Alliance War: Tactics and Strategy (Lay some knowledge down!)

Okay you sauve and savy players! What’s an alliance to do in Wars when the matchmaking system of the month seems to have given your alliance more than it can win against? Their defense is greater than yours. The depth of your alliance’s bench appears shallower than the opposing alliance’s, based on the halfway point and the number of single round kills they are still getting.

How do you structure your alliance to attack the enemy? Lay down some insights.


We are talking about working over the next few weeks to get everyone to have a a strong tank (all the same color) and have the heroes to the sides of the tank the weak color for heroes strong against the tank… nothing to do now for this war though, except to try and take down some heavy hitters.

Something I think sometimes works is working together against any team that doesn’t have healers, just throw feeder/weak heroes at them until they die. For the super teams what I sometimes do is 5-stack a color against their center and that pokes a hole for whoever is after me to finish them off. Most importantly just try to have fun, it is a game and this is just the first war of the new changes.


So here’s my question. If the weaker alliance is spending 3 to 6 flags/energy per kill, while the other team is solidly banging out a kill with 1 to 2, how is that a winning strategy?

I don’t think this is meant to be a winning strategy but a coping strategy… We got matched against an alliance with 40% alliance points more. 40%! No strategy could ever change what was clear from the start: we’re going to be destroyed… Just accept it and try to keep morale as high as possible… which isn’t easy at all.


I appreciate that sort of situation. Not speaking to quite that extreme.

That’s pretty much all you can do: coordinate your strongest players/teams to go first to soften up, and then weak teams to finish up.

My war match up was also terrible on paper (opponent having almost 100% more alliance points, 35k-65k), but the score halfway through is not THAT bad (2000-3100).


Let me try a different approach.

Strategy Question 1
Should the strongest alliance members look for one-shot Team Kills (TK), or focus on weakening strong opponents?

Strategy Question 2
How many flags/energy should an individual player spend to kill an opposing team? Better to focus everything you got on single win, or hit-n-run damage to multiple teams and let someone else come in to clean up?

Strategy Question 3
How many French fries are too many to eat at once? (I’ve got other thoughts rattling around, but it’s late and I’m tired)

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1: I’d say go for the strongest one’s that you can deal considerable damage to. This mean either killing, or almost killing them with one flag. When considering opponents, also take into account the points they give, if there are two about equally difficult enemies go for the any that gives more points.

2: depends on your heroes, I’ll use myself as an example: I have the strongest bench in my alliance (leader of a training alliance), so I do not bother finishing up anything. I’ll go and soften up a strong team, then move to soften up a next strong team, as I have 6 somewhat strong teams (30 leveled heroes) that I can use the soften up strong teams. So basically use your strong team against strong team (hit-n-run if that’s what it requires), and with your weaker team go for finishers.

3: If you mean in one sitting: too much situation dependent, no right answer.
Or if you mean in one mouthful, as much as you can get in there and still chew somewhat properly.


I’m running under the assumption that not everybody has a full 30 hero max level yet. I for one have maybe 4 “full” teams and the other 2 attacks I use to try to take out the centers of the teams worth more points by 5-stacking.

Here’s what I can field personally. A little disheartening in AW to see 26 opposing teams with defense sitting squarely in 3300 - 3600 range.

2831, 2536, 2331

2317, 2183, 17xx

I think that there is no tactic that can help you when you are matched against a much stronger opponent. I am really hoping to be proven wrong here but I haven’t seen anything.

If the developers truly think this is the way to go then please give me an opt-out button because the match-making system gave us an opponent we can never beat.

What we do is look for point disparities and smooth out our teams to capitalize (i.e. rather than field a 3500 team, then a 3100, 2900, etc. We go for 3 teams of 3200-3300).

For example - we just flat out ignore the top teams, period there are easier, more vauauble targets to hit. Then we look for 3000-3500 team power. Who’s fielding that team of high power and low defense people? You know who they are. Gormek, Elena, Cyprian, etc. These guys are worth more than a similar power team that is a bit more balanced. We go after them - way better bang for the buck.

Hope this all makes sense.


@Quazyx, i appreciate your frustration and share it. I started this thread to get some constructive feedback going.

My search-fu has failed me because the only relevant thread I can find is @Dante2377 primer.

Assuming you’re over matched, you could send your top teams (say <3300 pwr) against their top teams (say >3500 pwr) to at least blow a hole in their line, then follow up with your weaker teams to finish them off. I’m not sure that works out though, because then you’re essentially guaranteeing that you use at least 2 flags to take out one team, vs having your top teams take out less powerful teams with one flag. My bet is that the numbers don’t work out - you’re just shifting the points from the higher power teams to the lower power teams that make the kill.

Yep, that’s mostly what we try to do. The problem there is that if you’re over matched, they can take out everyone on your team and force a respawn to immediately get back those low defense teams. Then do even more damage. This just happened to us, and it was kind of a bummer. We made it close at one point, but eventually lost by ~1000.

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Strategy Question 4
What has worked better:

  1. Splitting up your alliance so half attack with top 3 strongest teams with the first 3 energy/ flags, while other half cleans up with their bottom 3 teams. Then with 2nd set of flags switch.

  2. Some number ofthe alliance holding all their flags until the 2nd distribution of energy/flags occur.

Strategy Question 5
I see a damaged opponent, missing the center hero. Does it make sense to quickly add up their remaining Team Strength to set up my attacking team? Conventional wisdom I’ve read is to try to go 300 points over the opponent?

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We just won our war by about 1000 and had our first ever total team wipe of that alliance. What alliance were you in? Chances are it wasn’t the same war, but kind of funny as that is exactly what we were able to do to our opponent.

I think they were named Freekshow maybe? We liked the usage of their banner to communicate stuff to the alliance.

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I agree morale in war is huge, especially is you think you can’t win from the outset: have fun with it! Loved your post.

@Rob.R.Baron We do a lot of Crack and Cleanup… someone cracks the tank and another comes along and finishes him off. IF the first person can kill that team by him/herself with one flag, they do so.

We’ve found that “all same color tank” Defense doesn’t work unless they’re all high-leveled 5*.

How many French fries: the whole thing of course!


Okay, so here’s what I think we’ve got so far.

  • The middle pack is where it’s at. Top defense teams often too hard to crack. Bottom defense teams = easier but fewer points.
  • Try for One-flag Team Kill (OTK). I think it’s recommend to have a +300 point advantage?
  • Barring OTK go for Center Kill.
  • Rule of thumb - High level teams should be spent 1 per opponent, and let weaker teams clean up.
  • When setting up attk teams don’t always go strongest to weakest. Three 3000 teams can be better than 3600, 3000, 2400.

What have we overlooked so far?


If you’ve killed/damaged heros, you know you’ll die and an enemy healer (especially Alby) is about to fire.

Then you flee.

Enemy specials trigger even after your team has died, so letting healers heal will give you less points, leave a harder clean up and possibly even revive heros you killed.

So always have the flee option in the back of your mind.