Started playing again and need some advice

Hello all,

I have been away for a long time and want to get back into things. I can’t remember how far I got in Atlantis and am wondering with the heroes I have to start Hard or start again with Normal. Either way I am looking based on my heroes to form an Atlantis team.

The next question I have is advanced buildings.

I have not gotten very far with advanced buildings and I have some normal building to level like TC.

Not sure building wise what to focus on and I don’t have a hero academy yet.

The heroes that aren’t leveled, I have not got the mats for.

Welcome back. I hope you have fun in the game. Are you F2P?

For buildings, concentrate on your normal buildings first. For advanced you will need every scrap of food and/or iron you can find. You also need to get advanced stronghold levels to activate the advanced buildings. And TC20 is always the best source for 5* heroes for F2P players.

For team, what is your preferred playstyle? Fast attack, slow build-up, lots of support heroes?

Thank you for replying. I am a F2P now. My stronghold is 25. I like fast attacks with support heroes. My defence team now is Sabina with 19 emblems, Boril with 9, Wilbur with 8,Caedmon with 10 and Sartana with 6. When doing season 1 I remember I was using a slow build-up to finish that, so that is what I am used to. But I like fast and really enjoy titans. I am not good with raiding and terrible figuring out what hero to use in different situations.

My advice is keep yourself away lol many things changed since Atlantis the game barely is the same.

Jokes aside, I’d say focus in your healers and if your like titans, focus in your titans heroes as well. Def down, atk up…

Don’t forget to work in your buildings.

Don’t stress too much over raids. They’re hardest than ever now and the rewards are just nothing.

I don’t think Boril and Wilbur work well together. Wilbur dilutes the opponent’s attack which greatly reduces Boril’s riposte. And without riposte Boril really doesn’t contribute much to your defense. I find Wilbur works best with hit all or hit 3 heroes. He is also a fantastic counter to an opponent’s Wilbur.

Sabina is a great, underrated healer. I use mine on 5* teams.

You could try Justice as your tank instead of Boril. She is my tank in diamond for lack of a better option, and she’s not much use anywhere else except rush tournaments.

I can’t really remember who I used in Atlantis. My map team right now is all hit-all and healers (and all from TC20). I use the waves to charge them for the bosses.

So if I use from left to right: Sabina, Justice, Caedmon and Sartana, who do I place next to Sabina?

You could try Grimm. His def down would weaken the opponent’s defense for your other heroes to hit harder. Or Wilbur for the same effect. Having them on the left means they fire first if more than one hero is charged.

Note with Wilbur the opponent’s share damage link will be removed by Sabina.

Thanks, I will give Grimm a try.

Good luck :+1:


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