Need help regarding war

Hi everyone. I am a co-leader in an alliance but still new to this game.
Can someone plz explain about new members participating in war. Particularly those who hace maximum 2 good teams. Is it a gain or a loss
Plz help.
Will be highly obliged if someone explains the points system aswell
Thanks .

Alliance in wars are mached based on few things,

5 strongest troops (one per color)
30 strongest heroes from every player
Wins/loses in earlier wars

So even if you have players with 2 teams in allianallit should be fairly mached, it depends on you but with war chest loot they could grow a little faster and become stronger sooner. They just neef to keep 3* and 2*(unleveled) up to 30 heroes in total and use them to finishing single heroes and slowly replacing 2* with 3* and later 3* with 4*.

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Just one more help does the total point of an alliance in war increases with more players participating

No, its always 1500 points, no matter how strong your alliance is