TP arround 300-400 more than your attacking sqad has.

Happy gaming and enjoy the wars from now on.

P.S.Ă– And if you need more motivation and help, consider looking for a more talkative alliance. I would happily welcome you in Empire Titans but we are a german speaking alliance and not all members are comfortable using english in alliance chat. f you have any questions contact me at line my line-id is gimliv-et.


Hi Gimliv,

Thanks for that advice I will give that a try next war and practice it in raid to see how it feels. Can I ask though why I need to leave Li Xiu her costume of?

Because the mana reductio ist the real special of Li Xiu not the damage. Without costme there will be 20% mana reduction equals 2 turns for slow heroes . With costume there are only 10% reduction equals one turn for all heroes.