War Tactics--Does a Strong Defense Team Hurt the Alliance?

Hi everyone,

When I first started playing in the wars, I really only had one team of heroes. After a couple of months I have enough heroes to assemble six full teams.

My preferred attack team is four Epic 3-60s and a fully ascended Rare Hero with TP 2803. But I have a lot of options for defense. I understand the general strategy that a rainbow defense is preferable to a team that is heavy in one color. And up to this point I’ve been using my attack team as my defense team, with the assumption that a high 2000’s Team Power is strong enough to withstand attacking from weak players.

But now I’m wondering if I’m actually hurting my alliance by using my strongest heroes for war defense. It seems like I’m free to attack using whoever I want, so the points I score aren’t dependent on defense. But any player at Team Power 3000 or above can usually wipe me out. So am I just giving the enemy alliance “free” points? Would my alliance be better served if my defense team was much weaker, say Team Power 1600 or 1800?

Thanks in advance for your help!


No, the stronger your defense, the better off your alliance will be. The reason being that you protect more points at the end because you’re harder to kill off. There will always be 1,000 (or 2,000?) points distributed amongst your alliance defense teams regardless of how strong they are. So strengthening your defense doesn’t put more points on the board but rather makes yours worth more, pulling points away from weak teams that die easy and often and protects more points, especially towards the end. The strongest teams are nearly always left untouched at the end. Make sense???


Agreed, you always want to have your strongest, and best, defense out for war. If you don’t, you make yourself even more of a target than you already are, and therefore make it easier for them to take you down and earn those points. Make em work for it!


Thanks @SamwiseTheBrave and @RandaPandah! That makes total sense. I forgot that the defense teams get resurrected midway through the war, and yes, I’m usually still alive when the war ends. So the enemy gets points for defeating me only once.

Much appreciated!

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I agree with the above posters. It’s also a sense of pride. We work so hard to build our strongest defense team, let’s put it out there for everyone to see!

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Just to verify; 1,500 points in total. :wink:

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@TomV93 You mean that when the full alliance is assembled on the battlefield, there’s a total of 1500 points for defeating all of the members once?

Yes +/- 1,500 points. I think it might be ‘‘give or take a few’’, but I am not sure.

Anyway, 1,500 is what it has been changed to as it used to be 2,000. If you struggle to believe, then count them tomorrow during next war! :wink: I will do so, just out of curiosity.

The 1,500 points are distributed among all your alliance members teams based on the total health of their war defense team it’s heroes.


It means there will be 1,500 points spread out on each side of the battlefield regardless of how many members participate. Back in the old days for matchmaking I fought an alliance that had only one enemy bother to fight… He was worth 2000 points every time we killed him (it was 2000 points back then).

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