War team 1 stars

Hi…team we played in war last time put out 4 teams with only 1 star heros and troops…what’s the advantage of that strategy please?

How many points did you recieved on thoes 1-star teams? Maybe that is a tactic to use flags to gain very few points …?

If I recall about 30 on each…although I was under the impression the alliance point available is fixed so the points would of been shared across the other opposition teams??

Yes exactly, value for a team is 20 points plus the bonus is 30. Chances are because these players would have had to field an incredibly weak maybe partially leveled 3 star team, whose point value would have been more than 30 and would have been one shot anyway. So by minimizing their point value with a 1-star team, the other more powerful teams would have been worth a point or two more each to cover the difference

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There is no advantage to it at all. With how war scoring works (1500 points distributed among both sides) they are just giving you free points.

Edit: actually the post above me by LucasDaoc puts forth an interesting reason. I don’t think it’s a good strategy still but there is some possible logic at least.


Yes it would be spread across the other teams, so if you cleared all teams, you would get those points anyway. Did you win?

Thanks and yes we did win lol albeit by a small margin

Not opening up another topic so I’ll continue here.

In my current war, the average team power is 4000. However, our enemy alliance has 6 teams of ~800 team power.

In my point of view, this influences somehow the score as we’ll spend some flags on those 4300+ teams while winning only 20 points / flag on those small teams.

I’m a bit skeptical about how this war will go as the enemies have 8 teams of 4300+ TP while our alliance have only 2 4300+ TP.

P.S. I know, the team power is not always everything, but I have a feeling this is kind of cheating the system.

I think at one point in the past, before the available war points were standardized at 1500/side there may have been something more to this strategy. In my mind all this does is give you a set of teams you can easily farm to bump up your points before repeatedly clearing them.

Quick update: it didn’t go so well for the enemy team. They already have 6 ex-members, 2 hours after the war ended.

So, yeah, it’s a good strategy…for enemy.

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